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Friday January 25th 2019

Graduate With Two Degrees Gutted After Job Interview’s Rejection

Good day Gilbert, 

How are you?  Hope this email finds you in the pink of health.  

I thought I’d dropped you this email as I do not know who else to turn to.

I’d just received feedback today on an (first) interview which was conducted 2.5 weeks ago and it was a no-go.  Unlike the other interviews, this one hit me particularly the hardest.  After receiving word this morning on the interview status, my mind just could not function properly.

I couldn’t think straight and for the first time since I resigned from my job in 2009, I felt life had completely drained from me.  I didn’t know what else to do.  All I could think of was why was I rejected?

 I kept playing the entire recruitment scene (from the time I submitted my CV to the headhunter to the postponement of the interview and then finally the cancellation of the interview only to be resumed again on condition of providing references) over and over again.   I wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t flow and there was a heaviness in my heart.  

I felt Gilbert, for the first time in my life, so completely dejected and worthless.  I thought I was strong and thought that way when I resigned back in 2009 but today made me realized that I am not as strong as I glorified myself to be! 

I’d wanted the job so badly as it was a senior management position and in a consulting environment, which was what I was looking for.  Alas, the feedback I got was my CV is being KIV as they were ‘waiting for projects that were specifically in need of my skill set’!

I remembered the day of the interview, I posed a question on my specific skillset and if it would be a problem since I only  have one  specific skillset and they told me that it would not be a problem at all as new-comers will be trained on the company’s methodology that would allow the individual to acquire a whole new set of skills!  

So, when I got the feedback this morning I was confused and wondered if they meant something else altogether (but just did not know how to phrase it)! 

Gilbert, as I type this email I find my mind began  to numb.  I really have no more energy and hope left to go on my job search.  I’ve send out a total of 2000 job applications (for permanent and temporary / contract roles and managed to only secure 6 interviews and all of which were rejected!  I am seriously beginning to doubt my abilities!

I have been asking myself lately (and a lot), what is wrong with me?  Surely, someone with 2 degrees will be seen as an attractive commodity to an organization, right or at least that’s what I think!  

I am trying real hard to focus on myself and I have been repeating this mantra to myself daily recently that I am a fully capable and an intelligent person.  Yet, the rejections are slowly putting a huge weighty toll on me.  

I read Adam Khoo’s ‘The Greatest Rewards Are Reserved Only For Those Who Never Quit’ article and wonder when dawn will become a reality in my current and totally dark situation?  It’s coming to 1.5 years now and I am still unemployed!  This is insane.  

I sign off now and thank you for taking the time to read my email. 




Hi Adeline,

Thanks for your mail.

Sorry to hear about your emotional upheaval after the job interview.

You must be feeling gutted.

Sometimes, having an  interview gave us alot of false hope as it means we may finally get a job after all.

However, the landing may be hard if we got a rejection from the potential employer.

I would advise suppressing your hope abit before you approach any interview and even having the mentality that  not all interview will lead to a job.

With that approach, you will lower your expectation somewhat so that you won’t feel so disappointed when there is a rejection. Of course, you still have to perform your best during the interview.

Nevertheless, frankly, disappointment  is what most jobless will people feel after every job rejection as it’s a stab to the ego and esteem.

If you feel lousy after a rejection, its human and natural.  Hope, despair, rejection, joy, fear, happiness  are all human feelings and there are no way we can remove them away from us totally.

More importantly, as Adam Khoo article has mentioned – it is how we bounce back after each disappointment that make us stronger.

Take a few days to brood or even get off job seeking for a few days and immerse yourself in motivational books or talk to someone who is positive-minded so that you can psyche yourself back.

Let me know if you need our volunteer counsellor to speak to you.

I also ask for your permission to publish this mail on my site. I will leave out your name to protect your identity.

Take care and never give up.

The mind wins no matter what – so protect it well. You are also not alone – we are here for you.



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14 Responses to “Graduate With Two Degrees Gutted After Job Interview’s Rejection”

  1. Kojakbt says:

    And this morning, we read from the newspaper that PM Lee said market still needs another 100,000 foreign workers! HAHA!

    In my view, the influx of foreigners into Singapore is the main cause of unemployment and salary depression of Singapore workers in Singapore. And only in Singapore, the interest and welfare of Singaporeans is put last.

    I’m seeing many of the Singaporeans in the 40s having problems securing good jobs. And to make matters worse, there is no quota on foreigners for white collar jobs. You can have a company set up here employing 100, say, Indian programmers at $2500 each (min requirement for EP) without the need to employ a single Singaporean. Mind you, many of these so called foreigners are no talents at all. I know cause I work in the IT industry.

  2. EvoRalliart says:


    There’s a near-40 guy with a young family trying to complete his post-grad but keep getting call-ups for national duties. At least you are a female.

  3. Philip Lim says:

    Dun worry be happy! I wish the 100k ppl to replace the Ministers and the GRC MP They only talk empoy sgp.What they know why we was not be employed? Did they study the roots caused? The main problem of sgp that we fight back when the things were not right. Take ppl from the phillipines they are all yes men! Middle East no project so they come to jurong island and be yes men !!

