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Tuesday January 23rd 2018

521 Singapore Jobs Available Only For The Filipinos (

                                        Singapore (521 Jobs)

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  Position Opening Date Location
Apr 2, 10 Singapore
  Restaurant Supervisor
20 vacancies
Apr 1, 10 SINGAPORE, Singapore
  Dental Assistant
5 vacancies
Mar 31, 10 Singapore, Singapore
  Field (Above-Ground) Engineer
2 vacancies
Mar 31, 10 Singapore, Singapore
  Field (Tunnel) Engineer
2 vacancies
Mar 31, 10 Singapore, Singapore
Mar 31, 10 Singapore
6 vacancies
Mar 31, 10 Singapore
Mar 31, 10 …, Singapore
Mar 31, 10 Singapore, Singapore
  Piping Planning Engineer
Mar 31, 10 Singapore, Singapore
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143 Responses to “521 Singapore Jobs Available Only For The Filipinos (”

  1. Sam says:

    Get the hell out of Singapore all the bloody Fucking pinoys. Singapore is for Singaporeans only…not for the cockroaches like you.

    We will vote this greedy useless govt out in the coming General Election 2016.

    All the Fucking FT’s will be kicked out of Singapore permanently.

    • Ali baba says:

      Aiyo, don’t be racist lar. When local guys need sexual services, pinays come to the picture. Local girls are always last priority.

    • AgainstRacism says:

      Dear Sam,
      It looks like you are so bitter or bearing an extreme wrath against us(Filipinos).As a matter of fact,It seems your arrogance can deter the respect we give to Singaporeans like you.However,nobody has the right to discriminate us not even you AsS@%$&*.Accept the fact that we are equipped with a lot of skills and talents unlike you who is very dependent on us.Sorry to say this but your country needs ardent workers because your government knows how lazy Singaporeans are. By the way,please be careful of posting a comment against filipinos because you know the world is too small…You’ll never know that Philippines would be more successful in the coming days and who knows your country will suffer..Rememb er “What goes around comes around!:)

      • liwanag says:

        Anti racist i agree with you.What goes around comes around.. Singaporean are so arrogant and too big for their boots..They’re just lucky to be backed up by the British..there is nothing to be proud of Singaporeans..We Filipinos may be behind your government but we can survive the fittest..Can you?

    • jeff says:

      Hey asshole Sam! If war erupted we’ll find you there. we know you and will be beheading you. fuck you! we know your address..don’t underestimate us or you be little us! you idiot! GET THE FUCK OUT THERE IN SINGAPORE OR MY COMRADES WILL FIND YOU THERE!!i WILL SUCK YOUR BLOOD AND EAT YOUR BRAIN! DAMN YOU!

    • tsk..tsk..tsk says:

      too bad, obviously, you are threatened by filipino capacity..maybe you should just shut your ass and work, so that you’ll be more productive. instead of leaving nonsense idea..goodluck!

  2. jeff says:

    their numbers have gotten so large, that they developed a certain attitude, that we owe them a living, that we cannot survive without them

    employers are also not doing their part by hiring locals

  3. George says:

    Your government is looking for Filipino workers to fill in job vacancies there in Sg maybe because they consider Filipinos are better than your Nationals..

  4. George says:

    Why don’t you accept the fact that Filipinos are far better in terms of work. they are much patient and hardworking that is why your government is continuously accepting them as Workers.

  5. Ryan says:

    George George George…you should really get out of the well you’re living in more often. fyi cheaper =/= better.

  6. Reto says:

    Think cheaper and better.

  7. Johnny L. says:

    You fucking Singaporeans already owe the Philippines a lot, how many of our countrymen were killed by your government? Many of our women were abused by your people!!! You profess to be very disciplined and law abiding yet you abuse helpless people who just want to work?!!? You should be thankful, we’re still going to your country, to help you grow your economy! Morons!!!

  8. Johnny L. says:

    Remember Flor Contemplacion? Lora Magda? You animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anon says:

    Don’t worry. We will hang more peenois who don’t show the proper respect.

