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Friday January 25th 2019

HR Manager Adopts Singaporean-First Hiring Mentality (Temasek Review)

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As a HR practioner, I like to openly state that I adopt a “Singaporeans First” attitude in hiring. I am against the practice of bringing foreigners in simply because of price. I use the word “price” because it’s what it is to management.

To be honest, and I don’t care if this is discriminatory or not, when I get CVs from Pinoys, I shred them, I junk CVs from Indian nationals and PRC nationals, and I delete CVs from my inbox if they’re from Myanmese. Sometimes I don’t even bother opening the CVs to read, because these jokers have applied for positions that I explicitly stated “FOR SINGAPOREAN/SPRS ONLY”… and if you can’t be bothered to read the requirements, I can’t be bothered to entertain the application.

As a HR Manager and head of my department, I am at liberty to adopt this approach even though I am working for a multi-national. My Singaporean MD and my American COO leave the decision to me, and as long as my dept delivers the headcounts, they don’t ask questions.

I happen to come from an industry that is traditionally dominated by Filipinos and Indians, and in my company, there is currently quite a number of the former, simply because my predecessor was Filipino. All that is changing, because I’m determined to dilute the “Pinoy Power” situation in my company, and I’m happy to say I’m succeeding.

I firmly support Gilbert Goh’s cause for hiring Singaporeans first. If you are Singaporean, and looking for a job, or if you know a Singaporean who’s out of a job, contact me and let me know.

Peranakandude on Wed, 7th Apr 2010 7:28 am

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  3. Derrick says:

    Dear Peranakandude,
    Please contact me regarding job opportunities

  4. Chris says:

    Really cool, Peranakandude. I am looking for a job, but I only have ‘A’ levels and I am already 34 years old, so I wonder if I am qualified to join your company or not. Anyway, I don’t really know where to find your email address or contact info (pardon me), but my email address is If you happen to read this, maybe you can decide whether are there any opportunities for me to work for you. Btw, I am singaporean.

  5. Skye says:

    Happy to know you are putting Singaporeans first. I have a friend who’s looking for a job. I am on contract so may be looking for one after the contract ends.

    I would be happy to get in touch with you. My contact is

    Hope you are reading this….

  6. Shafie says:

    To Chris and Derrick,

    If you guys want to contact him.
    Peranakandude has a blog.

    Click on his name and it will redirect you to it.
    Or go to

    You can leave your email in the comments section of his blog.

  7. No Pinoy says:

    There should be a law against allowing HR managers in this country to be of other nationalities except S’porean!!

  8. Denial Tan says:

    Wow, this is the first HR personal that I know of do this. Most of the HR that I know(all are local Singaporeans) of did just the opposite.

    They sit together to discuss how to kick Sinkies out of the companies so that they can bring in more foreigners. They discuss how to make the Sinkies interviewees look stupid during interviews and boast of how many Sinkies job applications that they torn away before even looking at them.

    All the Sinkies HR that I know believed that Sinkies are scums of their companies and should be get rid except themselves.

    Sometimes this foreign influx problem is created by ourselves. Our government and our own HR people, except the very few like Peranakandude.

    Must be grateful that there are still HR like Peranakandude around.

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