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Thursday January 24th 2019

Financially-strapped Jobless Female Reader Almost Had Home Electricity Cut Off

Hi Gilbert,

Have been busy looking for job. Have been out of work  since last year June. During this period I only had a very short term job assignment which didn’t really help me much financially.

My electricity was nearly cut off during this awful period as I couldn’t afford to pay the PUB bills. Still going to CDC for job & financial assistance program. I appreciated their assistance here though it was only for  a couple of hundred dollars monthly.

Have finished all the upgrading courses but so far nothing constructive came out of it although the government and media said that Singapore is doing so well this year. Have been a bit depressed and lost as couldn’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. Is it so difficult to get a job nowadays?

My ideal job would be an office manager but now I am taking whatever that comes along be it admin, secretarial, PA, administrator or executive assistant.

 Have been staying away from friends for quite awhile now. Sometimes when I don’t have money I stay away from friends if I don’t want to lose them. You know what I mean.

However, I am trying to be positive and stay above the situation.



Susan (name changed)


Hi Susan,

Thanks for your mail.

Prolonged unemployment can be rather stressful and is really a test of our patience.

After a while, one may even give up the job search entirely as the jobseeker will feel very negative and hopeless. It is good to guard your thoughts well as a positive mindset is essential during unemployment.

Reading motivational books and talking to people with a positive attitude will  protect the mind. A regular exercise regime will also be helpful here as exercising will release feel-good endorphins within the body system.

I would encourage you to change tactic here and stop applying for job using the conventional way.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not asking you to stop your job search entirely. I am merely asking you to switch your job search tactic and try another method.

Many people have seriously given up applying for jobs poring over newspaper advertisements and online internet search engines.  Such conventional method only works well for those who are younger and in niche work specialty.

Employers  in Singapore sadly harbour discrimination against workers of a certain age group.  This trend will continue unless there is  legislation to protect workers of a vulnerable age group.

I will advise you to use the networking method to start your job search now.

Look through  your personal contacts  and email your friends that you are in need of a job urgently. You will be surprised how your friends have more resources than you imagine.

As they are currently working they will be able to know first hand any job vacancies in their work places. Most companies also prefer to hire recommendations from their workers as  this will save on advertisement cost and  they also trusted the referrals from their workers.

Do try out this method and don’t be shy to seek out help from your friends. Many people have actually found jobs using the networking method. It is also a sure-win way as there is no competitor when you attend the job interview.

Most employers will employ the recommended candidate if the person meets all the necessary  job requirements.

Many people will be willing to help out when they realize how urgent their friends have being in looking for a job.

Do let me know if you need further assistance.

Take care and never give up. I will await your good news soon.



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