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Thursday January 24th 2019

Why Singaporeans migrate

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I agree with part of what you said. Life in Singapore is fast and hectic, and we are constantly under pressure to charge ahead or risk being left behind. I suppose this is part of living in a city with no resources (other than PEOPLE). It’s the same in other big cities like Tokyo, Seoul and nowadays, even Shanghai, even when they have a huge hinterland with plenty of natural resources. Singapore cannot afford to adopt a leisurely paced lifestyle or risk being marginalised, not by foreigners but neighbouring countries which are fast catching up, or at least and certainly trying to.

Given the pace of life we find ourselves in, it is inevitable that some people will be left far behind. Still, what makes you think that migrating is the soluton to your problems? Having been to and seen life in several countries, I’d rather be a second class citizen here (that’s only according to you) than be a first class citizen there. The grass seems greener but it’s not true that you’re gonna be living in paradise there, or else we won’t have so many foreigners here, and still wanting to come here. And maybe you will tell me not to compare Singapore with the much poorer countries in Asia but with the west. Well, if you say that, then I would think that you have not met enough westerners to hear from them what a shi*t government they have there. Better still is to go there and see it for yourself. Or maybe you want a welfare state, like the UK? FYI, UK is now in deep sh*t.

One thing I should add here is foreigners are well treated by the government, at least, even if it is not always the case by their employers, so much so they find being called a FT (derogatorily) still better than being a first class citizen back home. Those who managed to get PR are enjoying privileges they don’t even get back home, and the pragmatic ones move on to become Singapore citizens. Frankly, I am not convinced they do so because they “love” Singapore, rather they are here to do themselves a favour ie. they love themselves and if Singapore can give them and their families a better life, why not?

Let me ask you a few questions. Suppose you become a PR in another country. Do you think you are better off as a PR there than the foreigners who are PRs here? No? Now, suppose you become a citizen of another country, do you think life for you would be MUCH better than the PRs here? No? Do you really think that your life in Singapore, as a Singaporean, is worse than that of a PR here? Yes? Because they took your jobs, and therefore you want to migrate to a place where you think a foreign government (French, Italian, British, American, NZ) really loves you very much and will give you preferential treatment over their own citizens which your country won’t? Of if you somehow become a citizen, you can really integrate and be accepted by the westerners, many of whom still carry a colonial mentality? Do think carefully before giving up your little pink NRIC.

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  3. Yulie says:

    Admin Quotes : “Let me ask you a few questions. Suppose you become a PR in another country. Do you think you are better off as a PR there than the foreigners who are PRs here?

    My answer: YES. I am a PR here and also hold a PR in Australia. With Singapore government differentiates PR and Citizen more and more, it is felt living here in Singapore becoming very unattractive. With increased in property prices (HDB or privates), increased in living expenses, reduced subsidies for PR, etc. Tell me why living in Spore is so appealing? I encountered cases where we as PRs cannot even submit our children in our school of choice, because as PRs we are not likely shortlisted as parent volunteers and further more we only have 1 ballot slip when register our children for P1 admittance as suppose to citizens who have 2 ballot slips. I don’t mean to compare, but these sorts of discriminations between PR and citizen will not be found in Australia. The only difference is as a PR we cannot vote. Other privileges are equal between PR and citizen. So Admin, YES, holding PR in another country is better than holding PR here in Singapore. We are thinking to move back to Australia.

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  5. Robert Lee says:

    Singapore === ah, I wanna to get out from here, …
    Such a small city state, the prices are going up, HDB Flat even hard to afford, everything is so expensive,..
    Singapore is all about MONEY, little time to enjoy life, ..
    Until we are old, we will regret that we live in Singapore.

    I plan to move to Taiwan or Australia, ..

  6. Amransan says:

    well there alot of reason why singaporean migrate.

    i am one of them :)

    never been happy before until i moved to Australia :)

    the best part is i dont feel 2nd clss citizen here!!

    will go for the Australia citizenship in 3 1/2 years time :)

    it is true there really a greener grass out there :)


  7. Az says:

    Hi Amransan,

    Under what criteria did you apply for OZ? Which part of OZ?


