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Wednesday December 11th 2019

Advertisers – Promote Your Products On Our Site


Dear Advertisers,

We have recently revamped our website and now can accept advertisements for a small fee to promote their products online.

We have a daily readership of around 2000 readers to date and increasing (according to Nuffnang stats). A copy of these stats can be sent upon request.

Most of our readers are from Singapore (40%) , Australia (5%), Philippines (15%), India (10%) and the US (20%) among others.

Our rates are negotiable and we do hope that advertisers are generous here as we run a tight non-profit organisation helping out the jobless community. I am also doing this full time on my own without a salary. You can call it my life’s mission.

Payment can also be done via paypal or other modes.

There are three kinds of rates here for advertisers who are keen to promote their products:

1. Top Banner Front Page (700 x 300 size) – one only & most visible

Monthly – S$200

Quarterly – $400

Half-yearly – S$700

2. Middle Banner Front Page (200 x 600 size) – one only

Monthly – S&150

Quarterly – S$300

Half-yearly – S$500

3. Side Page (400 x 300 size) – several

Monthly – S$100

Quarterly – S$200

Half-yearly – S$400

Interested advertisers can email me at if they are keen. We apologise that we are unable to promote products such as cigarettes, alcohol and sex-related items.

We also allow advertisers to promote their products free of charge for a one-week trial period before deciding whether they want to sign up with us contractually.

Please support our cause here!



Gilbert Goh


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