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Thursday January 24th 2019

Life At A Crossroad


Hi Gilbert,

Hope life is well in Oz. How are you doing there?

I am on a 2-week temp assignment as a Warehouse Assistant. Loading and
uploading containers and sweating like any other manual worker! It is
tough (though there are tougher jobs out there like construction
workers) but in a way I relish it. It’s a good way to experience life
and learn humility.

The boss of this company I am temporarily working with has offered me
a part-time job as a retail assistant. Basically I have to man their
outlets and sell their health-and-wellness products (water purifier,
air humidifier, etc). I like the business approach and ethics of the
boss but having shied away from sales jobs thoroughout my working
life, I’m finding it tough to accept the offer. Also, I really don’t
have enough passion in their products to be selling them. Most likely
I will turn it down. I’d rather turn him down than waste his time.

My heart has been turning away from what I used to do which was HR.
I am now seriously thinking of pursuing a diploma in cooking with a
culinary institute, find a job working in a kitchen from now till the
time the course starts, and get ready to slog in a kitchen about 18
months from now when I would complete the diploma. Now, cooking is my
interest and that’s the only light at the end of the tunnel.

Still thinking about this… I will make a decision by early next
week. It was inspiring reading your article on whether one should grab
any job tha comes along where you mentioned examples of people giving
up their high-paying jobs to pursue their interests. No pain no gain.
I always suspected that something was not so right about my career
choice (that I was in a way luckily gliding on the choppy waters of
what I could not handle and someday I would fall in and drown in it)
and perhaps now is its undoing. What’s good is I am in full control of
its reorientation and reconstruction. We’ll see if I do turn towards
becoming a cook.

Hope you are well and I will keep you updated!


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