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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Reader: Trauma of Unemployment


Hi Gilbert

You are right my situation is not really that bad. As a matter of fact, financially I am alright, no significant debt, got cash balance and some shares and wife is supportive , understanding and is working too.

I have been telling myself that since day 1, reminding myself to be positive, be active and knowing that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Not that my tunnel is much darker or longer than anyone else – instead probably better, but somehow, I will get a job someday.

I have also done the followings – exercise, took up a short course, go library, learn some magic, spend more time with my kids, think of activities for them, pack my room and stuff, go JB buy DVDs, watch more movies and recently finished a 10 lesson golf course. I also go to church and pray for help (not a Christian myself) and I go temple pray for help too… (not really a Buddhist too).

On the job search front, I started with headhunters and companies I am familiar with staying within the same industry and same job scope .. moving on to calling contacts, cold call to companies I pick from news, articles etc, trying portal like JobDB and efinancialcareer, sending CV to founder / PM of hedge funds etc etc, went to HK for 2 trips to advertise myself. And now….. I am open to anythings… bank job, unrelated stuff, hoping to draw relevancy to potential employers. All in all, probably send out a few hundred CVs, meet about 20-30 recruitment firms, had over 50-60 interviews over slightly more than a year


- some meet me to get market information only

- some meet out of courtesy

- some meet and never reply

- some meet me as well as 20 other guys

- some interview me and was themselves retrenched later

I finally had 1 serious offer this week, went to 4 round of interview, the founder met me and enquire about my family and all and if going to worked in HK is a problem, does wife support the move, the kids ok or not etc etc. and finally they came back and want me on board and I am the only one in the firm with that background so I will be overseeing that area globally and given other job scope as well and I was like sure, I can do all that, no problem and they offer me 30% of my last drawn salary for me and my family to go HK.

I know without the actual number its hard to visualize what I meant but I don’t earn million of dollar, the number basically is enough to rent a place in Kowloon, pay your tax and had 3meals a day plus a bit extra for 1 adult not a family of 4. and it tells me 2 things. They are not serious and don’t actually want me for the job (but then they actually call my referees) or they throw stuff out and some people will bite eventually.

I guess this incidence just throw me off, after a year of trying to do the right thing , have the right thoughts , keep my faith, etc etc. Man has his limit. I am sure there are chaps out there with more serious problem:

Bills to pay, wife that nags, school going children needing allowance, jobless for 3 years , downgraded their house, send out more CVs, had more interview than me and no offer at all…. Or maybe getting communities help…. in debt… got loan shark chasing them …bot a house in 07 and got stuck now.

Well , those thoughts actually doesn’t make me feel any better. I am just being candid here. It’s all up their, in the head. I know but I am really starting to feel my energy draining, my “positiveness” sapping out of me. No one out there trying to do me in. No one out there trying to make my life difficult, It’s the economy, many people had it. Some worse off. Well … I am just tire. The irony, I don’t know anyone beside myself that is jobless. I guess that makes me feel lonely.

Well, I hope things pan out ok for you bro. Take care.



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