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Thursday January 24th 2019

Letter from a desperate jobless reader

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Hi Gilbert

My name is Patrick (name changed). I’m a 33 year old Singaporean who is unemployed. The worst part is I just got married last year when I was doing well.

Sadly, my marriage broke up just three months later after I was officially made jobless. This was a blessing in disguise too as I knew then that my wife was undependable.

In a sense, I know surviving by myself is tough. As we speak, I manage to find some luck and have some shelter and internet use for today. To be frank, I am really homeless and have only 4 dollars in my pocket. I dont even have sufficient money to find me a job. Please help Gilbert.

Earlier, I’d seen the cdc, mendaki, community centres. They say the financial assitance process will take 2 to 3 three weeks and I stammered that I needed immediate help as I dont have money to eat and find work. They cant help!

I’m so lost,  sad and frustrated. I’m hungry and need some temp help to get some accommodation if possible. If not, it will become a chicken and egg situation for me. Living on like 2 to 4 dollars hand out from friends a day!

How to find a Job, dammit! Bus and Mrt cost + newspaper + handphone have already exceeded that. Luckily my Hp is still working and I top it up with a singtel top up of $2 froma public phone as often as possible. Its a shot in the dark and I wish that maybe you really can help! Please call me as soon as you would at 9xxxxxxx .



NB: I have asked someone to assist the writer here back home as I am still in Sydney now. Readers must understand that we have very limted financial means to help out those who are in need as we are all volunteers. We currently also do not have any funding means – Gilbert

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  1. Manson says:

    33 years old, normal and healthy can’t find work? No money to even find work? Hard to believe.

    I show you how to find work without spending any money but just leg power.
    Just walk around any parts of city or estate or shopping centre you see note outside shops looking for helpers, assistant, part-times paying $500 to $1300 a months.

    If you really desperate for work, you will land one within days. But if you are not and choosy and want a job that pay $3000 or $4000 a months. Just carry on dreaming.

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