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Thursday January 24th 2019

Reader Feeling Miserable About Returning To Former Job

Hi Gilbert

I know  that I am one of the fortunate many to  have a job in this current economic situation and I shouldn’t be complaining. However, I am stuck with a job that I don’t like.

I made a mistake of accepting this job and  there is no turning back for me.

I am feeling miserable inside. Let me elaborate.

I was  retrenched in last February  after working  with this electronics company for 13 years.  I managed to get a job after  going  jobless for about 4 mths  though I suffered  a pay cut.

Two months back, my ex-company called  and  offered me the same position.

I thought hard about it and  finally accepted the offer  though I knew that it wasn’t really my choice of work. I took the offer because the offer was too tempting and of course the pay was much higher than my former job.

Now,  I really regret the decision to return to my former work place because I love the job at the former place and  shouldn’t have move just for the money. 

I find that my  life is miserable  now and really wanted to end it all.


Andrew (name  changed)


Hi Andrew,

Sorry to hear about your current state of affairs.

Job switch sometimes does affect one’s well being especially if we have shifted from something that we like to do.

It goes to show that money is not everything especially when we find little job satisfaction these days from the work place.

Are there any changes that you can talk to your superior about so that you can have a better working environment?

I will also like to encourage you to look at the brighter side of things.

Many people are still jobless and I think they wont mind trading places with you right now.

It is also good to focus on other things in your life besides work.

Work only gives us one aspect of satisfaction in our life .

How about your family?  Do you spend enough time with them? Do arrange some time to go out with them so that it will take your mind off work matters.

Do you have hobbies? You can spend some time working on your hobbies so that your life is more colourful.

It is also good to focus on doing good e.g. helping out in some welfare homes as a volunteer.

I know that many people feel very glad  helping out those who are less fortunate. It  makes us realise that our problems are sometimes less severe than many others in our society.

Do let me know if you need a counsellor to talk to. I can arrange one for you here.

All our services are free of charge.

I also ask for your permission to post this mail on my site.

Take care and never give up.



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