    • Xpect says:

      Really??? Why not hang yourself??? MORON!!!

      • Anon says:

        Yes really!! Things that peenois do daily in filipines will get them compulsorily hanged in S’pore. E.g. carrying a gun, pointing a gun, firing a gun, kidnapping, carrying drugs for own consumption or for friends or to go to drug party. Many other things peenois think is normal will get them 10 yrs or 20 yrs in Changi prison here.

        Peenois are one of the most corrupted people on Earth. Their DNA passed down from their ancestors makes them natural born liars and sex maniacs. They do things like giving and accepting bribes, injecting and sniffing drugs like crazy, prostituting themselves their wives and daughters for money and promotion. What they think is normal behaviour in filipines will get them at least 10 yrs in Changi Prison and 24 whacks of the rotan. I bet the above peenoi have things in his home that will result in him being thrown into prison for at least 2 years if in s’pore.

        • YU says:

          Yeah you maybe right, but there’s is one in my mind that I cannot erase differentiate Singapore is in Southeast Asia and the Philippines is also in Southeast Asia, if you say “DNA passed down from their ancestors makes them natural born liars and sex maniacs. They do things like giving and accepting bribes, injecting and sniffing drugs like crazy, prostituting themselves their wives and daughters for money and promotion”, remember that your country belong to that continent where there sinful things happened. So Singaporeans are also contributors of those DNA who passed down corruption and lust and Evil to the Filipinos. Think before you type Moron.

        • YU says:

          Yeah you maybe right, but there’s is one thing in my mind that I cannot erase or differentiate Singapore is in Southeast Asia and the Philippines is also in Southeast Asia, if you say “DNA passed down from their ancestors makes them natural born liars and sex maniacs. They do things like giving and accepting bribes, injecting and sniffing drugs like crazy, prostituting themselves their wives and daughters for money and promotion”, remember that your country belong to that continent where there sinful things happened. So Singaporeans are also contributors of those DNA who passed down corruption and lust and Evil to the Filipinos. Think before you type Moron.

  10. FUCK says:

    Singaporeans… All I can say is this, accept the FACT that we Filipino’s are much intelligent than you guys!

    Even in war, we can defeat your stupidity! English 101, you don’t even know how to properly use basic terms in English dictionary all you ever think is being racist!
    You don’t know anything about Philippines, and how we contributed to world war 2, how we defeat Japanese.. We help koreans and until now we are still helping U.s.A against terrorist…. You did nothing but being a coward!

  11. MeiGui says:

    you guys don’t have to be harsh with your words. it’s not that i am a Filipina myself. but i witnessed it with my own eyes and always heard with the managers i worked with, SINGAPOREANS are not dependable with in terms to work, they are so picky that they cannot even stay long with the job they applied. some stays but act so arrogant that forgot the term respect! you do not have any right to fuck off the foreigners to work in your country. these foreigners make your country reach! BODO!

    • Ongpsg says:

      Please do not sterotype singaporeans. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I met filipinoes who are lazy and incompetent. That does not mean that all filipinoes are like that.
      Also you spelt ‘rich’ wrongly.

  12. MeiGui says:

    YOU WILL NEVER GONNA CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO SPEAK PROPER AND EVEN A SIMPLE ENGLISH. go to school lah. cannot learn proper english meh? what a dork.

  13. mary says:

    hahahahaha,,,,,you know what sam,,I cant blame you on what you feel..its really hard to admitt that you are being kicked off out of your own country,,,maybe you dont have a job right now,,because companies prefer,,hardworking and respectful people like filipinos..,

  14. Erick says:

    F*cking racist Singaporeans can’t even SPEAK STRAIGHT ENGLISH. Watch Channel News Asia or Cash Cab and you’ll go… What the f*ck did they just said??? That’s English already? Singapore is a tiny little DOT compared to the Philippines. You country…err, city was built by the Brits. Don’t brag how developed it is because it’s soooo tiny and insignificant geopoliically speaking.

