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Saturday January 13th 2018

Sun Ho – The Controversial Pastor’s Wife

Excerpt Taken From: HE YAO SUN BIO - Sun Ho’s blog

Sun is the only Asian singer to top the US Billboard Dance Chart and the UK MusicWeek Chart. She is the first Chinese pop singer to be invited to the 46th Annual Grammy Awards 2004 and to present at the American Dancestar Music Awards 2004. She is also the first Asian pop singer to be invited to the Hollywood Film Festival 2003. It all started when her debut American single “Where Did Love Go” reached #1 on the Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play “Breakout” Chart for the week ending December 22, 2003. Subsequently, three of her singles, “One With You,” “Without Love” and “Gone” have reached #1 positions on the Billboard Dance Chart and four of her singles, “One With You,” “Without Love,” “Ends Of The Earth” and “Gone” have reached #1 positions on the UK MusicWeek Chart.

Sun holds an M.A. degree in Counseling, and worked as a counselor for troubled teens from 1996 to 2001. Since establishing her career as a pop artist in April 2002, she has been involved in raising funds for various charitable organisations. Her humanitarian team had been involved in the Tsunami Disaster Relief Operations (2005), the building of schools, and medical clinics in Indonesia and China. Sun was awarded the “TOYP of Singapore 2002″ Award and “TOYP of the World 2003″ organized by the the Junior Chamber International1 for her social and community work.

In July 2005, Sun opened a streetwear boutique, SKIN Couture, at The Marina Square (Singapore), which carries trendy apparels and accessories from American labels such as True Religion, Antik Denim, Bejeweled, etc. She opened her second store on October 2006 at The Heeren Shops (Singapore) carrying Japanese labels like Queen Of A Luxury Lover, Double Standard, Chelseagarb, etc. Sun and her SKIN partners acquired exclusive distribution for Ed Hardy in Singapore, and opened its first flagship store in Asia at The Heeren Shops (Singapore) on October 29, 2005.

Currently Sun resides in the USA, and travels often to Taiwan and China.

Controversial “China Wine” Video


It started with the above controversial youtube video that many thought was distasteful considering that she is a senior pastor’s wife and she also holds the position of lay pastor in City Harvest Church. It looks like nobody can withstand the temptation of fame and prestige. Her previous Chinese songs were considered sublime and very popular with the China market. It looks like she sacrificed much to break into the US market as she needs to move there to be closer to where the action is. I doubt that her husband Kong Hee is happy with her decision as there will be long period of separation for the couple.

Her personal reaction  to the ”China Wine”  video drawn more controversy as she defended her raunchy outfit and provocative poses in the video. Her response  was quoted below in the blog “Sun Ho’s China Wine Music Video – A Controversy?“:

About the dance and the song “China Wine” …

The dance with the head roll originated from the infamous Jamaican dancehall move called the Dutty Wine. It was Wyclef’s idea to update the move with some Oriental hand movements (as seen in the video’s dance choreography). in the China Wine – which is the Jamaican Dutty Wine infused with some Chinese/Asian elements. So contrary to what some think, China Wine does not refer to Chinese alcohol at all! It is a Chinese variation of Dutty Wine!

The Dutty Wine (which stands for “Dirty Wind”) is a song by Tony Matterhorn, a dancehall artist. “Dancehall” is not a place, but a style of Jamaican music and it has also become the name for a dance move where “legs move like a butterfly, and neck and posterior simultaneously rotate”. And this dance move has become very popular in the world.

My involvement 

My new MV features Wyclef Jean, but also Tony Matterhorn (originator of Dutty Wine) and Elephant Man (another leading dancehall artist). So it is with the endorsement of famous dancehall artists that Wyclef and myself composed China Wine, making it the legitimate successor to Dutty Wine

About pushing my personal “limits” …

I am not for “pushing the limit” just for the sake of doing so. I’ve had super revealing dresses pushed upon me by sponsors for red-carpet events and I’ve had to push them right back at the stylist! But that’s the style and culture of Hollywood. It’s all second nature to them. There’s nothing too sexy or taboo about cleavage, that’s the norm for red-carpet style! (By the way, it is true also for Hong Kong and Taiwan these days!) If anything, I’m the “weird” one over there when I have to explain to them my reservations and restrictions!results in differing opinions with them at times. They are the experts of what would work in the US. Even then, what works for them does not necessarily always work for me! So we’ve learned to talk, communicate and accommodate one another. I’m very happy with this arrangement.packaged as a much quieter artist. Not only have I been challenged to dance the best I ever had, I’ve also been challenged in my stage presence and acting skills!