  4. SeeThru says:


    I am like you, except that I sent out lesser than 2000 applications and attended more interviews.

    Without feedback, I would surely fall into the same agonised state as you but since I managed some useful feedback on “what’s wrong with me”, I thought it might be good to share with you.

    - I am talented (maybe you too), but sometimes talents alone won’t work. We need opportunities, appreciation and make sure we pose no career threat to others.

    - In bad times, employers put payroll expenditure on higher priority than capabilities.

    - And lastly, some employers simply slack in management judgement *LOL*.

    Persevere, people like us at this level wait for opportunity and economic conditions to improve to get hooked. We are no longer junior heh! ;)

  5. SeeThru says:


    - Generally, no need to flood the job market with your CVs, it is not good for you. Send in only handful most relevant in your opinion. If you will get it, you will get it. If won’t, you won’t.

    - Generally, no need to under employ, recruiters will get someone more junior instead of you.

    - Hold your self-esteem and confidence high. Remember, that gal whom got a job and wearing executive suit sitting three tables away not necessarily more qualified than you are.

  6. J says:

    I’m in my 40s. I’ve a Professional degree and two Master degrees from a reputable university. I too find it hard to get a job.

    Do develop a skill. Gone were the days where a good degree would guarantee a job.

    Be positive and stay healthy.

    • AH says:

      Hi J;

      I have 2 bachelor degrees but cannot find even a small time job. I’ve been telling my son to get a degree that is also a hand skill. Its good to see your comment as it confirms what I realize sometime ago.

      I have emigrated out of Singapore to Canada. Its the best decision I’ve ever made.

      • Kev J. says:

        Hi Ah,
        I finished my studies in Canada, and came back but have not been very successful in finding a job. Part of me felt that I wanted to be near family and chose to leave although I finished my PhD there. Somehow, I do regret it though as much as I know I could not stay in Canada. Now I am just biding my chances and working a few odd jobs here and there while sending resumes and CVs elsewhere including other countries other than Singapore. I know that it can be very demoralizing and nothing has actually made me more saddened than realizing that I am not the only one going through this situation. An economy that claims to be growing but has so many citizens unemployed and do not technically look at those who drop out of the job search is simply a sign that something has gone wrong.

        I do know for one that come what may, the truth is, partially because of my qualifications, I am having difficulty too. I might be a vocal person but Singaporeans here at the workplace view me somewhat as a threat or someone over-qualified compared to foreign labor they can employ at a cheaper rate. That is when it falls on me not to give up and to look at chances overseas too. I even severed ties with those people who said to me I won’t make it, because I knew it takes more and having positive people around us to succeed in whatever we do. My heart goes out to those who share the same sentiments as me when it comes to losing hope about Singapore and its government, and I pray that Singaporeans will learn to encourage each other more in these hard times.

  7. Think for your children says:

    We Singapore man start work at about 25 years old (after NS, diploma, Degree).

    And sad to say, most of us are out of job at about 40′s. Therefore we do not have enough $ for old age.

    The current system has failed.

    Think for your children….we need to change current system and gov. Else our children will suffer more then us…. Wake up all Singaporean

  8. S E Ho says:

    I have no issues about Foreigners working in Singapore. Otherwise who’s going to build our homes?
    But it is a BIG issue when Foreigners (Foreign Trash, NOT Foreign talents) start taking up white collar jobs and they are no better qualified than Singaporeans.
    When my company posted an Engineer job on line, 80% of applicants were Foreigners, majority of whom are from Philippines and India, all willing to accept a salary a fraction of a local Engineer.
    There comes the BIG question : ” With inflation artificially inflated by the government (more expensive distance based bus & MRT fares, unnecessary renovated hawker centre with raised food prices, GST increase etc.), how can Singaporeans survive & make ends meet if they accept a low paying job?
    Either way, Singaporeans are put in an unfair disadvantage.

  9. Singaporean says:

    When we are in our twenties, when we ask our boss why our pay so low, they say : You are not experienced.

    In our thirties we ask the same question and the answer is: You need to upgrade your qualifications. So we go and get a postgraduate degree.

    In our forties we wanted to ask the same question but there is no boss to ask as already retrenched.

    In our fifties we do not even see the interviewer.

    The only way is to go to China to work but that will mean leaving your family and children behind.

    The other way is to stand for election and become rich and even a millionaire twice over per year if we become ministers. Perhaps this is the way our govt is trying to get good candidates to stand for elections?

  10. B.Tan says:

    I too had that same problem. I have a Life Science degree from NUS but so what? Not even the government’s civil service will give me a chance as I don’t even get called for interviews.

    But I’m lucky because I met a nice man who would hire me to be his secretary. At least I have a job, but not for long because I don’t want to work anymore. Working is for idiots.

  11. Thoughtful and interesting, thank you. I was brought up in the philipines but moved to america at such a young age I barely remember anything apart from the delicious food. I finally found some authentic Filipino recipes if you want to take a look, I thought I’d share it with you!

  12. Daniel Lee says:

    Hi Adeline,

    What did you study in the uni? We are looking for engineer (Mechanical or Electrical prefereed.

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