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Thursday January 24th 2019

Letter from a Reader: Singapore for Singaporeans!

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Hi Gilbert,

 I may sound young to you at the age of 38 but I have my fair  share of multiple disappointments with my struggle on employment here. Let me recount my story.

Since graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 1995, it felt like I was forced rather than transcripted into national service.

After all these years, i have been thinking  that should I be a female rather than a male back then,  I might be a prostitute or a worker in those sleazy clubs by now due to my humble background. To satisfy my dad’s wish, I  signed on for about 8 months as an airforce technician with the airforce but  withdrew  from the contract  later due to my inability to meet the IPPT requirements as a regular soldier.

I had  to compensate the army by restarting  my NS obligations all over again for the next two  and a half years.
I had to endure those “shits” that were ¬†totally irrelevant to the industrial needs for two ¬†and a half years despite having graduated with a diploma here.

Fortunately for me, I managed to ORD with grace in 1998 but at that time , the economy was a turbulent one much affected by the financial crisis. As a result, I only managed to gain my very first employment in Sept 1999, the year and month and day President Nathan was elected by those clowns in parliament to be the President of Singapore.
From here, you could see that I had wasted a total of  three  and and half years as a punishment for my Singaporean birth right.


Nevertheless, at that moment, I  thought that my worries on employment were over. I was so wrong as  in 2002 , the industry was stormed by another financial crisis following  the Sept 11 attack in New York. Since then, I have been having great difficulty securing a long term career. Most of my  15 employment tenures  that followed never lasted more than 6 months. Even my current job  is on a contract basis lasting  only 6 months. I have to search for another job after that.


it was also during that period after my disappointment with unemployment in year 2004 that I met  a employment consultant  in WDA at 1 Raffles Boulevard basement. He encouraged and guided me a lot. What amazed me  is that the WDA at Raffles boulevard basement where we used to meet and talk is now a vacant space  despite the fact there is still a great number  of Singaporeans  out of work. Maybe they have move their operation elsewhere.

Sometimes,  I like to ask myself and those like minded Singaporeans like  yourself whether  we are being treated as first class citizen or a  third  class one in our own motherland.

Where on earth is our birth right? Since day one,we have been brainwashed by the government  that who  we have voted for is there to make our life a better one. It  seems to be going otherwise. Worse still, we have to pay heavily  for their many failures on experimenting  here.

¬†It also doesn’t seems right ¬†that a minister with a higher education should be paid so much ¬†more than ordinary Singaporeans ¬†after ¬†committing so many¬† failures in their job. Worse still, we Singaporeans have to pay the price for their failure! ¬†

Singapore for Singaporeans!


NB: Permission was granted to reproduce the mail here – Gilbert

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  1. vincent says:

    Hey fella,

    everyone went thru NS, take all kind of shits load, so what? pick up yourself again and walk again. You aren’t walking alone. Just rem the next time where to put your vote to.


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