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Thursday January 24th 2019

Young PMET looking for alternative career option

Hi Gilbert,

I’m 31 this year and¬† a poly diploma holder specialising ¬†in electronics and computer communication. After poly,¬†I joined the navy for 6 years, thereafter¬†I joined ¬†my last company: a local¬†SME ¬†IT company for 4 years as a customer service engineer dealing with voice recorders.

My  main job scope was  installation and maintainence of the voice recorders. I quitted last year Sept during the financial crisis and has been doing property sales since Oct last year.

I feel that property sales  is not for me at the moment as it takes up too much upfront capital and my reserve is running out soon.  I  am looking for a permanent full time job now. I also have  a wife and daughter to support.

Thats roughly  my working background.  Do assist me with some career counselling if possible.



Peter (name changed)

Gilbert – We have assigned Peter a career counsellor to assist him with his job options.

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One Response to “Young PMET looking for alternative career option”

  1. Hi Peter:
    Question is– what is it that interests you? In other words, what really motivates you to do the work you do? It can’t be just money, even though in Singapore, with its costs of living etc, having a good salary base is important.

    6 years in the navy would probably see you holding quite a senior specialist rank (I assume)– so why did you quit the navy?

    Next question: if not for the financial crisis, were you actually enjoying your job as a customer service engineer?

    Lastly, if money is your main motivator, how were you doing in property sales, given how much we have been hearing about property agents hitting boom-time Charlie with recent property raves?

    I think you need to know your motivations, and understand your expectations as you ponder over what you plan to do next. I suspect your state of mind in switching careers thus far is purely monetary in nature, and also that you probably felt the jobs you did bear no relevant interest to you at all, but you were doing it for the money anyway.

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