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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Retrenched PMET

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Hi Gilbert

Believe you must have been getting many such emails everyday.

First, via good faith -  Rank Books I came to know you… I saw,  bought and read your book – “How to survive unemployment”.

Second, I am a recent retrenched PMET, and your book surely struck a similiar chord.

Third, I have a few earnest requests and personal questions, please:


For the 2 books, Tuesday with Morrie, and Living the simple Life, awhere and how you got these books,You did mentioned out of 50 books you read are mainly available in bookstores or librares. I am also happy to buy second hand from you if you have it on hand.

Are you still with FSC, as I am also interested in voluntary works. Do you know any one of them is recruiting?

Recently, I came across one internet website,, do you know about it, is this sound too good to be true?


As you had been in insurance prior to unemployment, why you do not go back?
As for real estate, any reason why you do not consider it?

Finally, I am interested to join in Support Group on 11 Aug, but I can stay around only for 1 hour and half or so. Is this ok?

Look forward to your kind reply, please

Thank you

Peter (name changed)

My Reply


Thanks for your email.

I am not as busy as you thought I am. Anyway, I always love to receive email from my book or site readers.

I guess you can get most of the books recommended via either the public libraries or second hand bookstores in town or our housing estate.

As for your first question, I am no longer in insurance. I have left them at least seven to eight years ago when I left for Australia for further study in year 2000.

I did rather well in insurance earning close to $50,000 annually on average. I was there for about 5 years.The industry needs alot of drive and focus. It is a meaningful industry though as you talk to people about insuring their  life against eventualities so that their loved ones can live on comfortably. As I love to interact with people, I enjoyed my work thoroughly. It also coincided with my life’s goal to do work that has meaning ot it.

As for real estate, I find that you need alot of drive and energy for such an industry. I saw how my brother worked and trust me it is no easy job. The returns are of course rewarding as for every deal that you closed, you get at least 1-2% commission. I guess you have to trust your own instinct here.

I can introduce you to Care Corner FSC or Bizlink (for the disabled) for some volunteering work before you decide to settle with them. The pay is rather low but satisfaction is immensely high! Just let me know.

I have not heard of the website – that you have mentioned so I can’t help you there.

I will sign you up for the support group on 11 Aug and Rina, our site administrator will get back to you on the administration.

I hope that I have answer your questions well.

Do let me know if you need any other assistance. I will be glad to help here.

BTW can I post your mail for my readers to read? I will left out your name of course.

Take care and keep in touch.


NB: Permission was granted to reproduce the email exchange here.

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