Additionally, as a new artist in the US, I’m certainly not able to list out my demands and insist on a set of extreme limits for myself, especially when their culture is so different from ours. But I’m thankful that I have a management team that has been very supportive toward me and my personal beliefs, even when this

Making these two music videos has pushed my limits, especially after 5 albums where I was…

Divorce Rumours

Rumours of her divorce with Senior Pastor Kong Hee resurfaced again as she recently returned this week for an investigation by the police into CHC commercial activities.  She is accompanied by a male friend (see picture below) instead of her husband further fuelling suspicion that her marriage indeed is on the rock. Where is her husband when things are not going too well  for them?

Sexy Pictures

Sun Ho also attracted alot of stick for posing provocatively in sexy outfits recently. She looks more like a worldly superstar than a senior pastor’s wife.  If she is just a ordinary church member, I am sure that she will not attract so much negative attention. However, people expect a paastor’s wife to behave appropriately and for good reason as there is the misleading factor there.

Young people may follow the image of their pastor’s wife and behave like her. Some pictures of Sun Ho that are both daring and provocative are posted below:

Written by: Gilbert Goh

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51 Responses to “Sun Ho – The Controversial Pastor’s Wife”

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    • JeSSIE says:

      The 1st step she took she had knew people will discuss this~ People will only believe what their eyes saw, but I see a great side of her, a great vision. I will always support her~ Sun, you are a super woman, Gambateh!

  2. Sun Ho says:

    [...] Read More: [...]

  3. Hulda says:

    Oh Sun Sun, this is so sad, sigh

    • SweetTalker says:

      Why is it sad? She got her dream!! Her dream may not be what the society expected of her but this is a free world[mostly] and you would not like limitations imposed on you and stop you from getting your dream come true too right? :)

  4. Kingsley says:

    All the Hollywood glitter and adoration can only bring fleeting satisfaction. I hope she has found that out and returned to her original calling. For what does it profit a woman (or man) to gain the whole world, yet forfeit her soul?

  5. Jesse says:

    Those pictures are not at all revealing or provactative. Look at Britney Spears and Paris Hilton! Sun Ho compared to them is close to nothing! I think it is becuase of the culture clashes that caused all the controvery… saying this as an Asian being born in the States with Asian parents.

  6. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thank you However I’m experiencing subject with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting similar rss problem? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx

  7. A Wretch Like Me says:

    Dear Sun: what reservations do you have left? Are you following Jesus or the world? It so obvious isn’t it?
    Your image spells of SEX. Dirty sex.

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  9. Sun down says:

    Why did she choose to be pastor’s wife and then left for the music scene and go into the business world? She is tired of church life(or being a pastor’s wife?) and she goes in pursuit of her dream? My guess is that she is not able to achieve as much if she were to remain in the church vicinity or remain close to a pastor. Of course to achieve that much, there is a price to pay. Is it worth it by giving your soul to the devil? Is that what the bible or Jesus have taught you by giving your soul to the devil in order to gain as much as possible?

    • Sun Up says:

      I always thought what SUN HO did was brave and inspiring. She didn’t give her soul to the devil, in fact, she did exactly what the bible teaches the believers – be the light of the world. Jesus did similar stunts (i.e mixing & dine with so called dubious characters) and didn’t he get similar condemnations.. all the way to the cross. I am not here to preach so that’s my last reference to divinity here. She deserves better treatment from the media perspective (in Singapore at least). Her achievements in philantropy and singing/dancer career are testaments of what a pastor wife is capable of – not controversy. Shall I put it this way, wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the wives of pastors realize their empowerment?

      • Sun Down says:

        You forgot to mention one thing, Sun Ho is NOT God. If what she is practising now is decent, righteous and the true gospel of God, then why is she the only one doing this now?

        Why are there not tonnes and tonnes of Christians, before and current in her time doing the same thing? Why does she have to be the odd and special one?

        It is lame, absurd and even blasphemous in my opinion to bring Jesus in the picture; citing the bible and the Lord’s deeds, then twist it around in order to justify their own actions.

        Such is the epitomy of shamelessness and hypocrisy in the blind pursuit of fame and money.

        It is sickening for you to place her on a pedestal on a level similar to the Lord and offer your praises in that manner.

        You said: “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if all the wives of pastors realize their empowerment?”

        So you are implying all pastors’ wives should dress scantily and perform provocative dances and songs to realize your so called empowerment?

        You Disgust Me.

      • SunSet says:

        To SunUp – I wanna puke when you people say “what we are doing is for the name of God”. Come on!! Who’s God? Your own God? Or the Jesus Christ’s God? And for God’s sake, stop damaging the name of Christianity! And stop being the world’s biggest suckers!!!

