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Thursday January 24th 2019

Desperate Jobless 47-Year-Old Sole Breadwinner Seeking Assistance

Hi Gilbert,

I  just got to know your website and  started to read  some of the articles posted.

I am really touched by your selfless act to provide mental and emotional  support to those who are unemployed.

It is hard   to find someone like you right now as most people will simply care for their own needs first before others.

Anyway, let me share abit about myself.

I have been retrenched as a Purchasing Executive in the Semiconductor Industry and have remained jobless since April last year.

I am now age 47 years old.

I have tried sending many job applications to both the private and government sectors but so far I have not being successful.

I even tried to apply job in different industries like the banking sector but ended up disappointed.

I have also lower my salary expectation to “open to the company budget being catered for the position” but has being luckless so far.

I have gone for a few job interviews and most of the interviewers/employers have told me that even though they are impressed with my portfolio they are concerned about hiring me for the  middle management position due to my age. Is 47 that old?

Some have even casted doubts on my retrenchment as if those who were  retrenched are lousy workers  or under-performed in their previous job!

I am also the sole breadwinner of my family and  my kid is just three years old as I have married late.

I   have a HDB mortgage loan to service and worried that I am unable to meet the loan repayment as my CPF is fast depleted.

I have appealed to my MP to write to the CPF Board to  use my Special Account to service my monthly loan but sadly the appeal was rejected.

I do agree with you that the networking job-search tactic is more feasible for people in the middle age group but my circle of friends is just too small as being a family man, I have spent most of my after office hours caring for my kid.

It will be much appreciated if you could offer me any kind of assistance in securing a job as soon as possible as I am living on my  saving and it is depleting soon!

PS: I am a Polytechnic Diploma holder with over 20 years of working experience in Purchasing.

Thank you in advance and I  hope to hear from you soon.


Willie (name changed)


Hi Willie,

I empathsize with your situation as unemployment can be both depressive and frustrating.
Is it possible for me to refer you to one of my volunteer career coach?¬†I hope that you don’t think I am passing the buck here.
We all work together as a team.
Her email is attached under cc mail. Her name is Helen and she is a professional career coach.
Helen – please assist Wilson here and keep me informed.
Do try to keep the chin up and focus all your efforts on getting a job. I know that sometimes this is difficult especially when we are beseiged with financial problem.
Once you are sidetracked by negative stuff, it will be tough for you to focus on job searching as it saps out  alot of energy from you.
I have also attach my ebook “How to survive unemployment” for your reading pleasure.
Lastly, our organisation can’t promise¬† that we will definitely be able to help you get a job. We will however try our best to support you to the best of our abilities.
Do provide us a resume so that we can look out for you when there are job vacancies.
Do stay in touch with me until you find a job.
I also ask your permission to post the mail on my site. I will leave out your name and email of course to protect your identity.
Take care and dont give up. We are here for you.
NB:¬† After Shin Min Daily has published an article on our organisation two days ago, we have received quite alot of enquiries on our services. We apologise that we are unable to¬† provide jobs¬†here ¬†- ¬†wrongly specified in the newspaper article – ¬†¬†as we don’t operate as an employment agency. However, we will ¬†try our best to walk this journey with you as best as we could.¬† We provide counselling and career coaching to anyone that requires such services – Gilbert.
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