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Saturday October 21st 2017

Video – More PMETs seeking help at e2i


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  1. Eric Wong says:

    Hi, I had been jobless on and off for almost 3 yes, now I can’t find a proper job and suffer in bad deep, now I am very sick and illed, any one can help?

  2. norman wee says:

    Dear Gilbert,

    Nowadays stories of unwanted PMETs abound and such stories will be repeated and embellished many more times until the cows come home.

    Being aware that there are other ways out as god will only help those who help themselves, I would like to invite all unwanted PMETs to get together to make ourselves relevant and a power to be reckon with.

    Gilbert, your website provide counseling and I on my part like to get the unwanted PMETs to brainstorm for projects.

    We can brainstorm for enterprises which are very low in capital outlays but with immense involvement whcih we have all the time and effort for.

    I on my part have thought of some of these enterprises and I am sure others can too.

    Do remember…god will only help those who help themsleves if other things fail.

    Meanwhile if you would like a sample of the projects I have in mind, please visit:

    Thank you

    Norman Wee

  3. jeff says:

    we can have a gathering of some sort once a week and brainstorm, think of some business ideas, and implement here or elsewhere, for me china has a big marketplace, i am interested in heading there
    my email is

    • norman wee says:

      Thanks Jeff for your response.

      I am thinking of getting 10 to 15 PMETs for the session.

      Meanwhile my initial 3 projects (more to come when we brainstorm)in the website, the first (puhcart machine)can be implemented right away to solve the mounting problems at hawkers centres.

      No doubt it is cleaning job, but each and every PMETs participating will be delegated a manngement position based on the number of constituencies.

      When we brainstorm I will give evidence why this methodology will revolutionize the dish collection and washing process at hawker centres. And this is timely as the government is in the process of revamping such centres.

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