        You people are severely hallucinated! You think what? Being a pop-star in the hollywood can save these sinful people from salvation!? Were you born yesterday? If you are Singaporean, please don’t mention your nationality! Because I am so shameful you are such a big sucker!! And BTW – have any of your supporters actually lived abroad for long period of time, NOT in this small island Singapore? If you have not, then PLEASE go SEE MORE of the world!!

        I totally agree with Sun Down’s analogy. To add on – do you have to be a prostitute to save all men from salvation? Come on… YOU and CHC worshippers are FREAKINGLY HALLUCINATED!!

        You DOUBLE disgust me.

  10. patriot says:

    Sun Ho should have the freedoms to do
    whatever she likes except infringing
    the Laws of any country.


    • Sun Down says:

      Fair enough, she is entitled to be a hooker even if she wants. Its up to her.

      However, do so without the tag as a pastor’s wife, do not claim to do it for the sake of Christianity. Stop being hypocritical and stop making use of church members in order to boost your own popularity.

      Stop being hypocritical and a mockery of the religion.

  11. Typhoon8 says:

    Self Fulfillment is paramount in Western pop Culture. Sun Ho’s aspirations has over-ridden God’s commands to submission and obedience. So what is new? She is not the first and many others will come. Jesus humbled Himself by becoming obedient …..

  12. Lawrence Lim says:

    As a ex-Singaporean, I am very proud of Sun’s accomplishment as a pop artist. However, I find it difficult to accept her as the wife of the biggest church in Singapore with her choice of music and dance, which is not compatible with what a Christian should be. I think her God given talent can be used within the Christian circle and she be a successful contemporary Christian artist. Even if she wishes to pursue the secular music, she could have focused on more modest style of music and dance. She made a choice and yielded to the demand of the world and her handler. I will continue to pray for her.

  13. SE says:

    hahaha i used to attend CHC at the old Hollywood Theatre at Tanjong Katong and I was 12, this was way before they moved to Jurong and have a big church with absurdly ‘great’ sound system because they say that to worship God we need to make the best or good music (something to this effect). Old CHC made me feel like it was a rock concert every Sun. I never attended it again and I doubt I ever will. Proverbs 31 showcases a model for women and for her, she hasn’t done it. Even if her clothes aren’t as scanty as Britney Spears’ or Paris Hilton, are we, the body of Christ, to be wearing such clothes in this worldly world? What the world does, we need not follow, even more so as a married woman she should submit to the head of the household, her husband, just as the Church, Jesus’ Bride, submits to Him.

    • mishna says:

      Yeah l totally agree its high time the current generation stops bringing the world into the church lm a christian and my bible tells me that God never changes so his standards dont hope no one is made to believe christianity is lukewarm ur either hot or cold.Psalms1:1-6

  14. fishbuff says:

    christianity: santa claus for the adults.

  15. Cynthia Lim says:

    If you think what you are doing is right and in line with the word of GOD, then go ahead. But if there is conviction deep down in your heart, then stop what you are doing.

    What the world got to say is not important. What GOD say is more important than anyone.

    GOD bless! :)

  16. Amanda says:

    I think Sun Ho should be allowed to do what she wishes, it is after all her life and it does not affect me what-so-ever. What I can’t stand are those pretentious Christians who think that her fame-seeking actions are “justified” and in accordance with “Christ”. Please, that’s just so stupid and naive. I bet most of her supporters come from CHC, who are indoctrinated to worship and glorify her, along with Pastor Kong. I swear their members treat both of them like God. Sickening if you ask me. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

    • SunSet says:

      Yes, agree. These people make me sick… not only of their self-proclaimed righteousness, but their stupidity and naivety. These CHC worshippers think what, being a pop-star at Hollywood can save men from salvation?? How about getting these worshippers to be playboy stars and pimps so the whole world can be saved? Come on lah… even a three-year old child can tell you this is soooooo stupid (pun intended). Wake up and stop being the world’s biggest suckers…

      And you know what… these worshippers are going to say “We are going to keep our faith strong. Brothers and sisters, even the whole world is against us, we will still stand strong and prevail in this satanic world”. This is soooo typical of Christians. I wish God made more wiser Christians… no need for stupid ones.. because we have a lot here in Singapore…

      These people disgust me…

  17. I know it’s just business but who in their right mind is going to pay 95 mil over a 5 years contract for “damaged goods” and at the same time to hand the shaft to a very entertaining QB who got that team to the BIg Show. Good luck Tebow whereever you end up and I hope you hand the Broncs their azonaplatter in you next meet.