  15. Ongpsg says:

    Let’s not argue about Singaporean English or Filipino English cos we are not native English countries. I am a singaporean and I think all people should be treated with due respect irregardless whether u are foreigner or native. However, I don’t think I can tolerate foreigners working here but slamming the system, the people and sterotyping certain type of behaviour.
    If you are so unhappy here, you should go back to your country.

  16. Fuck says:

    F@ck all the Sg and pinoy who are fu@king each other
    Stop the threatening and insulting remarks !
    Fu@king cu@t !

  17. Sg_oveseas says:

    Looks like the pinoy are going take over sg
    Country, econOmIc cleansing and with a
    Critical mass, they will be voted into parliament
    And become the ruling party.
    Sg who do not speak tagalog or ilocano or
    Visaya are in deep shit !
    Those sg who cannot say “to …to…to..” will
    Fail their English language exam.
    I suggest Sg run away to another country, eg
    Philippines where is heaven on earth and
    Making a living there selling chicken rice like
    Me where i am making millions of US dollars
    Employing hundreds of pinays from Laog to
    Davao and making many pinay HAPPY !
    Sg nation will become Singippines and will
    Become a colony of philippines.
    Maybe not, since the Flor contemplacion n what
    Other were put to death, there will be retribution
    And all sg will be exterminated, starting from
    Those who are responsible for their deaths.
    Any survivor must learn a bit of Spanish and
    And American English (like color and not colour) and tagalog in order
    To serve the pinoy masters and all sg who speak
    singlish will be put to death.
    This is the future to come for Sg from the way
    I hypothsize of past remarks of pinoy here.
    Make no mistake, Sg ! Your end is near, I suggest
    You pack your bags and go back to China, India,
    Malaysia, Europe , where ever your forefathers
    Came from.
    However, dont forget if you stay away from
    Sg for more than 10 years, you will lose your
    Citizenship, so make sure you gain another
    Country’s nationality !
    Anyway, there may even be a law that prevents
    You from gaining sg if you are not pinoy.
    Good luck and may God bless you and your
    Children and hope you will survive and not be
    Like Rohingyas, roaming the earth for thousand
    Of years without nationality !

  18. Sg_oveseas says:

    Forget the notion about our forefathers who help the British
    Fight off the Japanese during World War II for
    Our future will guarantee your existence here!
    It has been buried !
    Forget about election 2016 ! Nothing much will
    Change ‘
    Do you really think they are that stupid and
    You can win them by your miserable vote ?
    Believe me, you have to take care of yourself,
    More so, your family and your love ones.
    Forget about Sir Stamford Raffles, forget about if
    There was no Albert Einstein and no Hiroshima
    And maybe we would be better off remaining a
    British or Japanese colony, is the past!
    We sg, do not have the critical mass, the world
    Now worships China nationals, 30 years ago, they
    Are looked down upon, sg must move with
    The time or you will die a slow death and is
    A lot of suffering for your children.
    If you have no job, you will die!
    Go to Poland if you cannot go to China, India, Malaysia, etc
    Or if you have to go to the Falkland Islands, so be it!
    Take it as a challenge ! Sg, dont waste your
    Energy here, use it for your family !
    May God be with you !

  19. Neutral says:

    I suspect that when the pinoy controls parliament
    In future (yes , many have taken up sg citizenship,
    They can easily claim back ph) but maybe there will be
    Dual citizenship. They will
    Remove the death penalty, so what happened to
    Flor who killed a pinay friend and the employer’s
    Child ( i pray for the victims) will not happen in
    The future.
    So the criminal is having the upper hand, manner
    Of speaking. Money talks !
    Tagalog will be mixed with some English words as it
    Is spoken in Manila ( under British control for a few years
    In the 1700s) and will be considered The
    De facto English Language or English Language
    Will be mixed with tagalog.
    Spelling and Grammar will be out of the window.
    (as can be seen above, is funny !)
    The pot calling the kettle black!

