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Thursday January 24th 2019

Local Jobless PMET Getting Desperate

Dear Gilbert,

Greetings, My name is John (name changed) , 27 male, Chinese and Singaporean. I graduated from A University on Dec 06 with a Bachelor of Commerece in Marketing and Managment and have worked in the social service industry before my dad had a stroke in August 08 thus me taking time off to look after him.

Now I am going back to work and have been trying alot but sadly to no avail. Have tried CDC but so far nothing much has popped up. Been trying to be positive by sending out my resume at least to 5 organizations a day and have been spending time volunteering at a Non Profit Organization Association.

I am not exactly sure what line I want to work in as but I am willing to try anything as clearly beggars cannot be chooser, have friends in various overseas countries like China, HK, Australia, Holland and Vietnam all tell me the same thing, there’s no jobs let alone good jobs.

I am slowly getting desperate and depressed but am trying my best to stay positive. I have great support from my family and wife who is working as a nurse to be my pillars of strength in times of darkness.

I would like to request if you could take some time to take a look at my cover letter and resume and if you could give me some advice on them and my career path. From someone who has seen more then me, I do believe you would be able to give me some pointers.



NB: Writer gave us permission to post this mail from him.

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