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Thursday January 24th 2019

Reader reflected on lessons learnt during his one-year unemployment journey


Dear Gilbert

I don’t wish to sound philosophical or spiritual. However, many¬† things that happened to me during my voluntary unemployment were indeed spiritual. I realized also¬†¬† how we think is important¬† especially when the chips are all down. One can turn very negative when things are not going his way and this will affect his job search psychology.¬† I know¬†I may sound¬† cynical here since¬†I am gainfully employed now.

I am also thankful to my wife for standing by me and encouraging me to look forward when everything seemed dark and gloomy. If not,  I may not come out of my jobless situation so unscathed. She is indeed my pillar of strength and soul mate. We have came out of that awful period a more solid couple.

The world  has indeed changed much with globilisation and Singaporeans are going through a tough journey. There will be lots of clearing up for everyone. Nobody is going to escape this baptism of fire without having to adjust accordingly.   If we get wiser as a nation and tackle globilisation together,  new opportunities will soon open up. If not, we will continue to suffer from challenges of  this new economy. I guess people have to lower their expectations and look forward.

Personally, I enjoyed your friendship. Your book and your friendship were a solace for me when I was jobless for a year.  Thanks alot!

Ironically,  I am now working for a foreign national company. I am not discriminated and given a chance to do my best. I guess, when we change, everything changes around us.

In the past,¬†I don’t know why¬†I attracted quite alot of unpleasant incidents from¬†certain ¬†course providers¬†be it ¬†in the social work sector or security guard training. However,¬†each unpleasant ¬†incident has thought me to forgive and forget.

Today,¬†I am back to my old sales line, let’s see how things go from here. I have also stopped complaining now and started taking one thing at a time.

I think you are doing a fine job. You are there for those who needed care and comfort.

All the best to you and your organisation. I will do what I can to assist you.

Warm regards,

James (name changed)

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