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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From A Reader: Got Job But Preferred Govt Service Work

Hi Larry (counsellor),

Thanks for your mail.

Since then, I have managed to get a coordinator job in a manufacturing company, but the job nature is terrible.

However, in view of the stability in manufacturing sector and the pain & stress that my whole family went through during my retrenched period, I went on to look for govt sector job.

I might be fussy & greedy to people without a job, but I’m looking long term to prevent another round of painful retrenchment which might come along again.

I applied for Allied Educator in MOE and went for an interview on 28 May, but 4 weeks later I was rejected.
My friend, who went for the same interview and jobless, got the job.

I believe priority is given to jobless, which I think is right.

I really want to have a govt sector job, should I resign, become jobless again and search for govt sector job?
Maybe my chance will be better?

However, close friend told me not to.

Any advise or opinion from you?

Sorry, if I sound greedy to you.



(Name changed to protect dientity of writer. Permission was given to post this mail on the blog site).

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