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Saturday January 13th 2018

Tragic Account of MRT Suicides From 2004 Onwards

Man jumped at Bedok MRT  on 7 May 2010 (sgforums)

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A man committed suicide by jumping onto the track of an oncoming train at Bedok MRT station, causing eastbound trains from Eunos to Tanah Merah to be disrupted today (May 7).

According to the news report on The Straits Times website, the incident occurred at 1.42pm.

The track was blood stained, caused by the train wheels rolling over and crushing the man’s body against the metal track.

The man’s body was seen covered with blood and his flesh exposed on certain parts of his body.

One of the man’s arm was also severed and seen lying a few meters away from his body.

It is not known whether the victim is still alive or already dead (which most likely will be the case).

The cause of the incident is still being investigated.

SMRT said that is had deployed buses to assist stranded passengers at the two MRT stations.

It is believed that the victim lost a huge sum of money amounting to some S$70,000 at a casino last week, which resulted in his act of suicide. It is unknown if he had made the losses at a local or foreign casino.

Our private reporters will follow up on this case and update in a new post with more pictures and videos of the accident scene, and also the full report of the case.

2. Man Jumped At Tenanh Merah MRT Station on 20 Mar 2010 (STOMP)

SMRT needs to hasten installation of screen doors at all platforms, says STOMPer JF, after learning about the death of a man who jumped onto the tracks at Tanah Merah MRT station yesterday.

The incident, which reportedly involved a man in his 20s, resulted in delayed train services affecting as many as 5,000 East-bound commuters for half an hour.

According to a report in The New Paper, the man was pronounced dead at 3:30pm yesterday.

This is not the first time that someone has fallen onto the tracks, says STOMPer JF, who hopes that SMRT can work to put in screen doors at all platforms as soon as possible.

Any longer, and more unnecessary deaths could occur, he says.

In an email, the worried STOMPer says:

“One more person has died on the tracks at Tanah Merah.

“If screen doors had been put in earlier, this would not have happened.

“I really wonder why it takes SMRT four years to install the safety doors.

Singapore  is a really efficient society. It should be possible for a company as large as SMRT to install this important feature without delay.

“Please don’t risk anymore lives by delaying the project further.

“I hope SMRT will install screen doors before 2012. The public cannot wait any longer.”

3. Man Jumped At Choa Chu Kang MRT Station on 7 Apr 2008 (

TRAIN services at Choa Chu Kang station were disrupted for about an hour on Monday morning after a man fell onto the MRT track and was hit by a train pulling in on the North-bound track towards Jurong East.SMRT said some 7,300 commuters travelling from Yew Tee to Bukit Gombak stations were affected by the disruption between 8am and 8.50am.

A shopkeeper in the station said he heard commuters saying that the man had jumped onto the track during the morning rush hour.

Police received a call at 8am that a man had fallen onto the track, near the 5th exit from the rear, and rushed a team from the Singapore Civil Defence Force to the scene.

The man, a Chinese in his mid-40s, was pinned under the third carriage of the train and was pronounced dead by paramedics at 8.30am.

The incident disrupted the morning peak hour train services between Yew Tee and Bukit Gombak stations, towards Jurong East.

Trains running on this line had to turn around.

SMRT quickly activated its bus bridging service and sent a dozen buses to the station to bring the stranded commuters to the connecting stations shortly after 8am.

Scores of other commuters rushing to work turned to taxis, sparking a long queue at the cab stand. Others called their families to pick them up, while many decided to walk to the next station to catch the train.

Normal train services resumed at about 8.50am after the body of the man was removed from the track.

An eyewitness, Mr Rommel, 41, a Filipino piping engineer, told The Straits Times that he was waiting on the platform when he heard a woman screaming.

‘I was shocked to see a man stuck under the train’s carriage. My throat went dry,’ said a shaken Mr Rommel.

He said two civilians helped to disperse the crowd near the platform.

Over at Yew Tee station, some 200 commuters were waiting for their train when the service was disrupted.

Passengers who were unable to complete their journeys due to the disruption can claim a full fare refund from the Passenger Service Centre in any of the 51 SMRT stations within the next three working days.

Police are investigating.

Article obtained from on 7th April 2008

4. Woman hit by train at Woodlands MRT Station (2 Mar 07) -

We refer to the articles “Woman hit by train at Woodlands Station, service disrupted” (Mediacorp Radio 938 live, 2 Mar 07) and “Leaked CCTV Clips: Police probe over, SMRT to do review” (Straits Times, 3 Mar 07). From the Straits Times article, it appears that SMRT’s main concern is with security breach as a result of the leaked videos and does not even address the issue of the clear need to improve safety that many have brought up.

From the Mediacorp Radio 938 live article, we now know that yet another incident of a commuter being hit by a train has occurred, just only 2 days ago! We are reiterating our question to SMRT: What is being done to improve the safety of commuters in stations without full platform doors?