  20. Hv_children_dual_citizens says:

    I do not understand why one Sg’s unhappines
    Of pinoy caused some pinoys to attack the
    System and culture of Sg.
    Attacking that person back is fine but some of
    The remarks are on the sg country itself; the
    Government and sovereignty.
    Well, it says well of their opiniOns, so be it,
    At the end of the day, the government who
    Brings them in will pay the ultimate prize,
    The extermination of the Sg government and the
    sg race (includes the Chinese, Indian, Malays and
    Eurasians) by the pinoys.
    Pinoys are mostly religious. I pray for all and
    If God is good, God will do the right thing.

  21. Sg_Uk says:

    Singapore was not physically built by the Brits as claimed by a pinoy.
    Not as much as what the Spanish built in Philippines when it ruled
    For 450+ years before the Americans for ~ 45 years.
    As can be seen from Vigan to Manila to Cebu to Davao as physically
    Displayed by way of the churches and histirical buildings.
    The British built a few buildings like the city hall near padang and
    I cannot see many more. However, British established rule of law and
    Their legal system, not to say original inhabitants do not
    Know what is right or wrong! Colonies pay a lot of taxes
    To their motherland, be it a Sg or Ph. Or should I say motherland
    Just take away what they want.
    Basically it is ridiculous for people to take over another
    Country and its existing people because they have the power
    And guns to kill and do it.
    The British bought Sg island from the Sultan of Johore
    And did not kill Malays aborigines for it not like what pinoy
    Fought and lost to the Americans when spanish lost to the Americans
    And sold Philippines to them. Many of past Pinoy generals
    Have chinese blood , not to mention Past presidents like Marcos
    And Aquino, etc ( whether they are corrupt is another issue)
    Everybody wants to make a living to survive but if
    Another race will be exterminated at that expense, be it
    Ethnic or economic cleansing by the People in power, it is
    I never believe it can happen in the 1990 s in the former
    Slokia, Croatia, Bosnia, ie ethnic cleansing.
    I thought people are civilised by then but I suspect
    Humans are indeed amimals, so to speak, if there
    Is no law or lack of law, somebody will just kill another in
    The street or it can happen in the jungle if human
    Think they can get away with it. Is happening now in
    You are here to make a living for your family and the sg
    Has to make a living for their family, so understand each other.
    The Sg govt will pay the ultimate price (or prize to be sarcastic)
    If its earlier inhabitAnts before independence from Britain
    Are being exterminated by the pinoy and chinese and indian
    Nationals as the culture is slightly different.
    Sg speak Singlish as pinoy speak tagaglish as
    The atmosphere requires.
    Our forefathers built Sg from 1959 since self goverment
    Rule for their children but it may soon be gone !

  22. Sg_global says:

    The Sg govt policy allows foreigners to get
    Work permit easily, not like Philippines or any Other country
    In the world.
    We do not know what is the agenda.
    Sg has been through the worst from 1950 to 1990.
    Would 40% (2milion of 5 milliOn) foreigners
    In a country justify a slow pace of immigration.
    It appears from the remarks that pinoy will not
    What to assimilate into our culture of singlish
    And would want to rid of Sg and its singlish.
    In UK or Australia or Philippines, foreigners make
    Up less than 5%.
    I hope the Sg govt be removed by the pinoys
    As they are Ethnic Sg (chinese,malays , indians, eurasian)
    Is acceptable for pinoys, thai, myanmar, etc to assimilate
    And you are free to speak tagalog in public and
    Is even possible to have a fifth language, tagalog included
    As an official language but i read the remarks as it
    Is against sg and singlish which is against the four existng
    Races which is a blend of singlish

  23. Sg_phil says:

    Any Sg who wishes to work or do business in Philippines
    Feel free to contact me at Skype: swechua
    Let a message stating this matter and will
    Can discuss.
    I have contacts in Philippines, however I am in
    UK right now. If you are interested to migrate
    To Poland (EU country, stepping stone to EU)
    , I may be able to assist). Migration to Poland
    Requires some amount of capital, not in hundreds
    Of thousands but at least tens of thousands as
    You need to buy at least a small apartment to live.
    However, if you want to discuss your options,
    Feel free to skype me.
    Good luck and move on ! MOve on for the survival
    Of your family !

