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Thursday January 24th 2019

Young Graduate Feeling Pessimistic About Her Future


Hi Gilbert,

I am glad that I have chanced upon this website. Truly, I have some frightening tales to share with regards to the current employment condition in our country.

Let me share abit about myself.
Armed with a local degree (even though without a fantastic grade), I thought that my qualifications would lead me to a decent job in Singapore. Unfortunately, I graduated during  the last economic recession and job opportunities were scarce.

Eventually, after  job searching for a while,  I  settled for a contract job and some tutoring to tide over a lean period. I was disappointed to say the least and was brought down to earth literally.
Now the contract job is over and the job search is on again. There is this feeling of insecurity and depression resurfacing all over again.

 I thought everything would be pretty fine Рat least I have some work experience to count on  but what paints reality is that  several months may pass before I can get a full time job.

I tried many ways and sent out quite a high number of application letters, but nothing comes to a fruition………… I became secretly depressed as I ¬†understand that my parents are retired and they may wonder why this daughter of theirs‚Äô is so useless.
Some of my peers are no better than me.

Many of them settled ¬†for jobs they don’t even like because they have to satisfy parental obligations. Some of my foreign friends gave up and decided to return to their homeland. Others continue on their contract job as a means of continuation and survival.
My years in school also supported the fact  that the fittest and elitist will survive  in our country and I am at the bottom of this pool.

It looked like my future is bleak since I have no solid good grades, no proper working experience , no money and nothing. What am I supposed to do now?

Sally (name changed)


Dear Sally,

Thanks for you mail.

Frankly your story is not uncommon – the feeling that there is not much hope for the newly graduated.

Globalisation and some unbelievable government policies have deterred quite alot of people from gaining meaningful employment.

Count yourself fortunate that you have found some temporary job just to survive. Many people I know could not even find a contract job after many months of job searching.

Its the same  survival story  for many people out there these days.

Many work for a short contract and they are off work for a while before rejoining the job market for another shorter contract. There is this feeling of insecurity and lack of financial independence.

It will be good for you to network more as nowdays jobs are difficult to come by and knowing the right people helps.

Go out and meet people, arrange drinks with them and attend social events to widen your circle of friends.

The saying “Its not what you know but who you know” rings very true nowadays.

Jobs come about by word of mouth and many people have told me that they found jobs not from the papers but from their friends.

You can apply for hundreds or  even thousands of jobs but all you get is total silence or if you are fortunate Рa nice rejection letter.

Meanwhile, as you work, move around and source out for new opportunities.¬† Don’t just stay at home after work, join clubs and get to know more people.

The job market now is like a survival jungle out there. Stay lean and strong.

Try to raise your adversity quotient by taking on new challenges such as running a marathon  or mountain climbing.

By doing that, it will actually help you to face up to much adversity in life and prepared you for the challenges of job searching and unemployment.

Lastly, can I ask for your permission to post this mail on my site?

I also need to know the kind of degree you have and a rough indication of your age group if you may. Please revert if possible on this.

Thanks and never give up. We are here for you.



NB: If you share the same feelings as Sally, do email me at We will edit your letter and post it up on the site.

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  1. cy says:

    field so mouldy :(

  2. admin says:

    Hi cy,

    Do email me at or if you need our support services.

    They are all free of charge.

    Take care. Never give up.

    Gilbert Goh

  3. Entrepreneurs Remain Wary…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)

  4. Thanks fot these dating techniques. I will make sure to not forget them. I’m really shy right now and I don’t know how to talk to any girls but I’m sure this is going to change now.

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