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Thursday January 24th 2019

Worker Terminated and Made To Pay Company 3 Months Salary in Lieu!



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I actually joined this company thinking that since I love to train,  doing corporate training should be fine. I told the manager that even though they have a company that teaches primary/secondary school I am not interested, I am more keen in doing corporate training.

My fault for accepting their job offer and compromised when they say I need only to do minimal training in schools and will be helping out with  their HQ work.

Basically, what I expected  did not materialised and furthermore, I was forced to do something which I think is morally not right.  I was not happy working.

After a very hectic two weeks that resulted in some really  bad experiences, I decided to ask for a part time job instead of full time so that I can  focus more  on  doing corporate training.

Instead,  the management asked me to take no pay leave for a total of 3 weeks to sort out  this issue. They also asked me to state the  reasons for asking for part time work in writing.

I decided to resign after sensing that the situation was going no where. I tendered  giving them 3 months notice (and this is in probation period mind you). The company then replied back saying that they will  terminate me.  A few days later they sent me  a registered mail and in it a shocking demand to pay the company 3 months salary in lieu!

Normally, ¬†if a company wants to terminate, they will have to pay compensation to the workers to leave immediately without serving notice. So in order to save money, they are asking me to leave ‚Äúon my own‚ÄĚ and pay the 3 months salary in lieu to them by saying that I did a lot of things wrong.

I told them flatly that I refused to pay and even compromise to defuse the situation by telling them I will give them 3 months notice + 3 months no pay leave and everyone would be happy since no money need to change hands.

Furthermore, ¬†I even offered not to look for a full time employer¬† and will work for them¬† without pay during this period.¬†¬† The answer was a flat ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ.

This is a company that  works with schools, WDA and NTUC and I am flabbergasted with their management style and mistreatment. Am I a perfect worker? No one is but we all want to work peacefully without any problems. And all the certificates and appreciation from the various ministries just hide the rot within this company.


- MOM refused to attend to  my case because of my pay scale
- NTUC took up my case because I am a member

NTUC called the ‚Äėblack shop‚Äô and last heard they want to engage lawyers. Now planning next steps.

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One Response to “Worker Terminated and Made To Pay Company 3 Months Salary in Lieu!”

  1. Viva Democracy says:

    They have no case with you unless your employment letter or agreement specifically says that you are liable for early resignation.

    As they have the monetary capacity to engage a lawyer to twist and turn the issue before a court you should be pro-active and escalate this in the tripartite court before any legal proceedings begin in the subordinate court.

    If you heed this advice, the subordinate court may delay the hearings there all even close it totally in reference to the tripartite hearings.

    Start collecting facts now and be absolutely objective at the hearings. Present the circumstances and highlight the failings without bringing in emotive languages in the hearings.

    Like any battle, it is always an advantage to choose the place yourself than to allow your enemy to do it for you.

    Get ready to file your complaint to the tripartite soon.

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