  18. Helen says:

    Her MVs say it all about herself. What is happening to pastor Kong today is triggered by her bad doings. And she drags along other church members. So poor in Math, can’t even count to know the company has been losing money and for so long. Plastic like face and body and those obscene dance steps and revealing costume and even seductive casual wear — stil call herself a pastor’s wife. Doesn’t her mother , father, husband and parents-in law ever teach her?? Doesn’t her church ever correct her ?
    The consequence will be very serious. Look what you have done. To satisfy your own ambition and flesh, you put so many people’s integrity and reputation at risk. Worst, you make the whole world think all Christians are like this. You should be charged. If not, there is something wrong with the system.
    Damn you

    • SunSet says:

      Ahhh… the law of causation (cause and effects) comes in… what goes round will come round.

      And they the Ho Sun and Hee Kong to stop lying. It just makes me puke… they should be ashamed of themselves to carry the name of the God.

  19. Missy says:

    I think God wants us to not live according to the standards of the world and it doesn’t mean that I have to wear like a noun or what not but not to make anyone stumble and also to attract any unnecessary comments such as the above. On personal ground, I wouldn’t want my mum to dress like that!It’s so… you fill in the dots ur self. But What kind of message to you want to bring to the nation??? Aren’t we suppose to glorify God instead of us? Look what has become right now to them.. I feel so sad that as a shepherd of the church, the truth as been distorted not that I am perfect but the truth is, many will be looking up to them as leaders and role models. However, God also said.. Fix your eyes on Jesus and not on men! Thank God for that because indeed, nobody is perfect but Jesus Christ is.

    • SunSet says:

      They are such a SHAM!! I can tell that… anybody can tell that! BUT NOT these CHC worshippers… they make me sick.. once again…

  20. AHLIAN says:

    SINGAPORE: Five senior members of City Harvest Church (CHC), including
    its founder Kong Hee, were charged in court on Wednesday with
    misappropriating church funds.

    The prosecution is levelling three charges against the five — involving
    over S$50 million in total.

    This is more than the S$23 million earlier announced by the Commissioner
    of Charities.

    The first charge centres on purported bond investments made by the
    church in two companies, Xtron Productions and PT The First National

    These bond investments, which the prosecution said are “sham
    transactions”, were allegedly devised to conceal the diversion of some
    S$24 million from the church’s Building Fund to fund Ho Yeow Sun’s music
    career. Ho is Kong Hee’s wife.

    Four people are liable for the first charge — Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng,
    Lam Leng Hung and Chew Eng Han.

    The second charge relates to a series of transactions that some of the
    accused had created to clear the purported bond investments off the
    church’s accounts.

    They allegedly misappropriated a further S$26.6 million from the
    church’s funds.

    The money was said to have circulated through a complicated series of
    transactions to create the false appearance that the purported sham bond
    investments had been redeemed.

    For these charges, which have been termed as “round-tripping”, three
    people are liable — Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han and Tan Shao Yuen Sharon.

    The third charge relates to the falsification of church’s accounts to
    cover their tracks.

    Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han and Tan Shao Yuen Sharon were alleged to have
    doctored the church’s books to give the false appearance that the bond
    investments had been redeemed.

    In all, pastor and church founder Kong Hee faces three charges; senior
    pastor Tan Ye Peng faces 10 charges; finance manager Tan Shao Yuen
    Sharon faces seven charges; senior member Chew Eng Han faces 10 charges;
    and former secretary of the church’s management board Lam Leng Hung
    faces three charges.

    All five church members stood solemnly together in the dock when the
    charges were read to them on Wednesday.

    The five have each posted bail of S$500,000 and have had their passports

    Earlier in the morning, a media scrum broke out when Kong Hee and his
    wife, local songstress Sun Ho, arrived outside the Subordinate Courts.

    Supporters belonging to City Harvest Church were also gathered outside
    the court. Some were there as early as 7.30am and their numbers swelled
    to over a hundred within an hour.

  21. Just Saying says:

    That guy with Sun is one of the church staff, not her guy friend. They’re trained to carry bags and stuff for senior staff. In fact, a lot of the ‘supporters’ are staff. They probably sent out a mass SMS to get as many staff as possible to go as a show of unity and unwavering faith in the leaders. That is how chic operate. Appearances matter as it well should since it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression

  22. Stauch Non-believer says:

    Those brainless suckers worship Kong Hee & his cronies like God. Along the way, these disorientated zombies forgot who is God, blindly lapping up whatever the fake pastor dished out to them.