  24. Sg_phil says:

    Leave a message stating this matter and
    I will accept your invitation
    Our govt wants us to leave Sg, so do it
    And prove your potential !

  25. josephaquino27 says:

    hey every one i want to tell you something all brother & sister there’s a lot of singaporean, chinese ,koreans ,indian Aka(bumbay),japanese ,but we all respect theme co’z we are only human’s no bodies perfect ,well the most animal I see & the most arrogant & fucking shit head is arrabian co’z i work there only 5 months a big mistake to work there the experience i’ll never forget .bad experience that’s why i don’t wanna to go back to anywhere of the arrabian country .ther’s a lot of case out there they rape filipina they kill filipino. no one know’s about that ….
    that’s why i want to apply to SG or any asian country.

  26. SgPinoy says:

    I Read on channelnewsasia recently that many Sgporeans are marrying
    Foreigners, lately the percentage is 30%, of what
    Age range, i dont know
    But i am quite surprise !
    In the 1990s, the number is less than the count of fingers on
    My hands. I am one of them. My children have
    Dual citizenships as sg children are allowed to before
    The Age of 21. My wife is from an asian country.
    Maybe in 10 years’ time, it will be 50%
    so nationalities should be tolerant of each other.
    I have lived in many western countries in my younger
    Days and now i am back in Europe.
    I think if foreigners living in Sg resent sg people,
    I suggest those sg who marry foreigners disappear
    From Sg
    My family and I are in Europe now and worse come to
    The worst, i will go anywhere else except Sg
    Let the sg govt do what they want

  27. Pinoy_sg says:

    Any pinoy who is unhappy about being in Sg
    And wants to move to Poland (stepping stone
    To EU) or UK can contact me. I can discuss
    Your possibilities if you can qualify.
    I have pinoy friends in UK.
    No point being unhappy in Sg, so better you
    Be in Europe which I know You may prefer
    Skype me at skype: swechua
    Must identify yourself in person as I do not
    Want to waste time on fraudsters or crooks
    Presently in UK, hope to hear from you

  28. Sg_sg says:

    Filipinos are very very intelligent. They are
    One of few countries where they enter
    Universities at the age of 16. Sg students have
    To do A levels exam (University of Cambridge Board)
    At Junior College before entering University.
    Also, they are capable of Languages in Tagalog and

  29. Sg_sg_sg says:

    Yes, your sarcasm is outstanding, very polite too !
    Maybe I should call it British Diplomacy. !

  30. Sg_sg_sg_sg says:

    The filipinos fought the Japanese in Manila has NO
    Relevance in Singapore. Singaporean chinese, malays, indian,
    Eurasians and of course, the bloody british fought the war against
    The Japanese.
    The british underestimated the intelligence of Japanese.
    The japanese used bicycles to conquer The british control of
    Singapore, not by using planes or ships.
    There just too much stupid rhetoric by so call talents.
    I do not have to hold a research master or PhD degree
    From Philippine universities, I only read wikipedia, at least
    Is more accurate than rhetoric from some foreign talents
    Who graduated from universities.
    I do not have animosity on foreign talents, esp, filipinO
    When i have very closed relatiOns who are filipinos
    But i do not like rhetoric (that is all the bullshits) from professionals,
    Esp. Govt bodies.

