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Friday January 25th 2019

Homeless and jobless – double whammy


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your financial help.

I am currently working for a local company. Unfortunately, the local company is so mediocre that there are many problems faced during work, including pay miscalculation problem.

The operation of the company is rather extensive but the quality of the management and their senior level staff are mediocre.

I am of the Internet Generation age and beyond. Most of them seem to be from the Typewriter Generation and before to put it in a blunt  way.

Anyway, it is no fun working for them. In fact, much of Singapore is like this. It is getting really frustrating living and working in Singapore.

I am looking at the possibility of doing some paid work in Australia. If there is any such opportunity, do let me know.

Moreover, the major problem I face now is that there is no proper shelter facility in Singapore for those who are temporarily homeless  and/or jobless.

So,  if there are  people like me who have no friends or relatives to put me up with, literally, I have to sleep in the beach. The shelter that I have been to so far caters to  the religious group and those just released  from prison or drug rehab centre.

And moving around Singapore in such a miserable condition is a problem as others will keep looking and wondering what is happening to this person.

To compound the problem, the cost of living is VERY HIGH for those with very low income or no income at all as most things, even basic essentials, will be out of reach for the poor.

I do not think the authority will be pleased if they read of this homeless problem on the internet. It implies that they are either incompetent or doing a lousy job. So be careful with what you put on your website.


Simon  (name changed)

PS: Simon has been  working part time as a security officer but has since quitted his job due to some pay dispute. He is seeing our volunteer counsellor Vincent regularly for support. He pitches his tent all over the island  and sleeps in void deck regularly. He has rejected a more thorough interview with us for fear of reprisal from the authorities. If you are currently jobless and homeless, do email me at, we will see how we can help you here. Those who need temporary shelter can approach New Hope - a voluntary welfare organisation sets up to assist those who are homeless - Gilbert

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3 Responses to “Homeless and jobless – double whammy”

  1. Shafie says:

    If Simon is still interested working in the security industry, let me know. There is a company looking for new full time security staff. I failed to get it because of my health issues, but maybe Simon can try it. He will be stationed at the Resort World Sentosa 8hrs per day. The pay will depend on his WSQ security certs.

  2. Philip says:

    I am from the typerwriter generation with 25 words per mins.
    Upgraded to the internet generation with 75 words per mins.

    Unfortunately I am not in the security field.

    However, he can try Security jobs at :
    Legend Security located at
    10 Ubi Crescent £05-18
    Ubi Techpark
    Tel: 6338 8217.

  3. brian barner says:

    if been jobless and homeless for 3months, any help to receive food or housing or just a decent paying job in slc Utah, please help…

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