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Sunday January 14th 2018

8 reasons why Singaporeans should leave (sgforums)


1) Land prices are ever rising. With a 4-room HDB flat at $400,000 now, interest rates and a 20-30 years loan, there is probably nothing left in the CPF comes retirement. What kind of price will your children pay for their HDBs 30 years down the road? If you stay in landed properties, you will be sure you can afford a few big bungalows overseas with swimming pools.

2) CPF retirement is set to rise from age 62 as the years go by. The board will not be able to support a mass withdrawal of monies from citizens and hence schemes like CPF Life have come up. Come 2013, unless one meets the minimum sum, he would have to wait till retirement age before the money trickles to him in the hundreds monthly.

3) This place will hit a population of 6.5 million population soon. With thousands of PMETs unemployed, jobs are still going to so called “global talents”. What’s next? Even fresh grads out of the local universities have to compete with their foreign peers who have their tuition fees sponsored; while they have to slog for years before they repay their tuition loans.

4) The land is too small for weekend recreation. Those who have stayed in other countries will tell you that their weekends are trips to the mountains, fishing lakes, historical places, scenic train rides etc. Here in Singapore, we have the neighbourhood malls to jalan jalan.

5) The education system is too stressful and breeds the kiasu / kiasee mentality. Just take a look at the teacher’s workload. If these educators are so stressed up, what more down the line to the students? Performance bonuses are paid to teachers if their students do well, what kind of stress do these teachers (especially from the top schools) put on the children? And as if school isn’t enough, they still have to go for tuition after school to ensure they score the As.

6) As long as the government does not change, so will our economic strategy. Attracting foreign MNCs to set up shop, no doubt will provide jobs but we are forever a hunting ground for cheap (albeit skilled) labour. And with the influx of foreigners, the lower and middle income class can expect their salaries to stagnate (with relativity to inflation) for a long time. The environment is such that it is pro MNCs. One good example is the GST: it was raised primarily because the corporate tax was reduced in order to continue making Singapore a competitive place for businesses. The era where passing of skills to locals is now bygone. It’s long overdue that an entrepreneurial culture has not been set in place. Children only study and aspire to be ministers, doctors or lawyers.

7) A fresh poly grad can earn up to $1500 a month on average 10 years ago, today it is still the same. A fresh university grad can command on average about $2500 a month 10 years ago, today it is about $3000; not much of a change considering that HDB prices have gone up 3 folds.

8) A car here easily costs 2 or 3 times those in other countries. While you slog it off and be a slave to your car for the next few years servicing the instalments, in other countries it can be paid up in the blink of an eye.

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  1. Edmund says:

    Lasy year, my company retrenched 4 staff from my department. This year, they laid off another 4. The 8 of us who lost our jobs are all over 40 years of age. The more alarming statistic is that 7 are Singaporeans. Only 1 retrenched worker is a foreigner. This is totally unacceptable! What is this government of ours doing to stop such blatant reverse discrimination against patriotic Singaporeans? Most of the foreigners still working in my ex-company kept their jobs simply because they are cheaper to employ. Another good reason to leave this country where we no longer belong to.

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