    In spite of the overwhelming evidence against Kong Hee & cronies, they STILL support them.

    Really pathetic. At least they can accompany each other to rot in Hell.

  23. Grace says:

    Its sad how God given money and talent is wasted. If they spent 50m for humongous crusades like Don Moen it would have really been a real good cause. People are ministered and healed.

    As an outsider looking in, it is more to promote SunHo’s career and nothing more. With that kind of money you can built schools and donate to poor and Tsunami relief etc .. without having to justify that it is done by Sun Ho. It is actually the church’s fund.. so the CHC members should get credit for it .. not her. OMG !!! How warped !

    The CHC followers really believed that God was blessing her (indirect approved her ways) to be placed at top of chart, but fact remains, they have been deceived. Her top of chart popularity was PAID by using church funds! It really gets ridiculous.

    Well maybe God will be using Pastor Kong for prison ministry. Who knows ? God works in wondrous ways.

    But PLEASE do not try to make black white or grey whiter… the public is not blind. It only makes her and her poor husband look worse off. Just admit mistake and ask for forgiveness. The public is not so forgiving but God is.

  24. Grace says:

    Just to clarify – Top chart is achieved by amount of airtime. Sunho’s airtime was PAID, by using church funds. So dont be deceived about this.

    • Monica says:

      WELL SAID Grace! We are in the end times… many will be decieved. It is unfortunate that things have come down to this.

  25. Wendy says:

    Sun you are beautiful and so talented, I know you have a heart for God in all that you do..but we are all humans and no one should pride herself too strong to fall.. but you have.. in the eyes of most people you have let them down simply because they love you for what you are and you are trying too hard to please the world ..We need an Asian Hillsong..write good music that shouts to the Lord and perform it.. Hollywood is a dirty place .. Bollywood is failing too as they scramble to be like Hollywood.. study how the music industry destroyed famous lives and marriages..God Bless

  26. bernard says:

    Check out the pictures here for evidence of Sun Ho’s boob job. No good Christian will change the body God has given for vanity reasons.

  27. Tim Sng says:

    No one can judge another, nor should The Lord’s anointed be touched, though the anointed carries a major responsibility. All in all however, collectively or individually, one can tell or sense, whether Christian or not that the recent China Wine act is distasteful and the attire that comes with all the publicity is not edifying. By saying so or assessing so, there can still be no doubt there is full sincerity integrity and faith in both Senior pastor and wife in their personal walk – only a lack of wisdom and misjudgment – both of which are enough to bring them down.

  28. fate says:

    I have only one question. Can I give my blood to GOD instate of money? I need the money to support my family.

  29. Johson-Australia says:

    Erm she looks like Bai Ling ……… hope that people wake up and realize that courts do not charge people without evidence thus if aperson is found guilty – he did something wrong.

  30. Honesty says:

    Listen guys. Stop your judging lest you will be judged!

    What she did or did not, is between her, her family and God. We are all human. We fall in times of temptation. What matters is what God thinks and judge at the end of our lives.

    Please stop all the bickering already.

    • jj@39 says:

      What she did or did not, is not just between her, her family and God. Don’t forget the money came from the donors. i also have donated some money when i attended the service with my brother who was a chc member.

      Even after they were charged in court for misuse of funds for own use. My brother still attend the service n donate money. He always argued that chc doesn’t force ppl to donate. Of course they don’t force ppl to donate but they con you to donate money by making you believing them. This is marketing & psychology.

  31. I Love Singapore says:

    Imagine if your wife or girlfriend or daughter told you that she wants to reach out to non-believers and start uploading photos and videos of her in provocative clothings into the internet.
    Will you support her?

    What happen if she says that she wants to reach out to prostitutes in Geylang and start working at Geylang?

    To reach out to prostitutes, you do not turn into prostitute yourself.
    To reach out to gangsters, you do not join secret society yourself.
    To reach out to gamblers, you do not gamble yourself.

  32. Loving Fan says:

    Thank you. I love your move and outfits. It’s a real turn on. China Wine never fails to make me rock hard. I’d love to bang you at least once

  33. sal says:

    Its all about money ……what money can do to a person.

  34. Cool says:

    She’s an astute businesswoman who happen to be a pastor’s wife. The church funding her activity is a decision that sits squarely on the rationale of the governing body. It will be interesting how they balance their logic on return of investment versus supporting the church’s vision.

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  36. YMP says:

    It’s just crazy that she had ever said she becomes a pop star for God and involves in video which deals with sexual part – publicly? her previous works on society were amazing but being this far.. it’s totally not for God but only for her own pleasure.

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