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Saturday January 13th 2018

Thousands of Singaporeans registered interest to migrate to New Zealand (NZ Herald)

New zealand

Thousands of Singaporeans registered interest to migrate to New Zealand

Singapore envies Kiwi lifestyle

4:00 AM Tuesday Feb 9, 2010The bait was better working hours, cheaper cars and housing – and in three weeks thousands from Singapore have registered their interest in living in New Zealand.

An Immigration New Zealand pilot project aimed at attracting Singaporean migrants has resulted in over 1000 registrations each week since it was launched last month, with 3565 potential immigrants having registered their interest in just three weeks.

Would-be migrants are told of comparatively cheaper housing, car ownership and a relaxed lifestyle – and those who registered their interest on received an email from Immigration telling them how to apply for relevant visas.

Immigration expert Paul Spoonley said the level of interest was “unexpected and fascinating”.

“I think the draw for many Singaporeans is not so much the cheaper cars or housing, but the lower-stress environment and because New Zealand offers quality education in English,” said Professor Spoonley, of Massey University.

“Singapore has a very competitive education system driven by Confucian values and what they think they will get here is a different education value system that offers a more well-rounded education for children.”

Immigration New Zealand said the pilot was aimed at working holiday visitors and students, and not skilled migrants, but Professor Spoonley said the Singaporeans who had registered were likely to be either young families with young children, or those who were semi-retired.

Immigration told Singapore media that Singaporeans were targeted because Singapore and New Zealand had long-standing and friendly relations, and that Singapore was a “good demographic match for this campaign, in terms of English language proficiency and education levels, and there’s already a strong tradition of studying overseas”.

Singapore Club Auckland president Allan Yee said most Singaporeans regarded New Zealand not so much as a study destination but an “excellent place to retire”.

“Most Singaporeans have a good retirement nest egg, and they think they will be able to get better-value housing and cars and stretch their money in New Zealand,” said Mr Yee.

“I guess New Zealand also offers cheaper university education and that could be one reason why Singaporeans want to come, but Australian universities are still more popular for them.”

Since 2001, 2978 Singaporeans have become permanent residents, but 1107, or 37 per cent, are no longer living here.

An Immigration spokesman said the agency did not yet have any information on Singaporeans who had come to New Zealand as a direct result of this pilot project, but it would be evaluated over the next few months.

The Advertisement that Appeared On the NZ Government Website:-

We’re looking for young Singaporeans interested in the challenge, experiences and fun of living in a country that offers you brilliant work and study experiences plus a relaxed lifestyle!

Welcome! If you’re a young Singaporean interested in learning more about experiencing New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find visa information plus an insight into what life is like in New Zealand. Sometimes you’ll be directed to our main NewZealandNow website where you can learn more about general topics.

So come and experience an exciting, vibrant and laidback lifestyle in our land of plenty– and add diversity to your work experience.

New Zealand’s a growing nation, and with a population similar to Singapore but 385 times larger in land mass, you’ll find unique holiday opportunities throughout the country – from beaches to mountain tops, sprawling urban to gently rolling countryside  — and work experiences across all industries. Or, if you prefer, you could take advantage of our many world-class universities and tertiary institutions.  

Find out more about New Zealand
Excited? Check out a 3-minute video which can also give you a better idea of what New Zealand is like.  

Interested in finding a job? We understand you might be curious about what it’s like to work in New Zealand. To learn more click here.

We need great people and can offer you a unique lifestyle.  And in New Zealand you’ll find adventure, freedom, opportunities, friends – and perhaps even a home away from home!

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14 Responses to “Thousands of Singaporeans registered interest to migrate to New Zealand (NZ Herald)”

  1. [...] Thousands of Singaporeans registered interest to migrate to New … [...]

  2. Mike says:

    They might also want to change their name to English ones so they don’t end up in the streets or on social welfare because of discrimination against Asians in the job market in NZ..

    “Desperate job-seeking Asians are not only taking on Anglicised first names but also officially ditching their traditional surnames for European-sounding ones in the hope that will help them find work in New Zealand.

    One Chinese woman even changed her name to Brenda Jones in an attempt to get a job interview in the tough economic climate.

    About 21,000, or 9.2 per cent, of the Asian population are without jobs, and experts say their foreign-sounding names have contributed to their unemployment woes.

    Massey University researcher Paul Spoonley says New Zealand employers, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, tend to eliminate Asian applicants very early in the process through surname discrimination.

