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Thursday January 24th 2019

Email From a Reader Seeking Support


Hi Gilbert.

Thanks for all the work for the job seekers, it’s really helpful of you.

I lost my job in July last year and  have been searching for one since April 08 (when company announced closing the Sing office) but to no avail. It’s getting increasingly frustrating and emotionally draining for me. I just like to talk to someone – can you help?

I worked in a hedge fund; my area of work is quite niche and I am 40 this year. No one wants to hire me, no govt agency has responded to me, no one outside my area talked to me, those in my area are fully staff, otherwise there are many people eyeing for a single opening.

I know that’s the norm now but still , trying to keep my chin up and my mind positive is getting tougher as days slip by. Being away from the industry for too long is also dangerous for me.

I guess I just wanted to share with either a counselor or maybe a fellow job seeker like myself – exchange note probably  maybe letting off some steam with  those who are in the same  shoe as I  am.




NB: Reader has requested for support from fellow jobless readers here. If you are keen to support KL please email me at and I will link you all up. Remember that it is when we help one another that we can emerge from  this crisis stronger.  Gilbert

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