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Sunday January 20th 2019

A Note From Our Volunteer Career Coach Helen

Good morning Gilbert,
It is always good to be able to lend a helping hand, no matter how small. OK, some brief comments on the candidates.  I have seen a few of the clients that you have passed over to me.
I find that all of them are genuine in wanting to seek a job that is reasonable and somewhat meaningful. After establishing rapport, I normally allowed them to talk and express their thoughts, concerns and help them to reflect more. on what they want for their career.  Spending a bit of time with them using  this approach, I find it is effective to then discuss where their shortcomings are ( some pointers listed below ) and then suggest some ways for them  to overcome them. So,  by the time I wrap up the discussion, they went  off with some action plan and hopefully with their spirits uplifted and a ray of hope!
Some potential areas for candidates’ improvement:-
  1. Layout of resume..some not aligned to what they really want, some too lengthy with irrelevant  / confusing details.
  2.  Going through what could have gone wrong at their recent interviews ( lack of preparation, focus, confidence, sense of purpose and air of confidence and enthusiasm ). I would suggest to them to jot down learning points after each interview session, regardless of the outcome.
  3.  Facilitating discussion on looking at new opportunities, new options, new fields that they did not consider earlier. I try my best to initially listen to what they want and then open their minds and perspectives to consider new options that will align with their dreams and strengths.
In summary, building positive outcome and possibilities to every face to face meeting is key. I read somewhere, once hope is in sight, good things will begin to fall in place.
Cheers in our journey of putting the bounce back in peoples’ lives!
Helen Lim
NB: Helen is our volunteer career coach¬† and has recently started a non-profit organisation – SilverSpring – to help the silver-haired population fulfills their dreams. She also runs a cafe at Parkview Square named Chatters’ Cafe – opposite the Raffles hospital. Do drop by the cafe for a cuppa and look out for her…she is full of wisdom and optimism!
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