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Thursday January 24th 2019

Job seeker’s regret at new offer in troubled company

Hi Counsellor Larry,
How have you been? I didnt email for some time because I was closing off  an  offer from a local start up company. I got the offer and  happily tendered from my current company and my last working day is on 26 Apr. I am supposed to start at the new company on 3 May 2010.
Last week, I got a call from my friend who said that he knew of someone who works in that new company.
He told me to call that guy up as he said that new company is not doing well financially.¬†So I called that guy up and met up with him and he told me that the company still owes the staff CPF as well as one month salary and alot of more horrible things about the company’s¬†financial status.¬†He even said that¬†2 weeks ago, 4 of the staffs resigned and left¬†giving 24-hr notice and did not even collect their salary. That guy also told me once he gets his salary which the company owes for March next week, he will resign without a job also.
I intend to¬†inform the company and say that I will not be joining them already. Worse of all, I have also tendered from my current company. I am feeling so lost¬† now as I will be unemployed. I am feeling down again and keep wondering when will I get a job again, what if¬†I will not get a job for many years? So many questions pop into my mind now…….That guy now becomes my friend and¬† he will soon join me in the unemployment¬† pool…I can see when I meet him that he is also like me¬†-¬† hopeless and discouraged.
I am so down again and I believe he is also¬† down as he told me he needs to even¬† use his children savings to pay for expenses…..
So worried, down and lost now…….¬† :(
Joe (name changed)
Counsellor reply:-
Hi Joe,
My apologies for  the late reply.
I am aware of your  situation and understand the stress that you are currently facing.
Nevertheless, I feel that your situation might not be that bad yet. As¬† you have shared, your last day is 26th April and the date that you are supposed to join your new company is 3rd May. I need to ask you a few things. First of all, have you told your new company that you won’t be joining them?
Secondly, have you done a research of the company on the Internet or using other sources?
Lastly, how trustworthy is this person who  had shared with you about the information of this new company? (my sincere apologies if he is someone very close to you, not doubting his sincerity here).
I¬†want you to spend some thoughts thinking over your current situation. Sound to me that you are¬†’negatively’ ¬†influenced by your friends working at the new company. On the other hand, I glad that you¬†are finding out more informaion¬†about the new company from your friends ¬†but I’m just wondering, will that help you or causing you to feel more “confused”?
In life, we do face a lot of challenges and there are always people around us to give us information and advice. However, on our part, we might need to analyse the situation accordingly and not to draw conclusion too quickly.  What are you going to do now?
To wait till your last day? Or to join? ‘Quit’ your new job which you have not physically work there? Or maybe¬†¬†to allow ¬†yourself¬† to be influenced by all these negative thoughts and hope for a miracle?
As what Gilbert have shared, the choice is yours…whatever decision you make will have¬†certain ¬†consequence and you must be mentally ¬†prepared for it. No one can help you once the choice is¬†made and no one can help you to make such a decision. You must do your own reflection and analysis¬†of the situation¬†based on your existing resources.
¬†Gilbert and myself can’t really help you¬† make the decision. We can only help you along the way to see whether you have ‘miss out’ on anything. There are still a couple of days before you leave your existing company. I believe that based on your past working experiences and the strengths that you have, something good might come up here. You might get a better¬†offer ¬†if you don’t give up and continue your very best to look around.
Alternatively, you can continue to ask people around you. And please ask the RIGHT people. Call up your friends (who are still employed) and ask them (or any trade) whether there is any opening.
The Choice is yours and you are in control of your own Life.
Don’t just give up without a fight, my friend.
Ask yourself truthfully whether you have done your very best.
And I believe that if you really have done your ultimate best, you will definitely find your own solution.
Trust your ability and yourself, you can do it.
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