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Thursday January 24th 2019

A young Singaporean expressed her worries at a gloomy and uncertain future (Temasek Review)

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A young Singaporean expressed her worries at a gloomy and uncertain future

March 22, 2010 by admin   
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Hi TR, wonderful weekend for me, and perhaps for you guys as well. Not out for an evening walk? Sorry, my estate is filled with FTs that there is no way for me to enjoy my walks like how I used to (think crowded footpaths filled with bicycles, drunkards on grass patches, etc).

Pardon my harsh tone – I have been increasingly put off by recent happenings, and TR is just the place for like-minded rantings.

The Unsuspecting Cyclists

I came upon an article on TNP recently, lamenting a father and son for cycling on pedestrian foot paths in Jurong West. While cycling on such walkways are against the law, no warning was issued to these two first-time offenders.

My first impression when reading the article was that these two are true-blue, local citizens of Singapore. I did my research and managed to find myself in a forum( where one of the said cyclists posted his grouses. Judging from his language, and his reference to “foreign workers”, I think we can safely assume that he is ‘one of our kind’. In his post, he also mentioned that ‘three foreign workers’ were fined as well.

Three foreign workers versus a father and son. Three against two. Why then did our mainstream papers write a report only on these two and leave out the mention of the foreign workers? Mind you, I live in Jurong West Street 81, just one street away from Street 93 where the fined took place, and every day, throngs of Bangladeshi and PRC workers cycle on these pathways without a care. I have many near-collisions with these people. TNP reported this piece of menial news and made the local father and son looked so bad. Just drop by Jurong West (the land famous for factories and foreign workers) and you will understand my unhappiness.

Not On The Same Ground

I have another issue to bring up – unfairness at the workplace.

I started working two years ago, and my last drawn salary was $2,200, not bad for my qualifications and working experience. However, due to the competitiveness of my industry, I was working under a contract. In Jan 2010, my contract ended, thus leaving me without a job.

This spurred forth my 2 months of job search. I started off asking for a salary of $2,500. As time goes by, I brought down my expected salary to $2,200, $2,000, $1,800 and finally, $1,600.

Last week, I managed to clinch an interview, and was offered a job which would usually pay $2,500 (based on JobsCentral Salary Calculator). My given salary was $1,600. After deduction of CPF, my take home pay is really miserable.

Working location is located in the East side whereas I stay in the West. Working hours are long, and the job scope is tiring. But I put up with it. I need to have a job because my wedding is next month, and I have a housing loan and study loan to service, on top of monthly utility bills.

I do feel a little humiliated with the humongous decrease in my salary, but I have no choice.

Yesterday, I found out that we will be having a new staff on Monday. She is from Myanmar. I am not sure of her salary but I know that lodging and air tickets will be provided by my company. We will also be applying/have applied a permit for her to work in Singapore. Initially, I thought that she will be taking on some major role in the company. Later, my boss announced that she will be working as a Corporate Accounts Executive, to be in charge of business development with our corporate clients. In fact, I have applied for this position, only to be turned down, even after meeting all the requirements.

There are no lack of local Singaporeans looking for such jobs, and yet these jobs are taken over by (obviously) cheap foreigners. I am so furious that I can hardly type properly.

I can’t leave my job as I need to have a stable income. The Government may say that $1,200 is enough for an average local to survive. No! Repayment of loans will already drain all my take home pay, leaving my husband-to-be to pay for other things. I foresee my life to be an uphill challenge from now onwards. I really hope to survive this nonsense.

I also really feel extremely humiliated with my pay. Sorry for the repeated emphasis on this.

Thanks for outlet for me to rant. You may use my information as case study or whatever you want with it.

Have a nice day.


Judy Eng

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2 Responses to “A young Singaporean expressed her worries at a gloomy and uncertain future (Temasek Review)”

  1. Mark says:

    Dear Judy, I do feel the apprehension you are going through.

    My suggestion: Maybe you can consider renting out your 2 spare rooms for the time being. Since you are staying near your parents, probably can consider moving back in with them for the time being. Solves your financial situation. Move back to the flat and start your family when things get better.

  2. admin – I was surfing online and I came across your post… I enjoyed reading it . I discovered much about this matter that you simply wrote here. Thanks a lot for posting an article like this one.

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