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Thursday January 24th 2019

Woman lost job, marriage and father…


Hi Gilbert,

A lot of painful events took place during the last 9 years.  I lost my marriage. I  lost my father to cancer.

I also lost my job (I was made redundant and was out of job for about a year).  I was in depression and  literally cut myself off from everybody, including church.  It  took  me 3 years to recover and then I made a very courageous decision to return to my former church.  I reckoned that I should pick up from where I fell although it was a difficult decision. There was the ego factor there.

I attended a Diploma in Christian Counselling and decided that I want to be a counsellor so as to help people in need.  During  last two years, I was  working and studying, working and  studying and  more working and studying…. (boring, I didn’t have a life then).

I’ve just completed my Master in Social Science (Counselling). The course has done me alot of good.  There were  alot of self awareness and self healing. So, you can expect to see a happier me!

I am now heading a Christian Single Ministry.  The purpose is to give Christian singles opportunities to meet other Christian singles. I am also burdened to help the divorced people to find a companion after their divorce (2 is better than 1).   I am also  now in full-time ministry and a volunteer counsellor.

As for remarrying, I am unsure if I will have the courage to trust another man again.  I fear of not being love and not able to love but again, we must not forget that we have a Wonderful God whose ways are higher than ours and when Jesus Christ is Lord in our lives, we will have peace in all our human relationships.  So, I don’t worry so much whether I will remarry or not. Taking one step at a time here.

Hey, I am not a tough woman.¬† You should see the buckets of tears I‚Äôve¬†cried and also hear¬†how I ‚Äúthreatened‚ÄĚ the Lord‚Ķ. haha‚Ķ I always tell him that if he does not intervene and strengthen me then I will drown¬†him with my tears. So, it was by the grace of God.

I doubt I will be doing my PhD.  However, I will consider if I find a sponsor.  For now, I feel that I am done with studying.  I should get my life back, have some friends and enjoy living.

I have definitely changed in all aspects.¬† I have also aged, put on some weights.¬† Oh man, I am old now… so, don‚Äôt expect to see a pretty young lady.¬† Anticipate a fat, wrinkled me haha‚Ķ


Adeline (name changed)


Adeline has since picked up the pieces after her failed marriage nine years ago ‚Äď Gilbert

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