  31. Sg_philippines says:

    Let the filipinos become Sg citizens, they will
    Help in shaping what is freedom and democracy,
    Or you think they would dare to do it in Sg like they do
    In Philippines ?
    What happen to Marcos & Estrada?
    I doubt, they will first get sg citizens, buy a hdb , wait
    For 5 years, then go to Canada or Australia,
    Do ask Me to explain in detail, figure out yourself
    All in plain English (or Singlish if u prefer to call it)

  32. Iza says:

    Too many comments…. Quite tiring to read… Go Singaporeans! Go Pinoys! Satisfied? ^_^

  33. Sg_ph says:

    The previous must be not a Sg or pinoy , he wants Sg n pinoy
    To fuxk off from Sg and he will bring in his own people from
    Mars !
    The Sg govt believes is doing the right thing to
    Increase immigration from the world including
    All the pinoys can come in, the Sg govt welcome you,
    Bring in your culture, change the Sg into
    What is Philippines is !
    Let another Marcos, Estrada, Arroyo rules Singapore!
    Free democracy ! Free guns , free what ever you can
    Do with money , If you have no money , u can do want u
    Want, is a free country
    Philippines colonises Singapore, so Sg can go the Philippines
    Every sg n pinoy Will be happy

  34. Sgmen says:

    All the Sg men must be Bloody idiots, if u r unemployed,
    Your wife will divorce u n take custody of the children
    Then u r free to go to philippines to find a pinay one at a time
    And Bring her back to Sg to work
    You can have many children with the pinay as Sg govt wants
    Children, u get money from the govt, 1 child S$6k, 2 children $18k,
    3 children $18k
    I am talking through experience and i repeat the process
    After divorce, i do not have to work and i have all the love n sex i want,
    That way , everybody will be happy

  35. Noread says:

    Nobody is asking u to read all,,u GO !

  36. Sg_ph says:

    What the pinoy is saying Is that sg is not capable
    Of speaking “straight English” and can only
    Speak Singlish even after passing GCE Cambridge
    Whereas pinoy can mix tagalog, ilocano, visaya with
    English and everybody speaks straight English in Philippines,
    Esp. In Manila.
    Signed off
    Sg Who has travelled & lived in USA,UK,NZ,AUst,Philippines(Vigan to DAvao)

  37. Sg_UK_USA says:

    Many Sg with or without local degrees and many
    Elite sg cannot have pronounce the letter “w” wrongly,
    It should be pronounced as “double-u” say the word
    "double” quickly and NOT “dub-dew”.
    It not about pronouncing American or British English such
    As “zee” or “zed” or edge or hedge
    Although Sg ppl pronounce wrongly “colleague” as "ker-lic”
    Which should be pronounced as “core-lic”
    Many Sg are now using phrases like “more better”,
    “more clearer”
    You cannot have “more” and when you already have a
    I actually heard on channelnewsasia. An announcer
    Saying “more clearer” and when I emailed chnewasia
    Nobody replied me.
    When you are in Sg, 90% of Sg pronounced “ker-lic”
    Which is so different from the sound “core”
    So because majority is speaking and you think is
    I learnt it in UK when I was 23 years ago , 30 years
    Pinoy can pronounce English better than Sg but
    They are weak in their grammar, esp preposition,
    They always use the word “to” for any other preposition, even
    The opposite of “to” ie, “from, by, at, on, under, over, in, inside,
    Across, etc”., past and present tense and participle
    I am not a Prof. Of Linguistics, I only passed my GCE O level
    Another word Sg ppl pronounce wrongly is reality, wrongly
    Said as “realty” , realty is property, so reality should be
    Properly said as “ree-air-li-ty”, not “ree-ty”

    Is fine to speak Singlish among Sg ppl as it is fine
    TO speak tagaglish among pinoys
    But it not about accent and when speaking standard
    English, you can have a Sg accent but the pronounciation
    Shoulb be accurate.
    If you do not believe me, I can tell you 95% of
    Teachers pronounce colleague as “ker-lic” and
    So are 98% of working professiOnals in Sg

  38. Sarang says:

    Everyone is unique in their own special ways that’s why there’s no one in the world who are really alike. If someone says that his/her co-worker is a Filipino or a Singaporean and that worker is lazy and not doing his/her job well. One shouldn’t assume that the rest of Filipinos or Singaporeans are like that person. Maybe that person got issues with his work, colleagues or with his boss that made him/her like that. And when it comes to applying for a job. It’s isn’t about who’s the one who got a lot of rewards, who’s the hardworking or so on, but it’s about the skill you possess and how you’d be able to handle the job that you’re applying for. If you still aren’t that successful with job seeking then I guess, you should try to change something about yourself like Attitude.

