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Thursday January 24th 2019

Plagiarism: Pastor Kong Hee’s Publisher Explains It’s “Oversight”


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The following report was published in yesterday’s Shin Min Daily as part of the reporting on the news regarding CAD’s probe into the financial affairs of CHC:



网民Cheat Grace在博客上指出,康希牧师的一本新书《灵命更心第2本》(Renewing Your Spiritual Life)中,第99页的内容和美国著名传教士尼尔·安德森(Neil Anderson)的文章有很多相似之处。
 (emphasis in red mine)

For those who have trouble understanding Chinese, the article says that anonymous blogger, Cheat Grace highlighted in his blog that the contents of page 99 of KH’s new book, “Renewing Your Spiritual Life Vol.2″, contains many similarities with an article by a famous American preacher, Neil Anderson, and Cheat Grace suspects that KH plagiarized and that it is not the first time he has done so.

The publisher of the book said that after investigation, they discovered that out of the 350 articles in the book, there were about 10 articles which contained similarities with other authors. However, the publisher asserted that KH had used their materials with the permission of the original authors, and therefore it is not a case of plagiarism. He also said that their oversight is in not clearly letting readers know which articles were written by other authors and reproduced with their permission.

Again, I may appear cynical here but the publisher’s “explanation” is full of loopholes:

1. The publisher said “经调查后发现”, ie. “he discovered after investigation” which means he DIDN’T KNOW AT FIRST that some of the articles were in fact works by other authors! He only discovered this AFTER investigating, and he investigated only AFTER allegations of plagiarism surfaced.

2. The publisher said KH received permission from the original authors to use those articles, yet he DIDN’T KNOW about those permissions BEFORE publishing the book! Didn’t KH tell him about those articles? In fact, he DIDN’T KNOW about those permissions even AFTER publishing the book! He only found out AFTER INVESTIGATION due to Cheat Grace’s allegation of plagiarism by KH!

3. BEFORE the book was put on sale, didn’t KH scan through a copy and realize that there wasn’t any acknowledgment made to the other authors? Ya, ya … he’s a busy man, I know but isn’t the publication of a book meant to inspire Christians important enough for him to pay some proper attention?

I guess many people probably feel that the alleged plagiarism issue is no big deal now compared to the CAD probe into CHC’s financial affairs.  But think a little bit deeper, it is often the little things that give us a clue to the bigger things.

Posted by Cheat Grace at 9:57 AM
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Look at this. Megachurch pastor sets good example in how to plagiarize another person’s work. This is an article he wrote for his website called “Thomas Faith”. Can see in the screeehshots. His (so he claims it to be) devotion article is also found here on his website See the first two paragraphs? Its a word for word copy of this article found in the Leadership Bible. I have attached two photograpsh I took of the article from Leadership Bible.
What is the point of talking so much about how many people you have saved when at the basic level, you copy others’ work? Daily Devotion article are normally about how God has spoken to you as you meditate on the verse or character. So then can you honestly say this is what God uniquely said to you only?

A Cheat-Grace Megachurch Pastor’s good work – Plagiarizing

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7 Responses to “Plagiarism: Pastor Kong Hee’s Publisher Explains It’s “Oversight””

  1. Mimosa says:

    There are many more things in life that are more meaningful for us to fight for.

  2. Rhapsody says:

    Did anyone do a comparison of KH’s work on the God in Ancient China DVD?

    There is no citation in the website which credits it to referencing other authors. So it gives the impression that it’s an original piece of work.

    Yet this work bears alot of resemblance to earlier works like:

    1. The original ‘unknown’ god of China published by Ethel Nelson in June 1998

    2. Discovering God in chinese characters by Shirley Eu in 2006, from the ‘Power to Change’ organization.

    3. Confessions Of China DVD by China Soul for Christ Foundation published in 2000.

    KH’s DVD on God in Ancient China was only produced and copyrighted in Singapore in Jan 2009 (last revision)….it will be interesting to do a comparison.

  3. I really don’t accept this article. Nonetheless, I did researched in Yahoo and I’ve found out that you are correct and I had been thinking in the wrong way. Carry on writing top quality articles like this.

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  5. I am surprised if Kong Hee hasnt been sued for copyright infringement says:

    Yeah, why hasnt any of the original authors sue his arse for compensation? Come on authors !! If you’re reading this, sue this cheat til you get his pants down !!!

    He may have to pull down his $47 million building to pay off the settlements in a civil suit.

    Wonder if Sun Horse will continue to stick with him when he is reduced from Pastor to Pauper. LOL.

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