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Sunday January 14th 2018

Find the error, its impossible

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Find the error, its impossible:


Did you know that 80% of UCDS students could not find the error above?

Forward this to at least 5 people with the title ‘Find the error, it’s impossible’,

and when you click ‘Send’,  the answer will be right in front of your eyes!

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34 Responses to “Find the error, its impossible”

  1. Misy says:

    What is the answer ?

  2. Laurence says:

    Okay, the fact that you said that 20% of the students solved it contradicts the fact that you said the error is impossible to find. If someone found the error, then it’s not impossible.

    I have a hint that this question is just another way for someone to chain posts.

    There are some riddles like these that do have answers, but I believe this is just another one that’s a waste of time.

  3. Barbara says:

    Only error I see is there’s no ‘ in the word it’s in “its impossible”…

  4. Shego13524 says:

    Also, I think there should be a semicolon instead of a comma… But I agree with the fact that it’s not impossible due to the 20% of people who did find it… Although that data wasn’t in the version they got, was it?

  5. max field says:

    There are a few errors, depending upon what kind of problem for which one is looking. One is that the series of numbers should begin with zero. Another is that there should either be a period or a semicolon where the first comma is. I use periods after “error” and after “impossible.” Another problem is that “its,” as used in the sentence should is “it is,” so there should be an apostrophe as in “it’s.” Those UCDS students aren’t very bright, are they?

  6. Colter says:

    The answer is “impossible”
    It says to find the error above; when you look above you’ll notice it states “Find the error, ITS IMPOSSIBLE”. The numbers are all in chronological order so there is no error there, and the data referring to the UCDS students is worthless. It’s one of those trick questions were learn to solve in grade school. Hope this helps, happy holidays!

  7. Ashley says:

    The answer is NOTHING…because when you click SEND, NOTHING is right in front of your eyes!!!

  8. Josh says:

    The answer is its (its impossible) . It should be it’s. The error is an error of grammar. If you look closely in the text for what title to use when forwarding this on to 5 people, the apostrophe is present on the it’s. Therefore being right in front of your eyes when you email it.

  9. nidger says:

    Find the error, its IMPOSSIBLE..
    the answer is IMPOSSIBLE.. nothing to do with the numbers..or how its spelt..
    it is or it’s must be a statement..!!!

  10. Pretty Boy says:

    The “Error” here is that the numbers do not start from ’0′ but from the number ’1′… ’0′ (Zero) is a number too and it must be the first in the row… simple… :)

  11. David says:

    The error is in grammar. supposed to be IT’S instead of ITS.

  12. Robert Wakeford says:

    I’ve been looking on the web for the answer to this and it seems about 50/50 as to whether the answer is ‘grammer’ or ‘nothing’.

    Personally I like the grammer answer.

  13. Jeff says:

    Its simple…There is no “0″ to start…The row of numbers should start with “0″.

  14. Jeff says:

    Its simple…There is no “0″ to start…The row of numbers should start with “0″. Also meaning Nothing..which stats about seeing it when u forward. You see nothing or zero.

  15. Jeff says:

    Error #2

    The answer has NOTHING to do with the numbers, and it isn’t a grammatical or punctual error. The error itself is in syntax. The title states that it is impossible, yet it says 80% of UCSD students could NOT solve it. Therefore, 20% HAVE solved it, meaning it is in fact NOT impossible. There’s the error.

  16. jb says:

    well email says it’s “ALMOST” impossible- so therefore the answer does not have anything to do with the wording. If there is an error it has to be something else. It may be the apostrophe that’s missing from the word (it’s).

  17. keeks says:

    totally agree with Jeff… the error in the mail is inconsistency when it says it’s impossible at first and then that 20% people could find the error :)

  18. MCFLeetwood says:

    Hi – Actually if done correctly using a font where the lower case L looks like the number one, then when you forward and click send it goes from reading l23456789l0l1l2l3l4l5l6l7l8l920
    to L23456789L0L1L2L3L4L5L6L7L8L920
    I have tried this several times changing fonts, but never got the JEST behind it. I must be amoung the 20% with bad Grammer lol – MC

  19. mojorisin1970 says:

    There is NO error in the sequence of numbers, its not impossible. Therefore, it is possible. Hope this helped

  20. Alex says:

    The answer is in the first sentence..

    The error is stating that Its (It’s) impossible. The fact that it has been solved by any percentage, means that it is possible. If the problem was impossible, then it would be 100% of the students.

    Find the error, its impossible..
    error = impossible

  21. david l says:

    LOL!! Ya’ll should try looking up UCDS!! LOL!! The whole idea is to make everyone think as hard as all of you did and completely miss the obvious.

  22. Melanie says:

    A lot of you are right, but just not completely. See above website for Wikianswers.

  23. Jim says:

    the answer is very simple :find the error ….the word error is all you have to find….thats it…

  24. Jim says:

    said another way…..find waldo….what do you do…you look for waldo hidden somewhere on the page…

  25. gigi says:

    The Error is the the sentence of:
    “Find the error, its impossible”

    there are some reasons why they are:
    #1 after error there is suppose to be a period
    #2 Its should be “It’s” and therefor It’s would have to be capital
    #3 theres no period
    #4 impossible is suppose to be capital

  26. Michael B says:

    I guess it is impossible to find an error where no error exists. Interesting that 20% of the students found an error. Is this the 20% that failed?

  27. Clark says:

    Not sure where most of you went to school but, in Ohio, we studied GRAMMAR, not ‘grammer’ and the challenging sentence does, indeed, contain errors in GRAMMAR and punctuation.

  28. Alex says:

    Find the error. “It’s impossible”.

  29. eddie says:

    The error is the actual words “The Error” . That’s what they are looking for here.

  30. GRoblich Magflurg says:

    It’s grammatical it should read Find the error. It’s impossible. Use of full stops .

  31. Andrew says:

    The answer is rather overlooked, and would not be very obvious to anyone who did not attend the school. (or were overly obsessive, as I am.)
    Most look to the grammatical error as the ‘all in all error’ but one other thing struck me. I asked myself ‘who’s this 80%’ and did a Google search for UCDS… it’s a developmental school, where as UCSD is a highly prestigious school. Now if you think about this being delivered to people attending the University of California San Diego, not noticing the error in the school’s initials sounds a lot more of a ‘Ohhhhhhh, dang it!’ than “oh, ‘its’ should have an apostrophe.”
    The likely hood of someone mistyping UCSD as UCDS is far less likely, as it has a fairly large connection to most people, far more than its versus it’s.
    Of course, with how often this has gone around the internet it’s been changed over and over again. I tried to look to the earliest I could find, and all of them had UCDS. Which was later corrected. Thought it was odd that no one has pointed that out.

    Of course, I’m not always right, so it could be grammatical, I simply see it more likely being a misspelling of the school.

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  33. Faizul W says:

    There are no correct answers.
    This is just a way for us send this crazy email to the whole world, 5 emails at a time.
    Have fun!!!

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