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Friday January 25th 2019

I may want a burger but its a job that I need the most

I may want a burger but its a job that I need the most

Written by: Shafie

 The recent heavy downpour  has put  a dampener on me recently. It didn’t help that last week I received a call from officialdom insisting that I turn up for a job interview for a security agency. I kept explaining to her that I  applied for such jobs in several security companies before but was turned down due to my past brain haemorraghe incident.

She was quite adamant about it.  I didn’t want to get into her bad books and off I went to the job interview. Lo and behold…. I was turned down by the security company due to guess what?…………… brain haemorraghe! What a waste of time it seems.

I think it was depression, I am not quite sure but  I didn’t feel like waking up in bed the next day or the day after. I just felt that  there is no point moing on forward. People just don’t seem or don’t want to understand my situation.

And so I went on  one of my regular aimless walks to clear my thoughts. Soon, dark clouds gathered and small wisps of rain started to fall. I quickly ran to the nearest shelter and the small wisps turned into a heavy downpour. I started to curse myself and at the recent heavy downpours  these past few days as it would affect my empty drink can collection to sell to a recycler.

During my hasty retreat to avoid the rain, I realized I was standing in front of a fast food restaurant and promptly took a seat at the readily available stone bench to wait for the rain to pass. My stomach started to growl. I reached for my wallet and there was only two dollars inside. I squinted my eyes and tried to scan the prices at the Fast Food restaurant. I had only enough to buy a cup of coffee/tea or a small cup of cold fizzy drink. Hmmm…how did I ended up in such dire straits I wondered.

As I sat there contemplating how to spend my last two dollars, I realized I was starting to stare at the patrons munching down on their burgers and fries. It looked good…….must have tasted good too from  the way they wolfed down their food.

Someone tapped me on the  shoulder gently  and I turned around. A young man introduced himself as the fast food  branch manager and requested me to leave. Some people had apparently complained to him that my stares are making them feeling  uncomfortable. I explained to him, that I will leave as soon as the rain passes and there is no other place for me to sit and wait.

“Buy our food or leave!” he retorted.

Not wanting to create a commotion, I stood up and looked around,  for something or someplace for shelter. There was none. But my eye caught a local convenience store. I ran to the store thinking I could buy an umbrella for two dollars but there was none  till I saw the day’s newspapers.

So I bought one. It’s for $0.80.

I returned to the fast food restaurant, bought myself a cup of coffee (it tasted bad) with the rest of money I have, plonked myself on their seat and scanned the paper advertisements  for a job.

I may want to buy a burger…..but its a job that I need the most.

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6 Responses to “I may want a burger but its a job that I need the most”

  1. Denial Tan says:

    I was born in the 60′s and things aren’t so good in the 60s -70s. After many years of hard work, the 80s was a sunshine period till 97 the asian financial crisis.

    Nothing had actually improve, but was never this bad, I repeat, never this bad.

    We have now experienced the worst batch of ministers and MPs had ever experience and Shafie, please do your part during the next election unless you want to continue this kind of life.

    For me, I had enough of them.

  2. NS for Singaporeans, Jobs for Foreigners! says:

    To shafie,

    If you are a Singaporean, then I feel embarressed to be one too.

    You have a brain haemorraghe and you are fully healed? What’s the big deal? Why the discrimination from the employer if it will not interfere with the job?

    Didn’t our PM have cancer before? He’s still our PM isn’t it?

    Didn’t our Health Minister Kaw Boon Wan just have a heart bypass? He’s still working isn’t it?

    These are not the only 2 cases btw….

  3. Kevin Teo says:

    I agree with Denial Tan that there is not much improvement since Asian Crisis 1998 – for the people on the ground. We have come to a point that it is just pointless to talk! I too will vote for opposition party, which ever that come to me !

  4. SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil says:

    Kevin Teo,

    Since Asian Crisis, there has been a lot of improvement.
    Improvement in PAP Ministers salaries.

  5. Kevin Teo says:

    SeeNoEvilHearNoEvil, Oh ya ! Improvement in ministers’ salaries – that is the only BIG improvement i could see !

  6. sp tan says:

    To : Kelvin, SeeNo…

    For the umemployed, the subject of minsters’ salaries is the least of their concern.
    To be fair, our Government has done a lot to help the umempolyed. What elswe can we do?

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