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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Reader Seeking Help And Online Counsellor’s Post

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Hi Dan (counsellor) and Gilbert,

As with most people, in this lifetime, I had held numerous positions…such as Admin Supervisor @ SBS
( about 13 years), Head of Admin @ the now defunct Emporium Holdings (about 3 years), Admin Exec @ a NTUC Student Learning Centre….et al.

I left due to many reasons like most people – company restructuring, company closure as in politics, better prospects… etc…

With a teaching cert, I even went to Jakarta to teach for one year as an expat., with lodging in a condo provided by the company.

Whatever it is, this is life….and what is past is history.

Thank you and Best Rgds

James (name changed)

Reply From Counsellor Dan

Hi James,

Apologies for the late reply.

I glad that you  shared some parts of your story.

I guess it is really a challenge for you to go through these events. I must admit that I really admire your determination in going through all these obstacles.

I think you had done quite well in terms of holding on to your beliefs which I hope you can continue to stay positive in it.

Like what you have mentioned: “what is past is history”, focus on what you want to do in the near future and plan it according to your limit and I believe you will be able to achieve it.

Do take care of yourself and let me or Gilbert know if you need a listening ear.

Gilbert and myself will be there for you.


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