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Thursday January 24th 2019

Jobless PMET who earned $7,000 before tried out car polishing

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Hi Gilbert,

 I am a 45 year old Singaporean (born and bred!) male.  Since I lost my last job (paid $7k per month in local GLC) in 2005, I have not been able to find  suitable PMET job which is in line with my level of experience.  Despite thumbing down my c.v. and trying to get lower paying jobs, I have not had success.  During this time, I have tried out many things, with the latest being a car polisher at a start up car polish company.

Singapore has no welfare system.  It is a double edged sword.  Look at all the grandma and grandpa selling tissue paper at the hawker centres.  My heart fills with anger and shame when I see them.  These people have fallen through the crack with no resources to fall back on.

In a wealthy country like Singapore, we have people living in desperation.  That is why I have given up on our system.  It is too meritocratic and elite.  There is no heart in anything we do.  With a country ruled by logic and managed like a company, is it any wonder that many local born people are thinking of living?  This feels like a transient country.  It was never like this when I was a young man 20 years ago.

I wish you luck in Australia.  If I can pluck up the courage and get enough money to start somewhere else anew,  I will definitely leave this land.

Sigh, times are indeed hard now  and everyday on the MRT, I see more and more foreign talents who are so beloved by my fellow countrymen.  I have given up on finding a real job and I think your book can help me out.  Can I get a free copy of your book?

Tommy (name changed)

NB: We have allocated Tommy a career counsellor to help him with his career options – Gilbert

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