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Thursday January 24th 2019

Jobless Reader Cried With Mum On Mother’s Day


Written by: Alvin Tan

If anybody asks me what  I have given my mum on Mother’s Day last weekend, my answer will be – SORROW.

“Oh, you’re such a unfilial son!” one will quickly  retort.

No, no, hear me out.

 I am a 44-year old single guy, held the post of a senior manager before but was  retrenched last year.

 I have sent out  more than 230 copies of my CV to potential employers but received only less than 15 interviews so far.

Each appointment brought forth  false hopes of employment and ultimately disappointment. How many rejections can a person take?

I was furious and  dismayed but I could take it all. 

As for my mum, she can’t. Such is the love of a mother has for his son. She wants her son to be gainfully employed and not daily coop up at home  living a meaningless life.

I know that she is worried for me as each time when she heard that there was  an interview coming, she would iron my clothes personally because she knows that my ironing is out of this world. 

Weeks and  months have now passed and I am still at home, patiently cutting papers for job opportunities.

I also began to slowly doubt myself – is there something wrong with me? Am I that bad that no employer is willing to give me a chance?

My savings are also drying up and  the bills are haunting me  slowly. 

I can take it all – but not my mum.

She can’t bear to see her beloved son unemployed for so long.

You see, a year ago, I promised my mum on Mother’s Day that I will give her a good treat when I can find a job. 

More than 365 days had passed since that day.  How time flies when you are jobless.

Finally, Mother’s Day came last Sunday. I asked her what would she want for a Mother’s Day gift? 

She cried and said: “The best  present will be a job for you.”

 I  hugged her and we cried together. 

Tears filled my eyes and  there is a growing resentment within me.   

I don’t hate myself anymore for being unemployed.  I hate the current policies of Singapore.

It is not that I am  lazy but the truth of the matter is many  jobs have now gone to the foreigners.

Under Singapore’s lax labor policies, companies are allowed to employ foreigners so long a quota for local workers are fulfilled.  

The situation is further exacerbated by the astonishingly short time in which the PRs are granted.

Most countries require foreigners to reside for a period of time before they are allowed to apply for PR but not in Singapore! 

Two out of every three PR  applications are successful here.

Many of these so-called foreign talents are in direct competition with us locals for jobs. Can Singapore truly accommodates six million people? Where are the additional jobs going to come from?

I have served my 2-year  national service  to protect my country and now  my country is filled with these foreigners, which I am obligated to protect. How ironical  can it be!

Is this what I deserve for being a true Singaporean?

 As for my mum, she will have to wait a while longer for her Mother’s Day treat  from me.

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7 Responses to “Jobless Reader Cried With Mum On Mother’s Day”

  1. Sharky says:

    To Alvin Tan,

    There are fully subsidised courses conducted by WDA, E2I and CDC on resume writing and how to conduct yourself during the interview.

    Times have changed and so are, the manner HR people scrutinise job-seekers.

    In the near future, there will be more Foreigners seeking work in the IT, Banking/Finance, Health, Education and Service Industries.

    So you may need to seek jobs in the industries where the foreigners normally won’t take. Eg, social services, NGOs, Creative Industries and so on.

    If you can, try to learn your true personality and passion and seek the industry that you feel matches what you love to do. Be prepared to change your career and start all over again.

  2. Marshmellow says:

    It’s silly to blame your joblessness on foreigners. Yes, job hunting is hard. Yes there are more foreigners in Singapore now… But as snarky says look at what else you can do and extend yourself! Become a teacher if you like helping others and are able to teach something, learn a new skill. Be a Barista for a few months or explore insurance sales!

  3. S'porean says:

    I personally believe there’s some truth that foreigners are displacing some s’poreans of their jobs. I speak from experience. I am a veteran of the banking industry where the bulk of the foreign expats are employed, Indian expats in particular. In the Dutch bank that I worked for, one can see and feel their presence everywhere, on every floor, in almost every department. From senior management right down to junior officer. It is especially pronounced in the IT, Finance & Marketing depts. There are in fact so many Indian expats that I sometimes wonder if I was working in an Indian bank. On many occasions, when I was taking the office lift, the lift would be packed with the Indian expats. From working with these so-called foreign talent, I got first hand knowledge of what sort of talent thes e Indian expats are. Honestly, without prejudice, my opinion is that except for a handful, the rest are really average and some mediocre. There is nothing that they can do that we can’t. In fact while I was working for a Japanese bank, even my Japanese colleague observed that the IT ‘professionals’ aren’t that great that they are made out to be and that they are grossly over-rated. I began to wonder, does the Govt monitor and keep statistics of these “FT” like how many have they admitted, what jobs and industry they are employed in, what levels are they working at? Does the govt have any quality control in admitting these ‘talent’ or do they simply take in any sanjeev, amit or priva as long as they hold a degree ? I onced had the misfortune of being assigned an indian expat with a Masters in Engineering. I can only say that any S’porean graduate I pick off the street can perform better than him. Yet we can now see these people swarming all over the MRT, HDB estates… and now they even built their own enclaves in certain postal districts. The situation has become so glaring that if the govt still continues to a blind eye to this problem, they may suffer at the next GE.

  4. The world is your oyster says:

    To Alvin Tan, you say you hate the liberal immigration policies of Singapore. You know it is a battle you cannot win. Why then do you still persist?

    Look beyond the shores. Sure, it is not going to be a walk in the park but neither is banging your head against a brick wall which is, metaphorically speaking, what you have been doing for the past year. You need to focus on what you can do. And that is to walk with your feet. Or look at it another way. If those mediocre foreign talents that you lament can not only survive but thrive in Singapore, surely a battle-hardened Singaporean like yourself is made of stronger stuff.

    Take it from me. I was in your shoes seven years ago during the recession caused by the SARS crisis. I took the emigration route. I have not looked back since. In fact, I am now ex-Singaporean.

  5. solmio says:

    I feel sorry for this guy especially you see now people all planning for their mid-year holidays and crowded travel exhibition at Suntec. I really don’t understand how some ppl can spend in such a manner when some cannot even make ends meet or are they so blind to other’s sufferings?

  6. Wah Liao says:

    Hey Alvin- U seem to be a born loser. Let me explain-
    At 44 u r still single. No girl? Loser!
    At 44 still clinging to mama? Loser!
    Senior Manager- worked for so many years yet cud not be irreplacable. Therefore got retrenched. Loser!
    Cutting newspaper ads for jobs- Wake up n smell coffee man. Hv u heard of internet job portals, social media & online networking sites? Loser!

    Now u know the story will remain the same after another 365 days

  7. sal says:

    The real world….as the Recruiting Mgr is a FT they will employ their same people. Its good for you yo have a taxi licrnce, giving tution or do any contract work that link with your skills. Move forward and not to think about your past for the sake of your mum.

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