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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Jobless Reader In India

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Hi  Gilbert,

Going through your article,¬† I could feel exactly what you have been through…..your article seems to echo the exact emotion and turmoil that I¬† am going through right now.

I am Alan (name changed) from kolkata, India. I have a master in political science from the University of Calcutta and is at present in an endless pursuit for the job of a content writer.

I would like to mention here that I am blessed with a great family with no financial constraints. My father is a retired central government employee.

I am desperate to come out of my state of unemployment. I stay more indoors these days as I don’t feel I deserve any enjoyment in life. Believe me,¬† all my friends are gainfully employed making the situation seems worse.¬† My family members all are highly educated and are holding reputable¬† positions at work.

I have started to doubt my capabilities and my qualities. Though I Idon’t go out with my friends now, ¬†I would go out for interviews but to no avail so far. ¬†I¬† am also trying ¬†freelancing work which ¬†also yield no results.

I feel ashamed to face my relatives and want to avoid those unwanted insensitive questions.

I dont know if you will have the time to go through my mail……….. but I wanted to vent out my frustration some where.

Thanks alot.


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