5. Suicide Case At Admiralty MRT on 2 Dec 2006 (

Admiralty MRT Suicide Video (disturbing content)

6. Suicide at Yishun MRT Station on 5 Dec 2006 ( & Asiaone)

The southbound MRT train service from Sembawang to Yishun stations was disrupted at 6.51am this morning when a man was hit by a train at Yishun Station, according to a statement from SMRT.

In response to queries from AsiaOne, the police confirmed that an Indian man was found dead on the scene.

They first received calls from the public about the incident at 6.50am, and upon arrival police officers found the man trapped under the train.

Paramedics, who managed to retrieve the body, pronounced the man dead on the scene.

The police are still investigating the incident, and they have classified this case as unnatural death, as they say it is not known yet this was a suicide or if he was intoxicated.

SMRT says that about 21,000 passengers travelling from Sembawang to Yishun stations were affected during the incident, which happened during the morning rush hour.

By 9am, all train services were back to normal.

SMRT says that passengers who were unable to complete their journeys due to the disruption can claim a full fare refund from the Passenger Service Centre in any of the 51 SMRT stations, within the next three working days.

This is the second MRT train related death in a week.

The last incident, which happened on Saturday, involved a Chinese man in his mid-20s being hit at Admiralty station.

Yishun incident video (disturbing content)

7. Suicide at Chinese Garden MRT Station on 19 Oct 2006 (Dairy of A Singaporean Mind)

So sad that there is another suicide at an MRT station. This time a 40 yr old man.

After the spate of suicides in recent months, the MRT has done EVERYTHING it can to prevent people from jumping in front of trains. Every thing possible has been done!

There are now 3 types of warning signs at MRT stations:




I’m totally shocked that the suicide victim who was a Singaporean actually disobeyed a total of 3 signs to leap in front of the train. I suggest they add one more sign:


Someone I spoke to said that the Chinese papers reported the man was suffering from depression due to job loss and financial problems. According to the WanBao, his family of 4 (parents + 2 kids) owe school fees and utilities for a few months. This family must be a rare exception because the PAP govt is so rich it sends civil servants overseas to offer scholarship to foreigners. Of course, the PAP govt is so rich, Shin Corp is just peanuts and not really news worthy in Singapore given the very small number of reports on it in our local media….most of which reassure us that it is just a professionally (yes they did not get the cleaning lady to close the deal!) done commercial deal.

Singaporeans are so rich that PAP govt doesn’t do much for these people. Besides, there’s plenty of non-govt help if ever you need money. ….here’s evidence from the New Paper….many Singaporeans are offering help to those in need with instant cash, they are so kind.

8. Man Killed By Train at Clementi MRT Station On 30 oct 2006 (

I heard this from CNA.

SINGAPORE: Westbound train services between Queenstown and Jurong East MRT stations were disrupted after a man was hit by a train, and died, at Clementi MRT station.

SMRT says buses were provided for about 11,700 passengers who were affected by the disruption.

This incident comes almost two weeks after a similar death at the Chinese Gardens MRT.

Police have classified the death as an unnatural one and are investigating. – CNA/so

9. Double Suicides At Bukit Batok MRT Stations in August 2004 (

The normally quiet station was the scene of two incidents of people falling onto the MRT tracks in 2004. The spate of incidents at various above-ground stations with three suicides and two accidents and one fatal which raised concerns about the safety of above-ground MRT stations. Some members of the public called on the SMRT Corporation to improve safety.

The first incident involved a SAF Warrant Officer Richard Chua, who fell onto the tracks at about 1.50pm SST on 14 August 2004 and was hit by a train heading to Jurong East. His toes were crushed and he also suffered cuts to his head and body, but he survived and was warded at the National University Hospital. An investigation concluded that there was no foul play. Services between the Choa Chu Kang and Jurong East stations were disrupted for some 45 minutes as Mr. Chua was rescued by Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers. SMRT Corporation deployed 12 buses to ferry some 4,000 passengers travelling between these stations.

The second incident took place on 31 August 2004, also at about 1.50pm SST, when Madam Low Suan Choo fell off the platform and was hit by an oncoming train heading to Jurong East. She suffered multiple fractures and was pronounced dead at the scene. This time SMRT deployed 19 buses to ferry some 5,000 passengers affected by the service disruption. Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC, Dr. Ong Chit Chung, visited the station shortly after and expressed his belief that some form of safety barrier at above-ground stations, or an additional yellow line to warn passengers of the platform edge, would have a reassuring effect. According to a court inquiry heard on 3 November 2004, Madam Low had had suicidal thoughts and had tried to kill herself just the day before. The state coroner ruled that her death had been a suicide. [1]

On the 11th of January 2007, continuous heavy rainfall in Singapore caused soil near the MRT tunnel exit facing Bukit Batok Station heading towards Jurong East to loosen which caused a landslide. Trains were forced to slow down and be cautious near the site since the incident as SMRT hired contractors to stabilize the soil there. As a result, just like the incident at Serangoon MRT Station, trains between Bukit Batok and Bukit Gombak stations have to pass by the tunnel at the lower speed.


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