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Friday July 5th 2019

Singaporean against our “Employ Singaporeans First!” Petition

foreign workers


Sorry, Mr Gilbert Goh, your petition campaign is not in the right spirits. How will the foreigners, PRs feel? That they are not welcome, that they are intruding into our land?

Your intention may be good, but such a petition is not in the right spirit.

If employers want to exploit by offering very low salary, if employers cant find suitable candicates among our locals, they have to look overseas. At the moment we still need more specialists in biomed, chemical engineering, doctors and others. It is obvious we didn’t have enough of these professions. And Singapore wants the best. Which country wouldn’t want to build up a strong talent base?

If a local is better than the next candidate and asking a salary that seems reasonable, how come he/she is not hired?

SM Goh Chok Tong has begun to ask ‘do we need so many foreigners?’ I’m sure he is doing something about this issue. The govt has the statistics, pls give them more time to figure a way.

I am a Singaporean. I have friends who are foreigners working here with their families. They are lovely amiable people. Pls give them more time to settle in. I have also sent off a few of my friends who emigrated overseas. A relative of mine chose to work and live overseas after completing law degree there. Such is the global movement.


Posted by: OneMoment at Thu Apr 08 00:34:01 SGT 2010 (Straits Times comment)
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3 Responses to “Singaporean against our “Employ Singaporeans First!” Petition”

  1. Sean Ng says:

    After reading the comments written above, I can’t help but wonder whether the writer is completely dislodged from other segments of the society. Not all Singaporeans are young and armed with a university degree, which gives them the mobility to travel all over the world looking for a job! What about those Singaporeans who are elderly, less educated (or even no education for that matter), but have nevertheless contributed to the Singapore society? Is a country all about figures and statistics? Singapore is a country, it’s not a company run like a corporation!

    I think most Singaporeans are not asking all foreigners to leave, nor are most Singaporeans blind to the fact that the country does need enough talented people to boost the economy. However, when foreigners (of all sorts) flood the country, pricing out locals, then it is a point of concern.

  2. spoiltmarket says:

    it is just a spoilt market.

    Oversupply of foreign workers is good for business.. employers can choose better.

    so end of day, singaporeans should start a business and employ from the cheap talent pool, and work for yourself.

    quantity is not quality. So many foreign workers, but how many of them really give good value to our economy? Employers just like them cos they are cheap. So Singaporeans have to ‘become’ cheap too. Why liddat? you may ask. You can ask our government why they like to make us feel inferior? ( So that when they give subsidies and growth packages we can feel better?)

    Anyway, the more people in Singapore, the more chance and potential there is for efficiency and market creation. It is all untapped potential. SO we should all adopt a blue ocean strategy, and see and create opportunities where they are unchallenged. That will avoid the harshness of the world the stupid live in.

    If all else fails. Migrate this country. Then you will live a migrant lifestyle (though it is pretty much like that now in this migrant nation)

  3. Fadil says:

    “At the moment we still need more specialists in biomed, chemical engineering, doctors and others. It is obvious we didn’t have enough of these professions”

    - SG have a large number of local biomed and chemical engineering graduates churning out of our polytechnics and universities, but they remain unemployed, or employed in other sectors totally unrelated to their field of studies. Many bright local diploma grads actually turn to despatch rider jobs to ride out their unemployment period.

    - Doctors. Supply is exceeded by demand. Each year, thousands of applicants are rejected by NUS’s medical school. Only a few dozens make it through their 5 year MBBS degree and 1 year housemanship. How come NUS didn’t ramp up its matriculation rate when the hospitals need more local doctors?

    “It is obvious we didn’t have enough of these professions”

    - We have plenty, in fact an oversupply of graduates in each of these lucrative fields. Our local degrees are recognised globally but we’re getting displaced by foreigners with zero experience, zero talents and inferior, unrecognised qualifications. Your statement is unsubstantianted, contradictory to what is happening on the ground.

    “Your intention may be good, but such a petition is not in the right spirit.”

    - The petition is in the right spirit. Why should a company set up on our shores but not employ the local talents? If it wants to employ a majority of Indian or Pinoy workers, then it should set up shop in India or the Phillipines. It’s like buying your own house, but find yourself having to squeeze in with unwelcomed intruders and visitors.

    “Which country wouldn’t want to build up a strong talent base?”
    - Indeed, but if you don’t give a chance to the local populace over some lame reasons like CPF, benefits etc. How will you ever cultivate and nurture strong local talents? Short term benefits do not always translate to long term gains.

    “They are lovely amiable people”
    - Have you been living under a rock all these years? They are just the minority. Or they might be just pulling the wool over your eyes. Open your eyes and witness for yourself how our locals are getting bullied and humiliated in the workplace and society itself. In case you hadn’t noticed, this site is a good starting place.


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