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Thursday January 24th 2019

Unemployed Engineer’s Mail: Unemployment Affected My Family Planning

Dear Gilbert

I got to know about your website from my wife. I am a 38 years old male who¬† lost my engineer job since September 2009 due to a retrenchment exercise by my previous company. These few months of job seeking have not been fruitful at all, despite sending many resumes directly to companies or to agencies. So far, ¬†I’ve only attended¬†two interviews and there are no follow up¬† news from them. I have been keeping my time occupied by taking up some courses to upgrade myself for the past six months. During these six months, financially and emotionally, it¬†has not been easy for me and my wife.¬†We also¬† have a 18 months year old son. Our plan for the 2nd child has to be shelved due to my current situation.

I am still diligently seeking for jobs as I believe in the long term, I still want to be full-time employed instead of starting own business (as financial circumstances do not allow). I hope to receive your free book and get some valuable insights out of it. Also, do you still offer those workshops for the unemployed? I would like to attend and get some moral support from you and other participants who are in my shoes. I really need some serious advice from you on how to land myself a job. It is really tough to get even a response from an ad during these times.

I hope you can help and guide me where to go from my current crisis.

Thank you & best regards
Jack (name changed)


NB: A career coach was assigned to assist Jack with his job search – Gilbert.

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  1. Eternalsquire says:

    I just saw this website today. I am a 47 year old male who lost my engineering job 5 years ago. I attempted to make the best of it by reversing roles with my wife until my only daughter reached school age, but have found that despite the large amount of skills that I have accumulated that no-one in the negineering field wants to hire me for any reason. I am not able to obtain service jobs due to being considered overqualified. I have take some courses to improve my overall skills base, but that has really not changed my situation at all. I am too young to be considered human garbage.. the main thing affecting me is being made to feel superfluous and worthless… all I am doing with my life is washing dishes for my wife and hoping for a better day. And suicide is never far from my thoughts.

  2. Thao Hillmer says:

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