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Thursday January 24th 2019

51-Year-Old Jobless Reader Frustrated At Lack of Opportunities Here

Dear Gilbert,


I would like to share my frustrations and seek your advice on how to move on under such circumstances.

I am 51 years old this year and do not have a basic degree but is determined to complete my part time MBA from University of Northrumbria at New Castle, UK in 2007.   I have over   30 years of solid working and entrepreneurship experiences.

In Sept 2009, I was forced to sell off my partnership in a joint venture shipping services business and has became jobless since then.

I lwould ike to share with you and the readers the frustration in our society and system.  If you are 50 years and above and do not carry any approved degrees, all government doors are closed to you. Goverment institutions will not employ you nor will they provide us with subsidised educations. Let me elaborate.

For the¬†past 3 years, ¬†I have attempted the following as part of our government ‘s call to upgrade our knowledge and skills:

1. In 2008, I  applied to Singapore Polytechnic for a specialist diploma in Maritime Transportation (I am involved in the marine industry).  I was rejected with no explanation given Р usual goverment institutions approach.

2. In 2008,  I tried to apply as a adjunct lecturer for business management at ITE , they never reply to me at all.

3.  In 2009, I tried and submited my application for a part time lecturer position for logistic and business management at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.  I got no response.

4. In Jan 2010, I applied to Nanyang Polytechnic to study for a specialist diploma in logistic management, I was rejected.

5. In Feb 2010, I submitted my application to NTU to do Master of Science (Maritime Transportation) , I was also rejected.

6. In March 2010, I applied again as a adjunct lecturer in business management at ITE, again no reply.

I have given up hope now on our goverment, Polytechnics and ITE. They  rather employ foreigners as lecturers to teach our children. Our goverment is dishing out free scholarship awards to foreigners i.e. Chinese-mayor MBA class at NTU and Lee Kuan Yew School of Policies but denying their citizens an opportunity to study or even a job at goverment institutions Рeven though you are jobless and   have a overseas degree  which you studied at your own cost and time. The system is so unforgiving !

I would like to hear from you.


Paul (name changed)


Hi Paul

Thanks for your mail.

Sorry to hear about your frustration at the failure to get a teaching job or upgrading opportunity in our institutions.

 Frankly, our local learning institutions lack vacancies for learners at a matured age. Have you try SIM? I have some friends now studying there and they are all matured learners. They also have some subsidy package for matured learners, do check it out.

The teaching industry here unfortunately  depends alot on referrals.

Of course, you must also meet the basic pre-requisites to teach or else the door is permanently shut. Without a basic degree and still attempting your MBA study, it seems quite a tall order to try out teaching  at the local learning institutions.

I was a English teacher for private schools before and the two assignments were given to me because it was recommended by a friend working inside.

I doubt that  I can get the assignments if I apply through the conventional way.

I hope that this has help you and feel free to email me if I can assist you further. We have a team of volunter counsellors and career coaches ready  to provide you a helping hand.

I also ask your permission to post this mail on my website.

Of course, I will left out your name and email to protect your identity.

Take care.


Gilbert Goh

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5 Responses to “51-Year-Old Jobless Reader Frustrated At Lack of Opportunities Here”

  1. sp tan says:

    Even though you hv a degree, it is still very difficult to find a job if you are over 50.

  2. Viva Democracy says:

    Civil Service & GLCs will only hire people from NUS or NTU unless you’re from a top international university such as MIT, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, et cetra.

    What is ironic is that this is one of those policies that allowed the widening gap between the rich and poor.

    A subsidised NTU/ NUS graduate gets the job. A full paying foreign university graduate have to bear the full expense of his education and at the same time be rejected by Civil Service & GLCs for the job.

    Is it not ironic that society? We have to ask why it has come to such stage of disease.

  3. I actually surely need to think much more in that course and find out things i can do about that.

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