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Thursday January 24th 2019

9-Month Jobless Female Reader Feeling Depressed and Lost

Hi Gilbert,

I was looking through your website and read some of the articles which brought tears to my eyes.

I have been  unemployed for 9 months and knows how depressed unemployment could be Рregardless of age it is still an emotional battle and it is hard to relate to those who are employed.

They will never understand the stress …I avoid going out with friends, stop msn-ing or facebook and while with my family I try to be happy most of the times but in fact I‚Äôm bleeding inside because it is a mental torture everyday.

I prayed, read tarot cards , went to fortune tellers,  etc to get some some sense of hope but at some nights I just break down and sob silently in my bed.

¬†I always tell myself its mind over matter and I want to believe that it would not be¬†”raining” all the time and I do believe I would be employed one fine day just that I have to accept a big pay cut or do something different or hopefully my luck will change for the better soon.

Everyday,  I live in anticipation that something good will happen and it went on and on and still ended up in disappointments.

 But I tell myself I’m a strong fighter and will not give up.

I still send resumes everyday though I didn’t get many calls.

From your website,  I realised that I’m not alone and thank you for doing up the website as the articles were encouraging.

I¬†saw the online version of ‚ÄúHow to survive unemployment‚ÄĚ ¬†and would¬†like to have¬†the link¬†to it if its still valid. Many thanks.


Linda (name changed)


Hi Linda,

Thanks for your email.
Your mail has  brought tears to my eyes as I read about your jobless situation and  your sufferings.
I was myself jobless for around 18 months few years ago and knew the emotional entanglements involved. It can be devastating.
Do guard the mind well as how we think affects alot on how we approach any adverse situation in life. Read up motivational books and speak to positive people will help alot here.
Exercise so that you can feel good about yourself as health experts have found that the body releases feel-good elements after one has exercises. The person will feel that he can conquer the world after a good round of vigorous exercise!
Trust me - I have tried this before many times and it is true! Your problems seem lighter after you jog or swim.
Many people who found jobs subsequently told me that they grew to be emotionally stronger after their unemployment ordeal.
Maybe in Singapore, we have too good a lifestyle here and tend to take to adversity unprepared and  lost.
Can I also provide you a career coach so that she can assist you along with your jobless journey?
Our services are all free of charge. Please revert on this so that I can prepare the career coach for you.
I have attached the ebook “How to survive unemployment” for your reading pleasure. Do provide me with your valuable input on the ebook if possible.
Lastly, can I have your permission to post your mail on my site? i will leave out your name and email address of course.
Take care and stay in touch.
Never give up.
Gilbert Goh
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7 Responses to “9-Month Jobless Female Reader Feeling Depressed and Lost”

  1. Sharky says:

    Hi Linda,

    I’ve learned that in Singapore, we have a better chance of an interview via referrals. So, if you can, start contacting your friends and see if they can help refer you to their companies.

    Also, if you see a vacancy in the job ads..give the companies a call and ask for an interview. If they ask you to send them your resume, be specific and ask who you should send it too and ask for the person’s name.

  2. solmio says:

    I can sympathised with you. I am not preaching but rather than indulging in the cccult, I suggest you go to a church & pray. You will find more peace there.

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  4. vincent says:

    Hi there,

    I was in your stage before, i was jobless for 1.5 yrs, married during my jobless days, but i finally found myself back on track, but i am trying hard to be grounded. Linda, prehaps you should focus on your problem, the problem might be lie with yourself, check where have you gone wrong? i have gone countless of interview and send countless of resume out, but i didn’t get any jobs at all. I realise at the end is my ego and preparness. Prehap you might wanna to consider to look into this area?


  5. kevin blumer says:

    i was a bit like that years ago when i was younger i had got out of school i fialed colledge i could not get a job with lack of expirece it was quite bad at the time i did get a job after a long struggle i just didnt give up in years to come when you grow up you wounder why you were so deppresed try and keep up a lifetd spirit belive in yourself that allways help

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