    “We have a lot of research and anecdotal evidence that New Zealand employers are reluctant to employ Asians, so changing surnames is a novel way of getting a CV read,” he said.”

  3. Really beneficial post. I just bookmark your blog and also would like to say that I have really enjoyed while reading through your posts. Thank you for spreading the knowledge with all.

  4. Kev says:

    Does not sound that new. Discrimination is after all an age-old thing. I do think though it is a common thing even in other countries of a ‘white-majority’, as long as certain pre-conceptions exist about Asians(ie. that they speak English with an accent; cannot speak English at all; are bad drivers etc …) Of course, I doubt that it is the job of Asians to convince them that they are not that, but that they have to change their last names sound a little like some last resort. I don’t see this done at all in Canada or the USA, because it is basically unconstitutional and against the equal opportunities acts in place in these countries though.

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  6. Mahesh says:

    About n.z migration

  7. bglsingh says:

    Emigration is not solution.

  8. ToNolahepl says:

    Loan Help quotes
    “certainly like your web site but you need to take a look at the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I will definitely come back again”

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    Is ha fuCking Prof. O inglhlngege
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  9. Jen says:

    I been to Christchurch NZ before when I was working.

    Yup, if there is an offer of sponsorship to work as administrator or security industry, I will surely go since my Govt don’t bother about the well-being of their netizen, might as well.. I denounce my citizenship & volunteer at the childfund in NZ.

  10. sal says:

    You need to vote for the party that can come out with good policy that help its citizens…

  11. sal says:

    Most of big cities, especially in Australia have a lot of Asians so you would not feel minority.Its whether you can adapt the changes there. Important thing, you and family must be happy where ever you are.

  12. David says:

    New Zealand’s offer is NOT suitable for young families!
    The silly immigration officer might have Taiwan in mind!
    perth and Western Australia has lots of working visa students from UK, france, Italy & Europe, and even Taiwan!
    My church has a thriving English class ministry to the Back packers from Taiwan!

    This won’t suit the majority of Singapore students, who probably need their mom (or their maid) to open their packet of Maggi Mee.

    Also, even if Singaporeans were to be successful in applying for a PR in New Zealand, I am concerned for you.

    The thug like behavior of sociallly inept young people in New Zealand, coupled with the high unemployment and the other factors mentioned by the other posters made New Zealand a NOT SO ATTRACTIVE destination!

    Put it this way – migration is always a hard thing – akin to a decision between a rock and a hard place!

    The happiest idiot is that ang moh who fly into Singaporea every month looking for suckers who want to aply for PR anywhere in the Western democratic countries!

    You got to weigh this migration decision very, very carefully, mates!

    your wife must first agree (if you are married).

    On a positive note, there ARE people who are very mediocre in Singapore who will do very well in other countries!

    This ah beng (the writer of this email) is a humble example!
    In Singapore, everyone think I am a nut head!

    well, here in OZ land, people still think I am a nut head!
    At 43, I am a super successful medical rep, who’s also pursuing an undergrad degree, a post grad degree (on a part time basis) with the 48th best MBA program globally in Australia, and am stressedfully enjoying everything, taking everything in my stride!!!!

    So, here’s that seduction – you may be mediocre in Singpaore! People are likely to call yo LOSER, lOSER!

    Neh mind lah!!!!!
    call , call lah!!!!
    It’s YOUR happiness!

    Huat , must also be HAPPY mah!!!
    huat, boh happy, boh yong loh!!!

    Think carefully, mate!

    New Zealand a very poor destination!
    Don’t let the silly ang moh pian you lah!!!!
    They got a job to do.
    You got a future to live it out – don’t choose second best! I know of Singaporeans who’ve put in their application, then they gostan even though their wife boss , etc already migrated.
    End of day, OZ still better for them. No matter how racist , still can find a simple job to tie in for the tough settling in period.

    6 years, 1 month, and 17 days in Perth, WA:

    Western Australia.

  13. Dennis says:

    Mr. Gong, this is similar to Singpores sales pitch in attracting foreign workers. The same with Australia and to some degree US pitched a land grab to all who would venture west.. years ago. Smell the coffee, Singaporeans are not ethnic chinks only, but Malays, indians, Polynesians, Filipinos, Europeans who find this place to be a good place to work and live. Mind you, should policies change and migration stop, people would just move on to newer green pastures. And then where will you be?

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