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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Recently Jobless Reader: Surviving

girl dreaming

Hi Gilbert,

Nice to hear from you. I am still doing fine, job-hunting everyday, reading, surfing net and yes, reading your blog, of course. I see your postings on onlinecitizen as well. Good job!

Hope you had a nice trip to Goldcoast. I’ve been there before years back, Goldcoast is nice fun..

Great to know you are trying to start something in Sydney. Wish you success.

Recently heard from news that economy is recovering..hope its true and I can land a reasonable job offer soon. The feeling of unemployment is really lousy. Surprised that I am feeling this way only 2 weeks into my unemployment state. Perhaps it is the fear of not able to land a suitable job soon or my savings are not enough to last through 3-6 mths of employment period. Anyway, I just have to keep trying. I am also trying to find some tuition assignments aound my home so that at least I can get a couple of hundred a month to keep myself going.

Do keep in touch and hope to meet up when you are back in Spore!

Take good care.

Best regards,
Angeline Koh

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