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Thursday January 24th 2019

A Letter From A Recently Retrenched PMET (17 Aug)

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Hi Gilbert

How are you? Trust you are  feeling ok. We must let the PM know the  message below since he made a National Day speech on the topic.

It makes no sense for the Ministry of Manpower to raise the retirement age to 65 when workers in the 40s and 50s can’t even get employed.

Perhaps the Government could consider offering employment to the unemployed on a short-term basis, ranging from three months to a year, depending on skill level. I am sure the current H1N1 situation, Formula 1 Grand Prix and the upcoming YOG offer many opportunities for the unemployed …

My purpose in writing this email to you is:

1) Is the Diploma UK Diploma in TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at SGD688 still available?

Due to low take up rate, the subsidised course offered in May this year was scrapped. However, ISC Educational Centre, who is conducting theregular  course all along, has offered it again but at a non subsidised rate. I will provide you with the contact details – Gilbert

2) Is there any other professional qualifications courses eg counselling psychology available?

Many private  educational providers are available for counselling psychology courses e.g. Lee Community College, Executive Counselling & Training Academy and many others. You can check out more through the internet – Gilbert

Gilbert, my main aim is to attend such courses to upgrade and find meaningful long term jobs.

I am still exploring the voluntary jobs eg Bizlink you had earlier mentioned

I will email the person in charge for possible voluntary opportunities. Will keep you posted  - Gilbert

Thank you very much

Terence (name changed)

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