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Older workers are like fine wine (My Paper 20 Nov)

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Older workers’ experience could never be replaced by cheaper, younger graduate hires. -myp

Fri, Nov 20, 2009
my paper

I APPLAUD the proposal by the Government to give a one-off payment to workers who will not be re-hired by their employers when they reach the official retirement age of 62.

The payment is intended to tide older workers over the transitional period when they are looking for alternative employment. Given the employment situation, many older workers will face problems getting re-hired once they reach 62.

Even if legislation is put in place, it would not be useful if employers see no need for older workers’ services.

Hence, bosses’ mindset on re-hiring older workers needs to be addressed, so that the human- resource situation in Singapore can improve.

There are many stories about how workers above 40 face problems getting a job.

It is little wonder that many prefer to seek out civil-service jobs, as the Government is seen as a fair employer.

Most people who reach retirement age also want to have a break after decades of hard work.

Some want to enjoy their golden years while others might want to pursue other endeavours outside of the workplace.

The extra cash may also come in handy for those who are in transition after 62.

Such workers may want to continue working beyond the retirement age as they feel they still have something to contribute or have financial commitments.

While the one-off payment would be a win-win situation for employers and older workers, I hope bosses would consider their options seriously before letting workers go once they reach retirement age.

Older workers with several decades of experience could never be replaced by cheaper, younger graduate hires.

It would be a loss to companies if human-resource departments are not aware of this.

Older workers are like fine wine, which improve with age.

Mr Gilbert Goh Keow Wah


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