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Thursday January 24th 2019

Business Opportunity

Hi Gilbert

Below is the write up for my Network Marketing business. Thanks for posting this for me.

We are associates of Paul & Aidan Kang and are in the Asia Pacific team under Jason Well’s organization at

We use an Intelligent System (with Autoresponder) to track leads and work with them. This beats doing Network Marketing the old, difficult way! In fact, we have a lot of fun and real success with our system, which does 90% of the work for us, and which suits a lot of busy people who still want to find a way out of the rat race. Imagine having the system do 90% of the work and being able to see from the system who is interested, and then calling them and getting a warm positive response. And yes, it is very rewarding financially for anyone willing to do the work and use the system.

Many new members have joined because they can see that the system we have is fantastic and they feel confident that they can do it too … and succeed!
In a world where there are lots of promises and little results, it is not unusual to be skeptical and/or suspicious. However, we really want to share with you that this is indeed the real deal.

We have an end-to-end, complete & intelligent system which harnesses technology and the power of the internet & online videos to reach interested people anywhere in the world looking for opportunities beyond the rat race. We have hundreds of team members in 6 different countries, so this business is truly global.

This is the same system that Jason uses to go from the rat race to retired young and rich in a matter of 2 years.

Some highlights:
Global Reach & Business – ability to reach anyone anywhere in the world looking for an opportunity, as long as they have internet connection
Free and virtually unlimited leads of interested people (globally) who are pro-actively looking for business opportunities. NO need to talk to people whose minds are closed or disinterested.
Intelligent System – tracking system (with autoresponder) that tells us exactly who is the most keen so we focus our time and energy on these, for a fantastic rate of success
Great time saver – the use of online videos so that the prospect can view the opportunity anytime, anywhere, from the comfort of their home/PC. The system does 90% of the work for you!
Award winning company with award winning products
Excellent financial reward for your effort.
Power of leverage – you are rewarded not only for your own effort but for the entire combined effort of everyone in your team. Best selling authors & financial gurus, Robert Kiyosaki calls this the Perfect Business, Robert G Allen calls this The Ultimate Cash Machine & Paul Zane Pilzer calls this The Perfect Storm of Opportunities
Residual Income – you build a passive income which keeps paying you over and over
Do it all from home – no need to travel, or even step out of your house. We are 100% online. If you can read emails and use the phone, you can do this business. No other experience needed.
Do it whenever you want – suitable for busy people who can only find an hour here and there. Perfect for people who want to stay at home with kids but want income as well.
Complete training provided – training materials are available online 24×7, free. More experienced team members work with you and guide you until you are ready to fly solo, and even build the business for you.

Sounds too good to be true?

You will have to check it out for yourself and talk to people who have just joined us and know that it is all true. There is nothing to lose.

You don’t need to pay anything to find out. You can continue to believe that the economy is ok and that you will always have a job and not worry about the rising cost of living, and jobs being offshored to cheaper countries (read the newspapers everyday and you will know this is happening). You can try and tolerate and even accept that you can’t get out of the rat race. Or you can spend a few minutes to know that there is indeed a better way. Life is too short to live less than optimal lives without financial freedom, being away from the people you love the most, being frugal because you are worried about money.

Go back to . Click on “My Life” and see the life that Jason Wells live – total financial freedom. No stress. Wake up when you feel like it. Travel wherever you like, for however long you like knowing that all the money that you need is being banked into your account every week. Everyday is good. We know because we are good friends of Jason and we’ve known him for about 5 years.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Costs nothing to look. You could change your life. Doing nothing other than depending on your job during this economic time is risky! It’s the best time to start building your business, and the start up cost is very small, so there’s no risk since you get everything you pay for back in products that will help you to get healthier

Many new members have joined because they have also checked out this opportunity and they can see that the system we have is fantastic and they are very confident that they can do it too … and succeed! And retire in 2 to 3 years if they are willing to do the work and use our system.

Watch the video below to see the reality of our times. Economic turmoil, loss of jobs, hardships.

There is a better way! And we know the way.

P.S. Usana opened in Philippines on 17 Jan 2009! Get in early to capture lots of explosive business there. I have hundreds of interested people just like you from that country and several other countries; I can pass you these leads for you to contact them (after initial training from me) – this will really help you tremendously to build your business fast! If you don’t take this opportunity, you can be sure that others will!

Send me an e-mail to if you are interested to get started in this business.

Gim Leong

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