  8. Will says:

    Hi all, don’t be deceived by the “lure” of Australia. Whatever your have heard from the rest about how good it is, wait till you actually start working and living there. Yes, when you go there for a holiday, the Aussies extend their hospitality to you but that is because you are a TOURIST and not someone competing with them for jobs. It doesnt matter how good or what kind of degree you have because if you are not white or local Aussie, you can forget about getting easy access to jobs. Even Greek and Italian migrates face discrimination, not to mention Asians whom they always consider inferior to them. The girls here who get the jobs peddle themselves to the aussies who wants to impress them and get into their pants. Of cos they can get jobs, but otherwise, god bless you for their society is not meritocratic. Yes, Singapore is highly competitive but at least, here, you stand a better chance than over there. Don’t believe me,go ahead and try it out and then you will know why after a few years, many Asians give up and return to Asia.

    • Kev Jang says:

      Hi Will, to be honest, I am not sure if I totally agree with you about this whole ‘second class citizen’ logic when Singaporeans move abroad. The market for work in countries like Australia, Canada and the USA has always been very upfront about the preference for their own locals and citizens. Permanent residents form a second category which in itself is to be seen differently. I doubt they are treated that badly even then, and neither are they treated badly(if there is any) due to ‘racism’ alone. The global market for jobs is already stiff to begin with in the area of jobs and even locals in Canada and the USA will admit that to you. Many university grads that I know settle for jobs which pay much lower than their expectations, such as selling clothes in a department store or cashiering inside a drugstore. The problem is also that many Singaporeans do expect things to be laid out for them on a silver platter once they leave Singapore, after having gone through a lot of sh-t here in Singapore, but are not prepared to actually sacrifice some of what they enjoyed back home, such as a comfort zone, in order to become “successful”. Perhaps, having been a Singaporean too long, when they move there overseas, they still expect that everyone who is very well-educated necessarily must be doing executive jobs. Unfortunately, expectations are often different from the reality of it all. That is also why they all choose to return. Perhaps they cannot ditch the habits of mind they have had in Singapore years back.

  9. Well, this is good, however what about the other options we’ve got here? Do you mind writing one more post regarding all of them also? Thx!

  10. Amransan says:

    hi Az,

    we got Permanent Resident visa as my wife is a nurse :)
    we already here in Melbourne 1year 6month now:)

    so far so good :)

    u thinking of migrate too?


  11. Kev Jang says:

    People migrate in the name of a better life. Whatever it is, they have their own choice to make about where they want to be, and as long as they are happy, who are we to comment and say that they should not do that, especially if they are our own former citizens who left because they were unhappy here? Of course, if they do not find themselves happier overseas(even if by a greater degree, if not in kind), then perhaps, the problem does not lie with Singapore alone, but also how they respond to their surroundings as well.

  12. Amransan says:

    for me i never regret of migrating :)
    it was really hard at first but it really worth it :)

    been happy since we move here even my weight increses and grow more hair on my head!

    i have wonderful neighbour 99% ang mo and my immediate neighbour is a singaporean who just got their Australian citizenship.very happy for them :) mine will be 2 more years heheheee :)

    all i can say is as long u are happy with your family thats counts :) no matter where u are :)


    • Kev Jang says:

      @Amransan, Amen to that! I stand by your choice as a fellow Singaporean. Am moving to Japan for the next few years and waiting for Canadian residency too.

  13. Amransan says:

    @ Kev Jang,

    wow Japan and canada u got both world my friend :)
    really happy for u there :)

    but what makes u wanna to move?
    well i wish u all the best :)


    • Kev Jang says:

      @Amransan, I am applying for a Canadian PR because I used to study there and was there till last year in December. I am moving to work in Japan for only 3 years, since the contract is stated that way. I have no idea about the Canadian job market, and jobs are few and far in between. But well, it beats being in Singapore where as a local, you are displaced in favour of cheaper foreign workers. Even universities employ professors from countries like China and India in preference over locals! Does not make sense for me. (The reason why I am moving to Japan is as a professor of English, to teach English there, since that was what I studied in Canada very proudly). It does not make sense to me why Singaporeans have such a prejudice towards people with PHDs and I had to face discrimination and some cold stares at me at a high school reunion dinner just because I took the road less trodden. This is so immature of those people either way, but phew…..I am so looking forward to my stint in Japan and then hopefully, God will lead me to the next stop in life!

