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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email from a jobless Singaporean who bought my book (20 Aug)

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Dearest Gilbert

I purchased your book today at 7pm while I was by chance at the MPH bookshop at city hall. I could not put it down. I completed reading by 1.30am today.

Though I did not went through this much turmoil as you did, however luckily, by the Lord’s grace, I¬† somehow intuititively ¬†followed some of the info you shared in the book. As such, when I read your book, I felt almost very connected.

However, today, I am at home jobless. I left my business industry voluntarily last month to try out my long time passion in counselling or social work. Business industry was getting tough and I was working for my friend who have helped me  all this while. However, his biz too slowed down, so I told myself that  this is the  best time to come out to try my passion.

For the past few weeks, I was contemplating which school to study for counselling or social work. Just when I was confused, I saw your book by the Lord’s grace.

As I was reading your book, I notice we share lots of common belief, be it about the lord, be it passion for counselling, social work, etc. Then I thought it is  best to write you an email.

You mentioned networking is very important, and I truly agree with you. I take this opportunity to write to you to ask a few questions.

1) you mentioned you took a company sponsored diploma couse in counselling from a local institution. Can you kindly introduce which institution sponsored you and if possible, can you put a word to them to help me too? If needed, I can sign a bond with them.

2) You also mentioned you worked in FSC for part time and then full time later. Can you kindly introduce me through your connection to this FSC,  I am sure if you put a word, it will be very helpful Gilbert.

The only experience I have in counselling and pyschology is all the self help books that I have being reading for  the  past 15 years. In this way, again, I also seem to have similar interests with you. I read alot of self help books,  some of them were  mentioned in your book. However, I do not have any professional cert or diploma, which the professional world requires.

I have 7 O level, 2 AO level, and computer diploma which I obtained in 1990. I am 42 yrs old male Singaporean.


Warm regards,

Kumar Rajah

NB: Permission is granted to post this email using his real name.

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