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Thursday January 24th 2019

Creating Jobs (Tan Kin Lian Blog)

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We are now in an economic recession. More workers will be retrenched. There will be a bigger pool or unemployed people and first time job seekers competing for a diminishing number of new jobs.

We need an innovative way to create new jobs that never existed before. These are jobs that exist in the community, for example, to take care of the environment, to take care of elderly people and children, to improve education, to run errands and to work in small businesses in the nerighbourhood. They will not be full time work, but part time work that is paid by the hour.

We need a new way to match the people who are willing to do the part time work with the employers who have work to be done. The employer should look for workers that live nearby, so as to reduce travelling time and cost to get to work. This matching has to be done in an efficient and inexpensive way.

I have created a new portal that will allow the matching to be done. It will be launched soon. Meanwhile, interested workers are invited to register in this portal.

This portal is also targeted at students who wish to have part time work during the school vacations.

The part time worker has to register in the portal and provide a mobile number as the contact. A potential employer will send a SMS to contact the part time worker for a telephone interview.

I hope that the publicly funded organisations will take the initiative to create some of these part time work in the community.

Written by: Tan Kin Lian

PS: The mentioned portal is lised on the site under part time work portal.

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