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Thursday January 24th 2019

Mail from a reader


I thank you for spending your precious time and mental energy to make this support group a reality.

Fulfillment on a sub-conscious level is definitely more satisfying and much longer lasting than just the fulfillment of the 5 senses. While we are busy trying to get rich to get the ultimate sensory experience, we neglect our better self. Which ultimately, whether we realize it or not, is what life is all about. Its a matter of time before we do, the question is when? I guess u have found what you are looking for,Which is what i am seeking too. I will be trying to achieve that in the mean time.

In the current economy crisis, the hardest hits are those Singaporeans in their 30s and 40s, who has been steadily replaced by foreigners from 3rd world countries who were invited here to depress the local wages and to make the rich even richer, or (‘in a nutshell, a more competitive ecomony’ (LOL) To put the words in the horse mouth. The floodgates isn’t going to close anytime soon, and the way i see it, its going to widen even further. So things are only going to get worse few years from now so the work you do will be more meaningful then ever *sigh*

As i mentioned earlier i lie my way to an operator job for a few months to see how it is like for the lower income group to survive and to create the sense of urgency, the desperation in myself. I can never understand how the lowly educateds, the
few local malays, indians and chinese can get by with a 600 to 700 basic per month staying here. It meant alot to the chinamen and india men back in their home country. But these group of people, the lowly educated locals, are they going to eat grass for the rest of their lives simply because they are locals and do not possess enough skills and talents to get out of their predicament? Something is very wrong here. It will really really mean something if you can start helping these group of people to think on their feet, and get out of their rut.

As for myself, i realised that the best person to help me is me, I will be working on that and i hope to get the breaktrhough i seek soon enough.

Much as i hate the local media for its propongandic nature, i eagerly anticipate to see you on papers from time to time helping people who needs help.

You are the best.

Thanks a heap.

John (name changed)

(Support group participant)

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