  14. Amransan says:

    @ Kev Jang,

    what u said is true it is sad to say this discrimination in our own country :(

    i belive u made the right choice trust me in future your children will say thank you to u for making this move :)

    i belive u will do well in Japan and Canada :) because we singaporean are know to be hard working people :)


    • Kev Jang says:

      @Amransan, I believe like you that there is a reason why Singaporeans who do choose to go overseas and STAY on there succeed or do very well. And note, success is not necessarily the definition of earning lots of money that our government and culture over here has been drumming into us, but being simply well-situated over there.
      It probably has to do with our realization that if we are like those foreigners who come here to Singapore to milk the cow while it is still there for the milking, and then leave when the going gets tough, then we simply are only going to become people who never assimilate at all. That is why we work hard overseas, not so much because of any ‘kiaus-ism’(in fact, I find that this k-s behaviour is a bunch of bullsh-t and makes you disliked internationally wherever you move to), but because it is the only means to show to those natives and citizens in that country that we seriously WANT TO and will FIT IN, whatever they say and whatever it takes. It has admittedly been tough for some of my Singaporean friends who gave up their passport to become Canadian citizens, but to those whom I know very well, one has admittedly said that he cannot not work hard even as a boss of his own travel business in Canada, because he does not enjoy the same privileges as born citizens. It is not really discrimination per se, but the acknowledgement that nothing is a bed of roses nor peaches and cream, even overseas. But is he happier than in Singapore? I believe so. He cannot go back with the job situation here, and he himself admittedly has romantic ideas of Singapore stemming from its 90′s when he left(he left in the early 2000′s when it started getting bad).

  15. Amransan says:

    @ Kev Jang,

    what u said is really true :)

    before me and my wife moved to Australia we sold our HDB flat because i made up my mind to migrate out of singapore during my NS time that was 20years ago!

    yes i agree with u on ‘kiaus-ism’ i myself dont like it :)

    here there life is like in the early 80′s i love it very slow moving :)

    the only thing i dont like is every morning wake up to bath its so cool!!!

    if u ever come here to Melbourne for holiday u and family are always welcome to my humble house :)


  16. Ed says:

    Hi fellows citizens,

    I had PR in Australian, NZ, USA, since 1990.
    To cut a long story short, do not give up your
    Sg citizenship. Unless, you are a billionaire
    and do what you like, provided your money will
    not run out (even Lehnman Bros can collapse),
    do not sell your HDB for any other countries’
    Citizenship. It will take me more than 30 years
    since I left for my study in UK in 1979 to explain.
    If you return to Sg or have just left, good luck,
    Leave for the future of your children, build your
    Career overseas, retire in China, India, Malaysia,
    Come back to Sg, leave again, I know, it has been
    disappointing, maybe OZ is good for you now, maybe
    Not later, maybe if you are older China is better,
    I am now in UK with my family, hope to do something
    In HK or China soon, not much time or money at 55 of age?
    Good luck fellow Sg , if you are still Sg, if you are ex-Sg
    Hope you enjoy your adopted country and old age pension
    and hope your children take care of you in your new
    I heard one ex-Sg citizen said he had to sign a
    Form acknowledging he is aware he may not get
    Work permit to work in Sg again when he gave up
    His Sg. Anyway, if he acquired Oz PR or citizenship, he is entitled
    Old pension, so his surbival is guaranteed for life. Wow!
    And travel with OZ passport! Big deal!

  17. amransan says:

    2 more years and counting down wooohoo…..

    to own a Australian passport is really a Big Deal to me:)

    man wish it comes sooner really cant wait :)

    never in my life been happy i mean really happy until i made my move :)


  18. Amit says:

    Dear Amaransan

    Its nice to see some one completing his dreams..

    Hi i am From india . and am running a manufacturing unit here of Dall and pulces and rice. .

    am willing to move to Australiya. .

    . kindly tell me .. hows the life there. . specially for indians. ..

    and. . is there any scope for the indians to get visa there and settel down in terms of a industrialist. ..

    .. Thanks and regards. .

    mail me if u can

    .. amitbhaimotwani@

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