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Thursday January 24th 2019

Another letter from a jobless reader

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Good morning bro!

How are things with you lately?

By the way, how is your new book coming up? Lately, I have been very busy with my daughter at home tending to her daily needs & by night time I am almost totally exhausted! Hitting the pillow early seems to be a better choice for me now at night & didn’t have much time to read on your website but still managed to keep in check what’s happening recently as far as I can ya….

I understand from Oliver (name changed) that you are going to be back from Australia, Sydney soon. I met up with him last Thursday in the evening nearby my place to do some catching up because he is very concerned about my left knee-cap condition and wanted to see how am I coping now. Well, as for me, I am still struggling to cope with the monthly expenses plus all the outstanding bills to clear ASAP! Mary (name changed)  is now the sole breadwinner for my family now, and unfortunately, she is sick for this entire week since last Sunday with fever, cough & sore throat etc….had seen a doctor and  it’s confirmed not H1N1 related! Thank goodness!

Anyway, I prayed very hard that things will turn for the better very soon and looking to meeting up with you guys again!

OK, me got to go for now & you can always sms me anytime bro!


Vincent (name changed)

NB: We have met up with Vincent two months back and am glad that he is now much better emotionally than before.

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