  39. Tin says:

    I am Singaporean and i do hiring of housekeepers in my workplace. I like hiring Singaporeans oso because i want to contribute to my own country. I like to keep them long here but i know they will only stay for 1 month. expected! they work for a month, then resign! to make my place running, who should i hire ?!?

  40. Sg_tim says:

    To Tim
    You can employ your own Sg mother or grandmother
    To be your housekeeper
    Hopefully they are not run away
    How this for your own taste of sarcasm!
    Employing housekeeper indeed!
    I believe you will lose your job to a FT who is not
    A housekeeper or would he be a Spass holder
    From Philippines or China who is working
    Here as a Call centre staff earning $2,000 /mth
    Or a Fast food restaurant manager who has
    Replaced a Sg who had resigned after a month?
    Maybe your father and uncles and relatives have
    Resigned and been replaced by Spass and EP
    The foreigners will not resign as they are here to
    Make a living and they are your future voters or
    They will not replace you as you are a member of
    The elite.
    Oh , you are a Civil servant serving the govt
    And you will never lOse your job as long
    As PAP is in power.
    You are to serve the people of Sg who is paying
    Your salaries through the hardship of the forefathers,
    Asshole !
    Or are you a member of the elite and untouchable?
    Dont forget to increase the percentage of foreigners
    To 60% from the present 40% as Sg are resigning
    From their jobs everyday, let the foreigners join
    The civil service and implement a law that allows
    PR to vote, that will secure your future in SINGAPORE
    I think this better to replace all the 40% Sg against
    Voters by foreigners, that will solve the problem.
    If they have no jobs, what can they do.
    Let their children suffer and die so we have no
    Problem of these Uneconomical cOmPlaint suckers

  41. josephine says:

    I am josephine agda 23, currently working as a Telephone Qualifier, in a call center here in Manila for 1 year. But before i entered BPO industry , i worked as a Sales Associate and was promoted as a Store Consignor Supervisor in SM Southmall for about 1 and a half year. Can you find me a great job that is fitted to my working experiences..please do e mail me..

    thank you

  42. Noypi says:

    Dear everyone,

    Why not think about working and living together for the betterment of our countries ? Singaporeans or Filipinos or whatever it is, we are human beings supposed to be welcoming each other, helping one another, understanding each other’s culture and tradition, make our unique capabilities into powerful knowledge and wisdom. Throw the negative things and look at the positive side so to be able to learn and understand how to cope with one another.

    We don’t have any choice now because everyone must work and live, whether Singaporeans or Filipinos. It will be the government of Singapore to decide if they don’t want to accept anymore Filipinos, so those Singaporeans who are against the Filipinos- why not ask your government about this, if you really don’t like Filipinos around in your homeland? If Singaporean government thinks Filipinos are the worst people on earth, then they should have done something already about it, if it’s a big threat to the Singaporean community.

    Any nationalities, there are bad and there are good. And all countries have normal citizens too – the people who try to live honestly and give their children education and working hard for the sake of their loved ones. Singaporeans, Filipinos or western people have all these kind of citizens.

    The world needs love and not hatred. God bless you all!

  43. OverseasSg says:

    The sg govt wants foreigners to convert to new
    Citizens to get their votes. Most of the 100,000 from 2000
    To 2010
    New citizens voted for the PAP as they think they can sponsor
    Their Relatives to come in.
    Otherwise the percentage votes will be 50% from 60% for electiOn 2011.
    Is like the late Marcos declaring martial law to stay in power.

