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Thursday January 24th 2019

Jobless Reader’s 7 Ways To Overcome Unemployment Blues

Hi Gilbert,

Actually, I left my sales & marketing job 5 years ago to focus on being a stock investor. However, the recent crisis makes it tougher to live a life as an investor. So I started searching for a job since a year ago.

How do I keep myself from falling into a depression ?

1) Having 13 years of sales & marketing experience helps. In sales, I am tuned to remind myself to be optimistic, & with the guts to talk to strangers, all these translate to a stronger fighting spirit that thumb down any depression that creeps up.

2) I love jogging every week, in fact, I have been jogging for about 9 years, allowing my mental pressure to be released before I explode, haha !

3) Having a little hobby like pot-planting, admiring my flowers and plants, photography, actually helps to cut down my frustrations when things don’t go the way I want. I love nature by the way.

4) Initating to call one or two friends out, once in a few weeks for cheap coffee at kopi-shop is what I enjoy, as we are gregariously social animals. I just ask my friend: “hey, i am passing your area this Sat, you free for kopi ?” It is so simple : )

5) Read & re-read a few motivational books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, & books about Warren Buffett, the world greatest stock-investor & his Value-Investing concept, have taught me to think positively :

Both Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad & Warren Buffett’s Value-Investing concept apply to our lives and living styles. One buys only the necessities, or assets that can appreciate in value, at a price worth paying for, without relying too much on credits like credit cards, or a loan just to enjoy. This has being a  practice for me since Asian Crisis 11 years ago.

Understanding that High Risk does not equates to high return as so many believe, High Risk leads to High Losses with high probability ! Without greed & high risk-taking, fear will not creep in. So even though I am jobless, I am not depressed as I have no huge outstanding big loans & expenses to worry about.

If I can’t afford I don’t buy. If I need to financially stretch to the limit to own a 5-room flat, I would buy a 4-room instead. I am influenced by no one, as Warren Buffett said : “You are neither right or wrong because the crowd disagrees with you. You are right because your data and reasoning are right.” So logic and rationality must prevail in our style of spending.

6) The 1998-2000 Asian Crisis thought me to carefully use my money, as not many friends would help me when I was in financial trouble. Can’t blame them, some felt insecure too. But this is also the time to understand who are true friends that we should treasure.

7) Lastly, I am never afraid of ‘no face’ when I am jobless. Think  about it, almost everyone experiences joblessness sometime in his or her life, so anything wrong or shameful ? No ! heehee. Open up, talk to people, you never know when someone gives you a business idea or a lead to a job.

Gilbert, this is all I can tell you. I am just an ordinary guy, leading a frugal lifestyle, single in my early 40s, armed with only a CIM Diploma in Marketing. Well some say being single helps, it is how you & your spouse look at the situation. Having a family may give you some emotional support too, which I clearly do not have. Neither can I discuss my problems with my parents.

Gilbert, hope my points can help those who are depressed. You can alter, abstract or discard my points, whatever, just go ahead please if it can help others.

By the way, leave my name out please as I am not ready to be an online celebrity. haha !

Singapore is lucky to have you, a very helpful man ! Thank u : )

Danny (name changed)
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  1. Anon says:

    Helpful tips!

    I keep sane by helping out at a shelter and I can tell you the people living there have worser lives and more things to worry about than me (who’s been down and out of employment for like 1 year and 4 months now).

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  3. unemployment is of course a socio-economic problem that we must address seriously~.;

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