    As for filipinos or other foreigners , there is no distinction,
    Sg are replaced by them for whatever kind of jobs.
    The basic constitutional right of the protection of
    The state machinery has been violated.
    All countries protect the livelihood of their citizens
    By way of tight labour laws, let alone very tight immigration controls

    On the lighter side and personal level, I have nothing
    Against filipino, when I married a filipino 15 years ago,
    I think my peers look down on me. Some Sg born between
    1950 to 1960 are pretty self-centred and think they
    Are very smart !
    Actually if those arrogant Sg are unemployed, Good luck
    To them!
    Signed off
    Sg living overseas with family (not in Philippines or Australia)
    Hope we never Need to return

  44. FIL-SIG says:

    i hope this will END. hehe

  45. ProudPinoy says:

    Sam, I understand how you feel. Your mother get fucked by many men over again and again and again caused you to have horrible attitudes:)

    • Sguk says:

      I really dont think u should be insulting his mother,
      He has his opinion n you can fuxk him for his opinion
      I do not agree with his attitude, worse with u
      I do not think u would like if someone screw your
      His mother never fuxk u!
      I think u r out of line n u know that as a human
      Being, more so as a pinoy
      Signed off
      sg overseas, try living in Western countries and
      There are some, I say some who violate human rights
      If u r a foreigner

  46. Jobless Man says:

    The gahmen intending to kill all singaporeans by employing pinoys. then when they finished with the pinoys they kill them too.

    • Jobless Man says:

      its like history repeating itself. we were once immigrants with slave wages. now these immigrants come to singapore with slave wages.

      • Sguk says:

        Is 2k for spass n 3k for ep slave wages!
        I never earn those kind of wAges before.
        I suppose u r going to say i fuxking unqualified
        N shxt !
        Let see who is shxt when all the foreigners take
        Over your jobs
        Signed off
        Sg overseas- born & bred Sg before self govt rule
        In 1959

  47. rij el gwapo says:

    fuck you sam, you racist piece of shit

  48. Simon says:

    Wow, this is very interesting. First, in my article people also slam me because my views are different and I’m a burmese. Now here also got people slam our friends from philippines. This is turning out to prove more and more that many locals are xenophobic. But please, to all my friends here, (local or foreign) using vulgar terms here is really not going to help. Whatever the problem, should be solved with mutual respect. But from experience, many locals believe that we should respect them and not the other way around simply because we are from another country. Just to let you know, it doesn’t work that way. Respect is 2 way. If you’re not prepared to give it, don’t expect to receive it. So to my pinoy friends, if they don’t respect you, return the favor. But don’t label ALL of them as bad. Its just a few. And I also spot some very familiar names here. So I firmly believe its only a handful of them that is making all this problems of xenophobia and racism. Let’s not hate the rest just because of them. You are most welcome to hate these few people though. Its not that SG needs foreigners to improve their economy. Its just that with foreigners, the market is more competitive and THAT’S what paves the way for economic growth. SG govt gave many of us a chance to lead better lives here. Its not their fault if a few of their citizens are ignorant and racist. Its like a family, there’s always that 1 black sheep. Or in this case several black sheep in the midst of many many pleasant people. I have some local friends who are very nice and not racist to me at all. And they, like most of the locals here know that foreigners are not to be blamed for everything here. Don’t let these people ruin your image of Singaporeans. Most are very nice people. Just these few should be treated like the ignorant, conceited lot that they are.
    PEACE everyone. Love thy neighbour.

  49. Global says:

    How many Sg posts r xenophobic? How many
    Replies frOn pinoy? HOW MANY ?
    If my country is Philippines or Myanmar with
    103 n 60 million ppl , with 299,000sqkm n 676,000 sqkm
    Respectively, I may consider letting in 67%,
    Ie 2 million of 3 milliOn sg,
    On the same percentage, can Philippines ppl
    Accept 67 million n Myanmar ppl accept 40 million
    Actually is not as bad as Singapore as it has
    Only 700 sqkm
    Work out the Math. !
    Let’s give a discount, would Philippines or Myanmar
    Accept say, just 20 million foreigners?
    Or maybe USA or UK accept 20 milliOn with 10 years?
    USA has 314 million with 9,826,000 sqkm, maybe
    Possible, but I doubt Americans will be that

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